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Best Anime adaptaions of manga!by MagicFoxofGreed

Best anime of popular manga, they may not be the best however the get the job done, these anime still have the feeling of the manga without the need to read, *WARNING* Some anime chnage the story a bit to fit in 24 episodes e.g Blue Exorcist, Oran...

The Best Shojo Anime to Watch When You Need the Feels!by GutterKitty

Just break up? Not in a relationship? Want the warm fuzzies?! Here's some good anime that will make you happy!

Favorite Reverse Harem Animesby tennis101101

I would have to say that these are my favorite animes that have a reverse harem aspect to them.

Seenby KatieNyaNya

Seen all OR most of it.

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

Shoujoby randomawesomness101

Here is a list of shoujos that I absolutely love

Anime I ownby murcam

All the anime I own