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Custom Lists

New Years Resolutions!by xamberchan

Anime I plan to watch or finish this year :3

2016 100 Anime Challengeby Amethystkitty

Things I need to watch/finish/rewatch this year I'll be marking the ones I finish. Shows may change Don't sweat it if you can't finish one or aren't up to date on long ones.

Before 2014by Chearri

What I watched before 2014

☔Anime☔by RainyTuesdays

A List of Anime that (I Recommend) for First Time Watchers 。◕‿◕。

Shoujo Favorites:by LichtundSchatten

They are in order. If I post one season of a show with many of them, I am referring to all. (Shoujo: anime genre usually pinpointed towards young girls. Includes romance, comedy, and sometimes shounen ai.)

Favorite Romanceby Touka275

For those rainy days. In no particular but also slightly particular order.

Sad Animes / Tearjerkersby Almamatotogoo

This is a list of all animes that have made me cry (so far). I'm pretty sure it'll make your eyes "sweat" as well, or at least it will make you think "Aww...that's so sad" or "why did this not have a happy ending!" (or something like that). Almost...