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Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

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3.69 out of 5 from 5,942 votes
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While reading "The Universe of the Four Gods", best friends Miaka and Yui are mysteriously transported into a strange world full of magic and unfamiliar faces. As if their arrival was determined by fate, Miaka is revered as the Priestess of Suzaku, the savior of their warring country, who was destined to arrived in a flash of light, from a land far away. Betrayal, love, and heartache accompany this fantasy-filled tale of friendships torn apart, and hope that never fades.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Fushigi Yugi OVA 1 OVA 1996 Sequel
Fushigi Yugi OVA 2 OVA 1997 Same Franchise
Fushigi Yugi OVA 3 OVA 2001 Same Franchise

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Fushigi Yûgi 1992 TBD
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden 2003 TBD
Name Role
Hideyuki MOTOHASHI Character Design
Hajime KAMEGAKI Director
Yuu WATASE Original Manga Creator
Kyotaro KIMURA Producer
Keisuke IWATA Producer
Naoyuki OSHIKIRI Producer

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Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play vivafruit 6/10 Apr 26, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play ParaParaJMo 8/10 Mar 13, 2014
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play keiniwa 8/10 Jan 14, 2014
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play NarkyOtic 8.5/10 Apr 27, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Romantics!! Friendships! LOVE! Paprika18 57 Apr 2, 2014
romance or reverse harems maliiee22 33 Jan 18, 2014

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Ayashi no Ceres

Ayashi no Ceres

There is a legend of an angel who fell to Earth many years ago, and was forced to marry a man because he held the key to her only way home. Hundreds of years later, sixteen year old Mikage Aya is the reincarnation of Ceres, the vengeful angel, who must now fight for her life against her family and her own twin brother Aki, the reincarnation of her past evil husband...

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if you enjoyed the Fushigi Yûgi serie you are gonna like Ayshi No Ceres. the both series is about a girl that meet many new friends and the love of her life, while she/they are fighting against people who whant her/them dead.
Both Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres are works of Yuu Watase, a master of her craft. Both series are filled with just enough angst, romance, tragedy, and triumph to create a geniunely enjoyable viewing experience. Ayashi is a shorter series than Fushigi and has a more steady serious tone throughout it whereas Fushigi is often bipolar in it's moods.
What connects this two series (apart from the author ;) ) is the way of showing realtionship between the main characters. It's highly emotional and strong. They have to fight a lot to be together. Fushigi Yuugi is much more funny and bright, Ayashi no Ceres is rather dark and more complicated but both of the series are worth watching.
Tragic and beautiful, Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres are both wonderful stories that pull you in and keep you watching until the end. The stories of love and rivalry have similar points, but each one is different enough from the other to keep you from ever getting the feeling that "you've seen this before." Watch and enjoy :)
I haven't watched ALL of Fushigi Yuugi (mostly because it was too sappy and girly), but I've watched enough to draw a strange similarity between Ayashi no Ceres and FY. There are frantic love triangles and weird "not-of-this-world" type powers and whatnot, and each episode ends the same way on some sort of a cliffhanger with the ED music fading in.
Every facet of the overused, extremely cheesy at times love story is prevalent in both of these series. Fushigi Yuugi is admittedly more focused on comedy and fantasy.. while Ayashi no Ceres is much darker, more violent, and deeper with the plot. Regardless, both have an annoying main character who is always screaming the guy's name, somewhat unbelievable love triangles, and tons of estrogen. If you like one, you will like aspects of the other. I prefer Ayashi no Ceres, but you might be different.

If you liked Fushigi Yugi you'd like Ayashi no Ceres because I think the creator is the same and the characters actually look alike. Both have love stories too.


You just about have to be girly to enjoy the work of Yuu Watase. If you like one, you will like the other. Both are full of romance, really hot guys, and some pretty good action.


Both Fushigi Yugi and Ayashi no Ceres are romantic stories involving magic and mystery, and have elements of comedy. The heroines of both series are girls who, although independent and strong, still desire and depend on a strong man.


Both of the series are created by Yuu Watase and have the same kind of animation. There is a supernatural side to both of the stories and the main heroines have to put themselves through a test of life to decide what is best for everyone. The main heroines, Aya (Ayashi no Ceres) and Miaka (Fushigi Yugi) have decisions to make affecting the outcome of the people that they love. Each series is also a reverse harem.


Both Ayashi No Ceres and Fushigi Yugi, created by mangaka Yuu Watase, will make you fall into their magical universes where both love and hatred entangles.


anyone who has seen either anime will love the other, not only where these created by the same person but both anime are tales about normal girls who find out that they are not so normal, about fighting for the people they love, discovering love, and themselves. i would highly suggest either of these animes.


Very similar themes, story lines, even the characters look similar. Fushigi Yuugi is probably a little more lighter and longer version of Ayashi no Ceres.


Both anime are about love and sadness from separation from the most precious person. At the same time both anime contain, action, fights, predestination and magic. They are both dramatic and well developed. Although Ayashi is much more bloody and not so funny as Fushigi Yugi.


Both of these series have a similar artistic feel to them and also incorporate themes of mystery surounding the love interest. The most common theme in these series is the young girl beginning very selfish and imature and later becoming more confident in themselves and more mature.


Same author, same art style. While watching one you'll get the feel of the other. Both are made up of romance and fantasy. The only difference is that Ayashi no Ceres has a more serious atmosphere while Fushigi Yuugi has some comedy thrown in the mix.


This anime is by the same writer and the writer did an excellent job on both animes! I'd recommend both animes to almost anyone.


Ayashi no Ceres is a very similar anime compared to Fushigi Yugi, not just because of the fact that they both are the work of the same author, but also because they both include romance, fantasy, and sadness. Veiwers feel strong emotions as they do while watching Fushigi Yugi. Also, the ED song fades into the climax of each episode, giving a gut feeling that both of these animes are similar. A person who enjoys Fushigi Yugi would definitely also enjoy Ayashi no Ceres and vice versa.


Both of these anime are incredibly similar in animation style and both tell the story of an important time in a young, innocent girls life.  Miaka is sent to another world while Aya's world as she knows it is turned upside down. Both make love connections and struggle to make them work amongst the turmoil around them. I watched both of these and though they look similar, the stories are actually very different.  The first episodes of both series' are very compelling.


Well, they are both made by the same author. But that doesn't count. What it does count is the fact that both of them will take you along their journey and will captivate you in their story. They both succeed in making the viewer feel the emotions flowing into him as the characters experience love, betrayal, hate and as they have to fight, and have to arm themselves with courage in order to win. Magic and fantasy are both present in them and give the animes warmer surroundings. You will find that there are many scenes that will shake your ground due to the amazingly detailed flow of emotions. So, if you liked one, you'll definitely like the other!


Both animes are made by the same person and involve romance. In the two animes, there are scenes that will make you excited or sometimes maybe even cry. If you like one of them try out the other since they are both very incredible and awesome!


From the improbably strong romatic relationship between the main characters, to the courageous female lead, to the animation, there are many similarities between these animes. Both provide many painfully sad and happy moments and you can't help but root for the characters. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~

After their protector gods are stolen, a high school girl named Akane descends from the skies to the people of Kyou. She has within her the power of the Dragon God and is welcomed as a savior; but has she come to save Kyou, or destroy it? While she struggles to control her power, her demon summoner works behind the scenes to use her as a tool of vengeance. To make matters worse, the 8 Hachiyou who would defend her have not yet been fully gathered. Even as they come to Akane’s side, they must first fight their own demons before they can help her return Kyou’s gods…

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Do you like being suddenly whisked away to a foreign land? Or maybe kidnapped into the past by some crazy ancient book or (maybe?) evil demon? Fushigi Yugi and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de are both in the "school girl gets swept away into the past and thrust into the position of priestess necessary to save the world" roles, and while Fushigi Yugi has for years been called the best anime of this genre, I think Harukanaru has taken over its spot. The quality of animation is incredible, the music is beautiful, and the settings depicted in Heian era Japan are historically accurate. But if you are in it just for the romance, Fushigi Yugi is a better bet (but be prepared to get REALLY annoyed with the characters somewhere after the middle of the series.) So, if you want a little less romance but a better plot, more likable characters, and animation and music that isn't dated, check out Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~!


The plot is very similar. The main heroines get transferred to another world where they are given the duty of saving the country they found themselves in with the help of some warriors, who are also their protectors.


Both stories are about a high school girl who is summoned into a fantasy world.  The character relations are deep and emotional, yet sometimes very funny! You'll laugh, cry, hate, and love watching Harukanaru Toki; I highly recommend it!


Both series are based upon the same Chinese legend of a young priestess and a group of male protectors.

It can be said that the two share the very same plot line.


Fushigi Yugi and Harukanaru may very well be the same anime; it's hard to tell sometimes. The only thing missing from Harukanaru is a best friend battle I guess. Other than that, these anime are really similar. One girl is pulled down a well, the other into a book.


The best way to describe Harukanaru is that it's a newer version of Fushigi Yuugi. It takes place in the same type of setting and has the same base story, except Harukanaru doesn't focus as much on the romance and drama. If you enjoyed Fushigi Yuugi's story and want more fantasy goodness, you should definitely watch Harukanaru.


These two shows are extremely similar. A couple of high school students are transported to a "different" world and the girl is chosen as a priestess. No difference! What you need to know are the differences, which are: in Fushigi you have a harem anime with tons of romance and the love triangles/squares/whatever are blatantly obvious, plus lots of comedy. In Harukanaru there is a much more serious tone and much less romance (well, it takes much longer to be revealed and then it's much more discreet). Other than this, the plot is almost identical.


Both series are similar in many aspects. Both are based on the legend about four guardians of Kyoto (originally from ancient chinese mythology). Seiryu, the dragon, is guardian of the East, Byako, the tiger, is guardian of the West, while Genbu, the tortoise, is guardian of the North and Suzaku, the phoenix, is guardian of the South. The priestess (summoned from modern world to medieval times) in both series has her eight protectors as there are eight symbols of pakua. Together, they fight in order to save this world. Both series are also romantic and funny. If you liked one, you would surely like the other.


Both series are about a young woman who travel to a strange land in order to save it from destruction. With the help of friends who are discovered along the way they gain the power needed to succeed in their missions. Through the series it shows their strengths and their weaknesses in their travels and the love that unfolds between them and the people around them.


With a healthy dose of fantasy, both shows are centred around an innocent high school girl getting sucked into another world, and being elevated to a revered status. Of course, they also need a large team of bishounen to look after them.The struggles they face trying to save their respective worlds are interesting, and fun. Haruka Naru takes itself a little more seriously, although Fushigi does have some very dark moments.Both shows were a little hit and miss at times, but I finished them and did quite enjoy my time spent on them.


Fushigi Yugi and Haruka are similar in many ways. They are both based on schoolgirls who are seperated from their real world and entered into a historic chinese time, where they must fight to save a land. The four gods, the seven warriors, the priestess, and antagonists who have a past they want to take vengeance for; is all mentioned in both storylines. If you like one, you will enjoy the other.


Essentially you have the main female character swept into another time and place where she has to save this new world. The main differences is that in FY there's a lot more romance and calling of Tomohome's name. Also in FY there's two priestesses. If you liked one you'll defintely like the other.


I seriously recommend Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~  and Fushigi Yuugi because both of the main characters are priestesses, both have protectors all of which are guys and both stories have something to do with the four gods Susaku,Byakko,Genbu, and Seiryuu


Both are about a girl who comes from another world and has handsome guys around her. She is the miko and the men around her are her protectors.

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Hitomi was just a normal high school girl, until she was taken by the mysterious Van Fanel and dropped into a world of romance, magic and giant sword-wielding armor suits! Now Van, pilot of the famed armor suit Escaflowne; and Hitomi, whose hobby of predicting the future just became a frightening reality, must work together and fight the advanced technology of Zaibach: a force who want to shape Gaea to their visions of "peace". Follow Hitomi in her struggles against both these forces who seek to conquer this world, and her own confused heart.

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Ok, Fushigi Yuugi was definitely a "girly" show, but that's not why im recommending Escaflowne. While it doesn't have a colorful cast of supporting characters -- each with different personalities and powers to guard someone -- what it does have is good animation, nice fantasy elements, and some nice action mixed in with some pretty decent drama. Which is what Fushigi Yuugi was for the most part.

Another anime where the girl gets sucked into a world and must figure out her emotions and who she loves, all the while trying to save the world from evil. The themes are the same, however Escaflowne has giant mecha and way better action than FY. You will enjoy it very much
if you like Fushigi yûgi then you should like Escaflowne. they both got that a girl travels back in time. and meets the loves of thier lives. and alot of other friends. they both got this old fantasy kind of style. were everything is possible and can make all your dreams come true.
These two series both feature a Japanese schoolgirl travelling to a mythic world and plot lines based heavily on romance with plenty of action and interesting characters. Fushigi Yuugi's mythic world is based on Chinese mythology, and Escaflowne's is a medieval-steampunk setting. Fushigi Yuugi, while it deals with mature themes like death and rape, generally has a lighter mood than Escaflowne (such as its super-deformed moments) and has a more comic style of art.
Though there are many similarities in the storylines, Vision of Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi aren't necessarily an obvious pair. The atmosphere in Fushigi Yuugi is quite different to Escaflowne's as are the characters. Still, there is much same in animation and themes, so even if it's not certain I WOULD think that a person liking one of these would like the other too.
Girls seem to be swept away from their safe Japanese homes left and right don't they? In Escaflowne it's happened again and it's up to Hitomi and company to save the world and send her home. This theme is really identical to that of Fushigi Yuugi and for that, I must say a fan of one will be a fan of the other.

Vision of Escaflowne is a difficult title to recommend for due to the fact that it effectively mixes so many different elements from both shoujo and shounen anime. Because of this, one can easily find anime that matches part of the show, but pinning down a show that matches the entire anime is more than a little difficult. At any rate, Fushigi Yuugi is an almost perfect fit... for part of Escaflowne. Essentially, if your favorite part of Escaflowne was the shoujo melodrama, then you can't really go wrong with Fushigi Yuugi. However, if you preferred the mecha action, the absolute insanity of Dilandau or the general feeling of the new world, then this recommendation becomes much less credible. On the other side, if you enjoyed Fushigi Yuugi, then you're almost guaranteed to like *part* of Escaflowne. Either way, I make no guarantees, but the similarities between the two shows are too much to ignore.

FY is much more cheesy/girly than Escaflowne, but I can see similar themes in them, as well as fantasy aspects.

Both Fushigi Yugi and Escaflowne are epic tales of a girl being transported into another world full of magic and mystery. Both also include moments of romance and even a bit of comedy.


Both anime are about a girl attending high school who appears in another world and tries to save it. Both anime contain magic, action, predestination and romance.They both deal with the power of our wishes.


Fushigi Yugi and Escaflowne are very similar in the sense that a very pure hearted girl is suddenly sent to another world.  Both Hitomi and Miaka go through similar circumstances such as meeting a two handsome men and choosing between them, they both play huge roles in creating peace in their new worlds, and they miss their former world, family and friends.  The action is very different, but great in both cases, the fate of the world rests on their shoulders, and the love stories are so romantic.

If you loved Van in Escaflowne, you will love Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi (and vice versa).  Enough said!


Although seemingly different on the surface, both stories involve a young girl unexpectedly caught up in a different universe full of magic, with powers of her own that she wasn't even aware of before. Also, both animes involve a love triangle between the girl and 2 guys.


Fushigi Yugi and Escaflowne are very obvious recs for each other. They both share the girl-in-a-strange-land premise, but for two very different situations. The worlds they each travel to are not similar, but the feel of both shows is. If you enjoyed discovering a new land with one of these series- plan a trip with the other!

The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms

Yohko is nothing but ordinary. Throughout her life she has been considered an outcast, especially with a hair color not native to many in Japan, bright red. Things change for Yohko when a mysterious man named Keiki arrives and claims that she is his empress. Yohko and two friends are then taken through a vortex, and then abandoned.. in a world of demons and magic.

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The plot of Juuni Kokki is MUCH darker (and better, as far as I'm concerned), but it has a similar story to Fushigi Yugi:  people get transported to a magical world, need to find their way home, and so on. If you liked FY, check out the much better, much darker, and more political Juuni Kokki. 

Once again, a young Japanese girl is swept away to a place like ancient China with her friends. This time however, the politics are Machiavellian, the characters are round, and the plot both careful and serious. The romance, regrettably, is all but missing.
girls drawn into a magic world with fighting and magics. Is that what you're looking for? then you're gonna love this series. Juuni Kokki is really close to Fushigi yuugi though alot darker and less love inspired. If you're looking for adventures with a great story you should check this one out.
Both of these series share the theme of a Japanese schoolgirl travelling to a mythic land based on Chinese mythology (a refreshing change from the usual Western fantasy or feudal Japan genres). Juuni Kokki's art is more mature and realistic and the show maintains a consistently serious tone, unlike Fushigi Yuugi, which deals with serious issues such as death and rape, but also has numerous chibi scenes.
Definitely a lot in common in many ways, very similar premises and setups.... if you enjoy the fantasy setting though, you should enjoy this quite a bit.

Both Fushigi Yugi and Twelve Kingdoms involve a similar situation, where a girl from our world is transported to another realm full of magic and mystery. The story is epic as well, involving a lot of story twists and some surprises.


Imagine Fushigi Yugi without the love stories and you'll get The Twelve Kingdoms. It has less bishōnen characters and more fighting, but besides that it's almost the same.


Both series deal with ordinary Japan girls who suddenly found twemselves transported into the alternate world. In the fantasy world, the quest full of danger and adventures awaits. And this great journery/adventure will change their lives, and the lives of the people of the fantasy world.


Both anime are about a girl attending high school who appears in other world and have to fight to save the kingdom even if it means fighting her friend. The story of both is well developed and sometimes dramatic and it will make you watch it till the end. Unlike Twelve Kingdoms, Fushigi Yugi is also romantic and more funny.


A lot like Fushigi Yugi. Earth girl is transported to this ancient world and is a pritesss/empress and has to save their world. Both are very close in similarity for genres, fantasy, adventure, magic, super power, martial arts, etc. Both are great animes as well :].


Both anime are about a girl that is transported into another world and having to deal with the politics involved with being in this new land along with holding powers of her own in the world eventually. The Twelve Kingdoms is much better with the story telling and action where Fushigi Yugi lies on the romance side a little more. You'll probably enjoy both if you liked the other.


i recommend FY and 12 kingdoms because both main characters are warped into a different world differ from there own



Kagome is a normal high school girl who falls into a well, transporting her back in time to the feudal era. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. As if this isn't enough, she also discovers that she is the bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of great spiritual power, a jewel which has just shattered into a million shards. Now, along with Miroku the priest, Sango the demon hunter, and Shippou the mischievious fox-demon, they must set out to find the Shikon shards and defeat the evils of the demon Naraku.

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Both series take place in the feudal era and involve a girl from the present traveling back to that land. In Fushigi Yugi it is in a more unconventional sense (as Miaka is sucked into a magical book to become a priestess of the Konan land), while in InuYasha, Kagome travels through a well as a reincarnated priestess. Both series revolve around the supernatural and involve a group of highly entertaining characters taking on the demons of their respective worlds.


The two main characters of Inuyasha and Fushigi Yugi are similar because they both take action without thinking. The plot of the anime is also similar, as each has a girl who is transported to another world. Both stories have romance, action, adventure and comedy; they are definitely great watches.


In both animes, a girl is transported to a separate universe/time where she finds evil and many battles. The girls also both find love in this other universe which has its problems because the characters are from different universes (more problems in Fushigi Yugi than Inuyasha).


InuYasha and Fushigi Yugi have very similar plots which contain a girl who finds herself in a different world and meets a boy who must protect her and who she falls in love with. Both girls must make a journey across the land and along the way gathers a group of characters with their own backstory and motivations. 

Both series are a mix of action, romance, and comedy with drama mixed throughout. If you enjoy one you are sure to enjoy the other.


Both anime have girls from our time that go back to feudal times and incounter wonderful new friends that will help them get back while fighting demons, monsters, and anything else that is thrown at them. Both lead girls are very whiney and quite annoying but with just cause as who wouldn't be like that if they were sucked into a strange new world. Join all these characters on their epic adventures if you liked one you should enjoy the other.


Inuyasha and Fushigi Yuugi both are about a girl traveling back in time or in another world. Inuyasha is about this girl named Kagome who is being chased by demons for a shard of the shikon jewel ( sacret jewel or jewel of four souls


In this anime both have girls that go into a diferent era, and it happened mysterious at first, but then they fall in love with a person there. kagome with inuyasha and miaka with tomhome. Not only that but in inuysha kagome travel to the era by a well while miaka travels through a book. both anime have a plot that make them go on a ourney to find something. Miaka tries to find the seven ppl and kagome the jewl shards.wither way they are both intresting to watch but I STYLL LOVE INUYASHA MORE! but this anime is good too


Fushigi is very similar to Inuyasha with the fact that both of the female leads get put into the past. Both female leads also fall in love with someone from the past. And it's similar because when both female leads are in trouble the one they love ends up rescuing them


i recommend this anime specially for those who love anime under the genre "fantasy and adventure" both anime have plots that are the same when it comes to "time". They are both having plot from the japanese's old eras.


Both Inuyasha and Fushigi Yugi travling to the past

and the same Age 

Adventure Fighting magic romance 

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