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Sweet Stories, Cute Facesby mamorukun

This list contains heartwarming stories that are usually combined with cute character design.

Best Of Romance -comedyby mamorukun

Not only sol or school life romance, but the most enjoyable anime from any genre that combine romance and comedy.

my top fav animeby tomoyaisbae

this is a list of my top fav anime of all time :D

Anime Top 10by aggressively

Updated Top 10 Watched Animes - Brief reviews with my opinions on the animes. - No background info provided, I suggest reading the anime descriptions before reading the reviews :)

Recommended For Anime Newbiesby PurplePeopleEater

These are the animes I think people will enjoy if they are new to watching anime.

Reverse Harem, Romance, Comedy Anime!by nightshadelane

Anime shows with Reverse Harems, that are Romantic and Comedic!

My Top 17 romance animeby JadeStar713

Well, the title yet again says it all....

My Top 20 animeby JadeStar713

I think that the title says it all...