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Fushigi no Kuni no Alice

Alt titles: Alice in Wonderland

Fushigi no Kuni no Alice
2.594 out of 5 from 397 votes
Rank #3,596


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Name Role
Kazuko NAKAMURA Character Design
Reijiro KOROKU Music
Shigeo ENDO Producer

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List Title Username Entries Date
Everything Good Kirua 960 Apr 3, 2013
Reverse Harems FelicitaArcana 40 Jan 7, 2013
all my anime #1 ANIMEamber 659 Sep 3, 2012
Post Name Username Comments Date
Alice in the Country of Hearts mx3288 0 Nov 14, 13

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Spirited Away

Spirited Away
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  • 2001

Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new home, when they discover an abandoned amusement park. After Chihiro's family mysteriously turn into pigs, she is thrown into a surreal world of magic and fantasy. Join her as she struggles to survive in the bathhouse of the gods, ruled by an evil witch who has stolen not only her name, but her way back to the real world.

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I think you'd like this title because it features the character of a young girl who stumbles upon a fantasy world inhabited by surreal and weird characters, also there are many interesting events. If you like Alice in Wonderland, you will love this. In some ways Spirited away is like a modern day Alice in Wonderland.