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Favourite anime seriesby BokutoPrecinct

List of my favourite animes! Mostly the first season of the series as if I included sequels and side stories the list would be too long. So animes on this list represent the entire series (all seasons, sequels side stories etc) as if I like the...

Anime with very very good ENG dub.by MiyuGreer

For Chobits and Code Geass I prefer English dubbing. New Evangelion movies are perfect in both languages.

Beginers listby Elberethstar

The anime movies (1-6) and series (7-) that i would recomend to someone new to anime or someone i would like to introduce to anime. I have chozen anime from different genra so that, hopefully, everyone will find something interesting.

Top 10 Animeby DarkSky

These are some of my favorite anime over the years. Since often the second season (or third season) counts as a separate series on here, I haven't included them, but assume for most of them that they are included with the entry of the first season...

All time favourite!!!by deathkor

This list has my favourite anime franchises of all time in alphabetical order, without second seasons, OVAs e.t.c.