Fumiko no Kokuhaku

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Fumiko, a timid school girl, shyly confesses her feelings for a boy named Takeshi. But rather than return the sentiments, he apologetically explains he needs to focus on baseball instead! Crying and embarrassed, Fumiko runs away down a hill – but she goes so fast, she can’t stop!

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Bronia Feb 16, 2013
Score 8/10

Story- 7/10
You must be giving me the most incredulous look right now and wondering "How can she possibly give this such a high score for a story when there wasn't even three lines of dialogue?" The story is quick, simple, and completely easy to understand. It wasn't deep- not that it was trying to be. It wasn't tragic or dramatic or in any way a serious, thought provoking look at love. It was... read more

cutechibisheep's avatar
cutechibisheep May 10, 2015
Score 1/10

This is short flim does not really make any sense because the girl in the beginning said something to the boy but he said something that made her embarrassed then she started running and then she was in the air and then she was at the end of town where the boy was and asked him again and he said the same thing. It was a waste of time to watch this.  read more



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