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Fruits Basket

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Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. Her mother having recently died, she has been forced to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac once hugged by a member of the opposite sex... and Honda may be the only one who can help them.

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Fruits Basket 1998 Original Manga
Name Role
Akemi HAYASHI Character Design
Akitaro DAICHI Director
Jun ABE Music
Natsuki TAKAYA Original Manga Creator
Masami YANAGIHARA Producer

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Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick clientele: the female students. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

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Ouran Host Club and Fruits Basket have so much in common it's difficult to know where to begin. They have similar situations between the characters, right down to the guys realizing they like her and fighting over her while she is oblivious. The character designs are also very alike. I'd venture to say I'd pay you 50 Turkish lira if you liked one and not the other!
If you took away the background stories, both Fruits Basket and Ouran Host Club would be the same. Both are hilarious and have similar characters, including the character designs!

Fruits Basket and Ouran High School club are definitely not similar as far as plot, but they just... feel the same. Ouran is definitely a little more high octane as far as the random humor, but both have their touching and hilarious moments, and both have very very similar character designs (right down to the mix of chibi animation and regular kind). If you liked one, you'd surely like the other!

Both are amusing, lighthearted slice-of-life comedies with female protagonists.

Fruits Basket has the same light-hearted feel as Ouran High School. Both are inverse harem anime, where the woman is surrounded by men instead of vice versa.

Both anime have very similar characters: Yuki is very much like Tamaki in that both are highly revered by their peers and classmates and are looked up to as the leader within their community; Momiji is similar to Honey because they fit the genre of small cute boys who are older than they appear; Karezuma and Takashi both have a father complex due to an intertwined past with the recipient of their care; and Tohru and Haruhi both appear to be naive on the outside about certain things (especially romance), but are more inquisitive and analytical within their own thoughts.


The type of humour used in Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club is very similar, especially in the roles of the characters. All male characters have a cliche characteristic such as the cute/innocent, silly, and aloof. In both cases, a "poor" girl is forced into a "luxurious" world. The direction is very similar in that it's all-around comedy while still maintaining a dramatic center (near the end...). The main reason you'll like Ouran High School Host Club is that they focus on the characters more than the overall story. Lastly, there is hinted romance versus a complete exposure.


Although the plots of Fruits Basket & Ouran High School Host Club are different, the series feel very similar. Tohru of Fruits Basket and Haruhi of Ouran are working hard to fulfill their dreams to make their deceased mothers proud. Both series are reverse harems, and have a diverse group of very unique supporting characters. Tohru & Haruhi influence and are influenced by the other characters throughout the series and there is significant character development as a result. Tohru & Haruhi are also relatively poor girls who are suddenly surrounded by rich boys, so they often come across as somewhat naive (although Tohru seems more in awe that she knows such impressive people, while Haruhi is more cynical about the 'rich bastards'). Ouran is a bit more excessive in it's random, explosive humour, but overall they somehow seem very alike. Every time I watch one series, I immediately want to watch the other next, so I think you will, too!


The character of Tohru Honda is instantly likeable; she's a happy-go-lucky, kind and considerate person who just happens to be a little bit naive. These are exactly the character traits you find in Haruhi Fujiota, the star of 'Ouran High School Host Club'.

The similarities do not end there, both Tohru and Haruhi have lost their mothers and find themselves thrust into a world of crazy characters and strange happenings. The shows document how both characters, in their own way, touch the lives of those around them, bringing this about through comedic situations with elements of drama that will touch the heart. If you liked 'Fruits Basket' then this anime is an obvious 'next move'.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran Host Club are funny and very entertaining, yet each has some characters who struggle to admit they're in love with another person.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran are about a reverse harem, making the girl the center of attention in a group full of guys. The series both also deal with morality issues that are expressed throughout the show with a great deal of humor thrown into the mix.


If you liked the comedy and the many wonderful faces of Fruits Basket, then Ouran Host Club is your next bet! I thought I'd die laughing with all of the moping faces and growing mushrooms in people's storage rooms!


Apart from the same voice actor appearing in both (Honey-senpai and Momiji), the series are more alike than at first glance. Both of the main characters are outsiders who are accidentally let into an exclusive world. Little by little, their attitudes and personalities start to change those around them and even themselves.


Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket may have very different backstories, but the themes of each show are very similar (each containing a kind of "be yourself" message). The characters all share a sense of loneliness, and the heroine in each show is innocent and surrounded by attractive males that care about her (but don't necessarily have hidden agendas). Both shows are heartwarming and quirky and have a romantic feel, although their stories are built mainly on friendship.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran contain the same kind of humor. In both, there is a girl who is surrounded by boys. The characters are very likeable and every character's past is explained.


Although they have nothing in common when it comes to storyline, characters or music, both Ouran and Furuba 'feel' very much alike the instant you watch one after having watched the other. It's the same almost crazy kind of humour, at times interrupted by moments of emotion or even great sadness (though rather rarely in case of "Ouran"). Also, in both series there are female protagonists surrounded by lots of handsome boys.


As far as I am concerned, these two anime fit together like peas and carrots. If you liked one you will simply love the other, and for a smorgasbord of reasons.

Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket 'feel' much the same when you are watching them and share a very familiar mood. Their humor is similar, and is sure to cause maniacal laughter on many occasions. Also, both of these anime have the power to grab hold of your heart, and pile drive you with an array of emotions. The plots may be different, but the characters will create situations in both anime that is very reminiscent of the other. Either of these shows is certain to provide you with an all around warm feeling.


Both have a lot of the same humor and feel to the story line. A lot of the characters remind me of characters from the other series, for example Honey from Ouran and Momiji from Fruits Basket are extremely alike. While Fruits Basket can be a little more serious and Ouran seems to have a lot of humor, they both are worth a watch.


If you like Fruits Basket, then you would also like Ouran High School Host Club most likely, as it is about a young girl who is surrounded by young men, who help her and become her close friends as she goes through adolescence.


If you liked Fruits Basket you would also like Ouran because they're both about a girl who unexpectedly gets dragged into crazy and bizarre situations and also falls in love. Awwww!


Fruits Basket and Ouran both have funny beginnings, and become sad near the end. Each has guys who get the chicks, and there's always an odd one out.


If you've seen one of these anime and were left wanting more, then the other is a must. They are both very funny and share the same story about a poor girl taken in by a group of gorgeous and popular boys.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club feature a kind, brunette main character who meets a vast array of people, all with distinct personalities. Each series contains an unexpected twist which is revealed early on and affects the rest of the show. Some male characters from each show seem kind of similar - Haruhi & Tohru, Ayame & Tamaki, Momiji and Hunny - so if you have a favorite character from one show you may find someone else to love in the other! Both shows have a wonderful feel-good family vibe to them!


Both Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are funny series with hints of romance. The central theme for both is friendship and both have heroines who manage to see sides of people that were invisible to others.

Both Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club are centered on a poor girl who plays an important part in the lives of some rich men. She is the one who helps them and becomes their friend, and knows what they really need.

You'll enjoy Ouran next because it basically spoofs the entire genre to which Fruits Basket belongs, whilst simultaneously attaining a similar level of deep characterisation by using individual episode arcs to delve into the lives of those it follows. Like Fruits Basket, Ouran mocks the whole bishounen gimmick, taking beautiful men and messing them up with weird traits. However, Ouran is slightly funnier in that it is far more comedy-based whilst Fruits Basket is a more accomplished drama.


Both Ouran and Furuba are hilarious; they'll leave you in stitches. Furuba has a darke/thicker plot though. Both have characters with strong personalities that interact perfectly with each other. It's interesting that the heroines, Tohru and Haruhi, have such contrasting personalities and yet have good morals that change those around them (although Haruhi probably learns/evolves more from the characters around her).


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club are incredibly charming and humorous at the same time.  Although Tohru and Haruhi are as different as night and day, both stories have a similar feel - they are very uplifting and you cannot help but smile after watching.  Also, while there is very little plot in both stories, the character development is outstanding. Sadly, by watching either of these anime, you do not get the "complete" story, so be prepared to read the manga afterwards!


Since both FB and Ouran are romances about a girl that had their mother die, they go good together. If you are a fan of romances, you should see these both.


Both series have female protaginsts who are very strong and independent. Both have a lot of comedy and a little romance. Very entertaining on both ends.


Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are anime that are not about fighting, but about changing your outlook on life. Both filled to the brim with humor and realistic social problems, they allow us to change and grow with the characters. Both of these series show how one person can change the lives of others.


They both have a similar kind of humour allthough ouran host club can be more random at times.Both light hearted and feature a strong romance theme.


It's very rare (at least, in my experience) to find an anime that carries a little bit of everything. Fruits Basket and Ouran do. They're the perfect mix of humor, romance, and the teenist bit of angst. I really don't know how else to describe it... on the surface, not much is similar, but they just feel similar. And both are a must for any hard-core shoujo fan.


Both anime are based around a girl, both girls mothers have died. Both of them are hilarious, if you haven't seen it you have to, the only thing is don't bother looking for it in english because I don't think they have it, OHSHC is mostly funny because of puns that are based on word similarities in the japanese language. They are both the best comedies but also cry moments in any anime I've seen


Series are alike. Both series have comdey and romance. If you like one of them you'll definately like the other one.


In both series a rather normal girl comes into the lives of boys who have strange personalities and habits.The girls start to play an important role and soon they become essential to them.They seem to be what brings balance to their crazy lives.Both anime funny and sweet with strong emotional connections developing in the course of their stories.A "must watch" if you liked Fruits Basket.


Both series involve a character who has lost a parent (their mother) and is also rather poor. x) Also, both main characters are thrust into situations where they meet new (and strange) people and have to adapt.


Both series are about a normal girl who gets caught up with a dysfunctional group of guys, leading them into all kinds of humorous situations. Despite all the lightheartedness, both series later reveal a surpising amount of depth in their characters.


Fruits Basket and Ouran are both "reverse harem anime" that center on how one girl slowly changes the lives of the guys around her, and how the guys become highly attracted to her. Also, both anime balance out the comedy and drama very well while portraying this theme. As a plus, the male characters are bish?nen.


These two animes are definitely different plot-wise, but similar to all the other recommendations, they just feel the same.

I think it's because of the same situation the main characters are in. Haruhi and Tohru both have a difficult past, and even though the animes both have a different take and preception of it, they're both really similar in their own ways. I find that they're both really ignorant and both are the super-cute-really-good-girls.

Both anime have female protaginists, accompanied by several guys. All the guys have different personality traits, but you learn to love them all because of who they are and how they contribute to the story and make it unique. However, even if one is more comedy based (Ouran) while the other is more slice-of-life (FB), I think the audience can see that they're both really similar and lovable in the same manner =)


Both of these animes are reverse harem comedies but are different enough to still add interest. Ouran is very funny but has indepth carachters like fruits basket. Both are a must if you like shojo, comidies or bishies ^_^


Not only that both Anime are extremly funny, no the Characters are so similiar that Momiji and Honey share one seiyuu. Torhu and Haruhi are both confident main Charakters especially girls will like.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran are light hearted romantic high school comedies which are while clearly aimed at teenage girls are funny enough for everyone to enjoy. I thought the art in each was pretty similar in style and is suits the tone of the series really well. There are quite a few similarities between the main characters (Haruhi & Tohru) and as both series focus very heavily on the main character if you loved one of the series your likely to at least enjoy the other.


Both Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are about a girl who changes the males around her as they start to feel a little more than friendship towards her. They both have intersting themes that play a big part of them (Ouran has cross-dressing and Fruits Basket has people who change into animals).


Both Ouran High and fruits Basket have a fairly light feel to them with a touch of romance,and both are hilariously funny. If you liked one you should defiantly watch the other.


Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are two anime definietly worth watching. Aside from being similar in terms of being a reverse harem, both of these anime will surely keep you on your seat with their light-hearted comedy and romance.


If you like your female lead surrounded by an collection of unique male personalities getting up to situations, in efforts to hide an massive secret, then both Ouran and Fruits Basket fill the agenda. They also have quite similar artistic style and laidback storytelling angles and while your enjoying the constant chattering between the characters and sometimes cringing events, you'll no doubt appreciate the complexity of the individuals lives. Watching either will mean that your quite capable of enjoying the other, so go watch!


Both of these animes are funny, but they also have a sensitive side. These two series have a love story, and will touch your heart. If you enjoy one, you may like the other.


I think if you liked fruits basket , I'm sure you'd like Ouran because both animes are comedy/ romance and they have the same kind of humor. The two animes have for principal character a girl. However, Fruits basket has a little more drama fill in it.


Both are reverse harem series about girls who find themselves in an odd situation surrounded by men due to unfortunate events.

Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase that the Host Club was planning to sell. To pay off her debt they require her to join the club since she can't afford to give them the money the vase was worth.

The series follows her and the rest of the club through humorous and random events often resulting in endings about friendship.


Both series feature girls who run into situations that they have to keep secret. The styles of comedy are also very similar making you laugh at every other moment. If you liked the boys of Fruits Basket, you're sure to like the boys of Ouran.


The lives of the heroines in both anime are suddenly flipped upside down with their sudden meetings with unique men. Each then becomes responsible for hiding a secret. Relationships develop between these girls and the comedic characters around them that make their ordinary school lives far from normal. These two animes would appeal to anyone who enjoys comedy and light romance.


Both are a sweet little romantic comedy, with characters that are easy to connect with.

And they\\'re also both full of hot guys.


The series are both focused on high school aged kids, and while Fruits Basket focuses on an upbeat young girl who faces hardships, Ouran focuses on a more thoughtful girl who also faces hardships in her life. The main character of Ouran, Tamaki, greatly reminds me of Ayame from Fruits Basket, so you get to see a lot of random drama created from him, which adds to the hilarity of the show. The two shows are both great and I'm sure if you like one of them, you'll like the other.


The reverse harem setup is similar, the strong female lead is similar, the beautiful boys with very different personalities is similar.

Beyond that, however, both animes make you feel the same kind of happy. There's just something uplifting about a character who works hard their entire life to achieve a few simple goals, and being such a nice and sensible person that they attract a group of people who are willing to work together despite any personal conflicts to make that person happy.

Oh, and if you like Momiji, you'll definitely like Honey and vice versa.


Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club have a lot in common. They contain very similar humor for one. They also have very similar characters, both design and personality. The episode building and storylines also have lots in common. I deffinitely recomment both ways!


If you enjoyed Fruits Basket or Ouran High School Host Club, then you should definitely check out the other. Both feature a central likeable female character in a situation in which she is surrounded by men who appear to be in a different world to her. Both are also highly comedic, so if you liked one, try the other.


Both have a similar art style and characters, especially the main character of Honda/Haruhi, both of which are orphans who find themselves in a reverse harem and they become very close. If you like one, it's definately worth trying the other.


Well, I think that if you like "Ouran" you'll also like "Fruits Basket" and vice versa.

Main characters in both anime are girls among guys, I think it's not unusual. And they haven't got very similar plots, but when you watch it.. you feel the same, you just love all the characters. Both Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are deserve watching and enjoying every episode!


One girl lots of cute, interesting and sometimes down right wierd guys. sounds like love to me...some girls have all the luck. Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club, though both have their own amazing stories,  the are very much alike and if you love one your sure to love the other.


The plots are completely different. But they are both romantic comedies with really similar humor. The characters are kinna like each other is SOME cases, For example Momiji and Mitsukuni (honey-kun) are exactly the same. The difference i think is that in Fruits basket there is more drama.


Both Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket have lovable characters and growing relationships but they both leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling after each episode.


Both Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club have reverse-harems and are equally funny.


If you liked Ouran or Fruits Basket youd like this because they both have the same sort of atmosphere to the anime, ouran is a bit more light hearted then fruits basket, but fruits basket has deeper emotion in it. although there is this change the animes both have similar aspects like character design, humor and situation.also the male characters (main) in fruits basket have similar personalities to some or ourans characters. 


Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket are two anime definitely worth watching. Both are high school animes. They are also both comedies that are base around the same general humor. The characters are all enjoyable. Both are about a girl who each lost their mother, but are still able to smile. They both meet weird boys, with many different secrets to tell. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket) is always talking to her mother in spirit, and Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club) is also always talking to her mother. The both girls are really sweet, kind, and nice their is something special about them that changes other characters hearts and how they act and they both dont even realize it. I think you you really enjoyed watching Ouran High School Host Club.


Both of these animes feature a somewhat naive female character that changes the lives of the men around her by her own spirit and zest for life. These are very similiar anime, with similar themes and even similiar love triangles.


Both Ouran high school host club and fruits basket have a lot of comedy in them. They both also have a main female character surrounded by many males, which is known as reverse harem. The two male lead characters have a tragic past, and and they both slowly realize their feelings.


Both animes are very similar yet different in their own ways. In the beginning the felmale main characters were suddenly thrust into a world that they're not familar with. Bot anime also worked hard to keep their secrets from being reveal. Momiji and Hunny are very simlir like Yuki and Tamaki they're both 'princes' even though Tamaki's more cheerful and outgoing.


Both deal with a sweet girl surrounded by idiots with problems. They are both hilarious at times, and at others time are very serious and emotional. If you like one, you'll like the other.


Fruits Basket and Ouran have a lovely feel to them. This has probably been said dozens of times, but it's the truth. Both show's revolve around two girls, and a variety of attractive men.  These girls and guys both become like family because of an unfortunate turn of events! I'll be pretty surprised if you like one anime and not the other. 


Chances are pretty good if you like one of these shows you will like both as both reverse harum/comedies refuse to take themselves completely seriously. However, the characters are likeable and I found myself not even completely hating the bad ones. Both have a plot centered around a strong, but easy going female character who all the guys seem strongly attracted to.


Both of these animes have very similar feelings. They're both very comic and upbeat and the art style is similar. They're also both very popular animes!


The mangaka for Ouran High School Host Club looked at Fruits Basket for inspiration, so to say that they're alike is a bit of a understatement. Their reverse-harem qualities almost match, with the lead females being forced to be around the lead males, but there's something not quite right about the lead males. In Ouran, the males are part of the school's host club and have a tendancy to sparkle while in Fruits Basket, the lead males turn into animals of the zodiac.Some of the characters are alike as well. Honey from Ouran High School Host Club is an exact replica of Momiji from Fruits Basket. The rest of the characters have some similarities, like Kyouya from Ouran and Yuki from Fruits Basket, but they aren't exactly alike.As far as story goes, they both have a good mix of drama and comedy and they both kind of have a similar pace. Ouran has a bit more crack than Fruits Basket, but there's still enough in common to say that if you liked one, you should like the other.


These series each focus around a girl involved in a reverse harem of extraordinary men. With a touch of romantic tension throughout and a lot of comedy, these series each keep a mostly happy tone throughout. However, at a few times, each series has a more serious tone filled with drama that is well done.


Take one oblivious girl character, add a punch of bishies who adore her, and mix in some sort of underlying drama. That's the formula for both Ouran and Fruits Basket. The male character designs are similar, and both anime give a glimpse of high school life. If you liked one, you'll definitely like the other.


Both revolve around a girl getting involved with a group of boys whose world is different from the usual common life, and step by step the girl starts knowing them more, discovering their unique past and bonding with them... Both serieses are filled with comedy in addition to some romance <3

I would also recommend you read the manga for each series as well, great stories well written! <3


Both have crazy character personalities and fun themes. Acceptance is definitely reaccuring throughout both, as OHSHC has some situations that only mature young adults of this day and age would be able to handle appropriately, and Fruits Basket's characters want to be accepted by normal people in all kinds of ways.


If you liked Ouran or Fruits Basket, you would like the other because both are about a girl thrown into a group of guys, also both explore the relationships of not only the male characters with each other but the relationship between the girl and guys.


Tohru and Haruhi are both very naive and fun, lost their mothers, and are both surrounded by BISHOUNEN. Both girls are dragged into a new life. They experience new things with the others. In the end, it'll definitely leave you wanting more. I think if you like one another you'll love the other!!!


Both series have a strong, yet self depreciating female protagonist, with a certain naivetee when it comes to matters of romance. These characters are both surrounded by easy to love males, who are eventually changed for the better by the protagonist.


both animes feature a quite, shy, cute girl in the beginning who is basically adapted into a family of insanely popular and hot guys. she grows as a character through a series of funny mishaps and even develops true love along the way. the tone of the characters are alittle off, one is more has a more sadder, sombre undertone, while the other is just play goofy. but both are insanely fun animes and entertaining. enjoy


They both are the smae fundamentally. Handsome boys and a girl that is surrounded by them. They both include the innocent girl who is not aware of the situation. Also the crazy anticts are both there. Althiough Fruits Basket is more cute, Ouran High School Host Club is very similar and I recomend both 100%! Ouran tends to be more funny than Fruits, but they are both centered around a girl catering for boys and highschool life. 


Both series are reverse harem, with plenty of comedic moments and the main female protaganists are similar in some aspects.


They are both reverse harems focusing on a girl who all the boys are fighting over while she has no clue. Both the main charaters are hard working but Haruhi is much more determined than Tohru. If you like one its almost definite that you will like the other.


they really have alot in common a not so cute girl but nice persoality so guys easily fall in love with her.. really if you like one your sure to love the other


They both have similar design and both are reverse harem. Fruits Basket was the first manga I've ever read and it was great. They both are insanely funny! Also their mothers both have died (Haruhi and Tohru) 


They both are well made hilarious comedies that include some weird situations. both have a weird twist to them that makes them really funny.


Both of these animes are really similar with a different plot. Both share the unbreakable friendships, comedy, distant romance, and both leave you with an urge to watch more. Trust me, these two animes are the same type of format... both of these are my favorites!


Both center on female protagonists who deal with the antics of the many, many males in their lives.  Both are romantic comedies that center on something other than romance (neither are really searching for true love), and while the personalities of the heroines are quite different, both are extremely likeable in their own way.


they're both really funny and sweet with romance, comedy and a little action who can go wrong?


They have similar elements, such as a cast of wacky guys to back a female lead with strong character traits, and intriguing storylines. The manga-to-anime transition in both cases could've been stronger, but transitions aside, the final product was both interesting and amusing.


Both reverse harem anime contain enough zany comedy, awkward moments and romance to keep any shoujo fangirl involved! And if that's not enough, the eye candy simply adds to the anime.


Both are shoujo romantic comedies with plots centering around a reverse harem. They have a similar feel with their easygoing, slice-of-life style and include a strong-willed, level-headed female, pulled from a life of "poverty" thrust into a luxurious world. If you liked Shigure in Fruits Basket, Tameki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club is very similar, and vice versa. And if you like tsundere characters, Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket is your man! If you like one, you're certain to like the other! 


Both have plenty of humor with 2 guys loving the same girl, and both end with romance. If you loved one than you'll love the other.


Humor. A loveable girl character, very funny supporting males. Reverse harem, implied romantic possibilities but it isn't the emphasis. Toru Honda (FB) and Haruhi Fujioka (OHSHC) differ in personality quite a lot. Toru is exceptionally kind hearted and accepting of the unusualness of Soma family. She has some pretty ditzy moments, often spacing out to deal with her own inner rambling monologues. Haruhi, while also kind and accepting, tends to be much more practical, with more dry wit and a suspicious nature. I absolutely recommend watching one if you like the other. The only downside is that they have only one season each. If there were more, it would be *PERFECT*.


There are a whole bunch of similarities. The grave situations are more often than not broken by the antics of ONE character. 


This to anime are very good and funny, very similar in a holistic perspective. If you like one of them you will like the other to.


I absolutely loved Ouran High School Host Club. It's funny, it's smart, it's romantic, it never gets dark, it points out truths about the world and is in general the best to keep yor hopes and spirits up!! I like fruits basket for almost the same reasons but i recomend to read the manga. Ouran High School Host club is able to stand alone but fruits basket ends a bit... you will want to read the manga for more explanation...


Both are funny with similar characters and tags, but beyond how funny they are, there is still a serious nature towards the end.


Both Anime have strong female leads and have lots of comedy. They both have a romantic feel at times but never got very far into that.


ouran high host club and Fruits basket have poor girls that go to school. they both fall into weird circumstances and end up having to be around extremly hot boys all the time.....one of the best animes i have watched to date


They both have the same feel-good theme to it and the main character of Fruits Baset, Tohru reminds me of Haruhi in a way.


Its really good and funny,I LOVE KYOYYA!!! I totally recommend it! its got a ready cool storyline, so gooo for it GOOOOOOOOOOO KYOYA I WOULD TOTALLY ASK FOR HIM HE SO COOL!


They both have the unusual female lead, and the comedy is perfect. While Fruits Basket is Supernatural, and Ouran is a slice of life, both have their funny moments.


Both are comedic slice-of-life series with romantic elements and a female protagonist. They share a light-hearted tone, with some darker moments. Futhermore, the characters are similar.

If you like one you should give the other a chance.


The two shows have a lot in common, from a girl living/working with a bunch of guys, the comedy, and of course, the characters.  Both are hilarious, and if you loved one, you would most definitely love the other as well.


They have such a similar feeling. Both are reverse-harems where a motherless girl is forced to interact with the other characters out of necessity. Later the two female roles come to love being where they are and in fact struggle to keep it that way. Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club have many similarities especially in the sometimes light and then suddenly heavy tone.


firts of all they are both reverse harem that doesnt focus on the girl falling in love with one or many guys. they both have some random parts and comedy. in additon to all that both main characters lost their mother


Both animes have a great story which always keep you intereted it has its balance of humour and romance. Although they have very different stories and Fruits basket may not have many characters that's in the manga's but what it does have is very interesting and cute! And if you like Fruits basket you'd also like Ouran high school host club, I do!


Both are silly, quirky, have a cast of crazy characters, and will make you laugh and cry.  Both invovle a "normal" girl in a crazy world.  Both have a plenty of gorgeous guys to drool over, whatever your personal "type" is.

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Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Ten-year-old genius Chiyo, animal-loving Sakaki, loudmouth Tomo, athletic Kagura, weight-conscious Yomi and dim-witted Osaka are six friends who share laughs, good times, and a high school homeroom. With scary (and sometimes perverted) teachers, school festivals, penguin suits and general hilarity abounding, you can be sure that there's never a dull day in the life of one of these students!

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Fruits Basket and Azumanga Daioh are sweet and cute series, even though their atmosphere and plot do differ quite much. (As Azumanda Daioh doesn't even have a plot, really.) Still, they both are the kind of soft anime that leave you feeling good and warm afterwards.
Fruits Basket and Azumanga Daioh both share a equally as hilarious type of randomness which will make you laugh. Fruits Basket definitely is a bit more sentimental and serious at times, but both easily are high up on my "funniest anime" list, and I think you'd enjoy it.

Although Azumanga Daioh and Fruits Basket both have totally different stories, and the characters aren't very similar, overall they both have the same sense of character development that will create an attachment to the characters, that will leave you either in tears by the end or begging for more.


Both Azumanga Daioh and Fruits Basket are about school and have fantastic comedy elements. There's the right dose of cuteness and humour, along with some drama and a decent story line that doesn't have massive plot holes. There are a few hyper characters but the series are generally good for laughs and are an excellent pick-me-up if you are feeling slightly blue.


Both series involve plots based around school andhave amazingly funny laugh out loud comedy moments. If you enjoy very strong characters both series' are brilliant.


Both of these anime's deliver a heartwarming feeling as you get to know all of the characters. The main characters Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket) and Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga) are sweet girls who feel a bit out of place. They both interact with the people around them to ty to find their place in the world.


Azumanga Daioh and Fruits Basket both have a cute side to themselves. You see, eventhough Azumnga Daioh doesn't have drama like Fruits Basket, but you will certainly enjoy the comedy.

Not only the comedy is in common, but the fun and the randomness is found in both these anime.

However, if you thirst for anime characters similar to the characters in Fruits basket, then Azumanga Daioh doesn't help much. But character construction and develpmont is found in both these anime.

So by the end, you will be grateful you watched Azumanga Daioh!


You'd like Azumanga Daioh because it has that same element of random hilarious moments that just have to make you laugh. Even though Azumanga is more slice of life, they both give you elements of teenagers in school.


These series are each primarily focus around random humor that make them fit well together. Fruits Basket has more drama and romance, though.


Both are very comedic, and are extremely light-hearted. Azumanga Daioh has no element of romance and only has a few serious moments, while Furuba is about half-seriousness, half-hilarity. However, the airheaded-ness of Osaka is just like Tohru's, and they're very similar characters. Furuba has a few episodes that are just them hanging around high school, and parts of those have a very similar feel to Azumanga Daioh.


If you want an anime where the main character is a bit of a ditz, and she's surrounded by a cast of unique and hilarious individuals, these two animes are perfect for you. While Fruits Basket has a bit more drama than Azumanga, they are very funny animes that follow the lives of some rather special high school students. 



Having failed to earn admission to a university, Hideki Motosuwa has moved to the big city, determined to study his hardest for next year's exams. However, an unusual distraction presents itself one unsuspecting day in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl that has been discarded in the trash. In a world where an increasing number of people turn to these 'persocoms' for company, the bonds and limits of human relationships are tested as flesh manages to fall in love with the machine itself...

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Easy going romance story. Not quite the same as Fruits Basket, but one you won't want to miss if you loved it.

Both are very cute and have some fantastic moments. Chobits has very humane androids and Fruits Basket has a cursed family line who will transform into animals when being hugged by the opposite sex. Love, friendship and emotions are both very strong and important elements for both Chobits and Fruits Basket and I ensure you, if you liked one, you will with a high probability also like the other.


Fruits Basket and Chobits have the same kind of funny, memorable characters in them. The plots of both stories take interesting twists and turns as the anime progress. They both incorporate love, humor, and strong emotions throughout their plotlines. If you enjoyed one of them, chances are you'll have a good time watching the other.


Both plots seem to take on interesting variations as the anime progress; they have unforgettable characters and a flair for comedic moments. Fruits Basket is a more ‘cute' type of anime whereas Chobits has a little more of an ecchi quality about it, but they are both very endearing.


They are both love comedys. Both have a perverted sence of humor. Chobits has a great ending, where as Fruits Basket kind of gave room to make more episodes.


Chobits and Fruits Basket are both very cute and funny stories of romance with a twist. In Chobits the female lead is a robot and in Fruits Basket many of the characters are cursed. Both these situations cause the characters to worry if they can ever be truly accepted by the world around them. However even on this slightly dark note the shows manage to stay light and funny.


Alot of comedy, tons of romance, and magical encounters. this about sums up the series. Such cute charectors, adorable animation, and fun plots. Both animes are cool and entertaining to watch!


Both Fruits Basket and Chobits are about young protagonists that stumble upon a very special person. Their significant other is part of an interesting plot-twist, and they are surrounded by interesting characters with interweaving storylines. Both anime involve a mix of romance and humor, and involve "chibi" storylines that are adorable. 


They're by no means the same but Fruits Basket and Chobits have a few common themes running through them. They both have romance running through them, and they're both fairly good animes if you like mushy, innocent romance.

Both of them have a similar sense of humour - jokes about boys feeling awkward around members of the opposite sex seem to be a major source of comedy in both of these series, albeit for different reasons.

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Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Nanami used to live in a ramshackle apartment with her father - a man who spent half his time gambling and the other half hiding from debt collectors - until one day the scoundrel ran away, leaving his daughter hungry and homeless. That is, until she meets a mysterious stranger in the park who deems her the new goddess of a local shrine! Unfortunately, Nanami’s new home is occupied by Tomoe, a fox familiar who objects to the presence of a mere mortal and immediately begins to bicker with the girl. If she can manage to form a contract with the troublesome man, he’ll be obligated to accept and help her perform her duties. But there’s a catch: Nanami has to kiss him first, and who’d want to lock lips with that awful guy?!

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In both series, the main characters are high school female students who lose their home and family; that leads them to end up living in a pretty unusual situation.

The artwork also has some resemblance.


Same director on both, and both have the same style of comedy mixed with heartwarming moments. Fruits Basket is more heartwarming so far (although as I'm writing this only 5 episodes of Kamisama have aired), but any fan of one should enjoy the other.


Both are similar in style and even though tohru is alot more naive both girls have lost their homes and live with spirits that obviously have to end up falling in love with the main character who are extremely good people! both are Amazing! Please watch <3


The female protagonists in both show become homeless and they are sheltered by super-natural beings. The position of the two in their own homes respectively might be different, but the relations occuring with the people arround them follow a same pattern.


These basically have the same story. A normal girl, through happenstance meets some handsome boys who have strange powers and emotional turmoil and through her own kind heart, manages to win them over and help them absolve their hurts. However in Kamisama Hajimemashita, the girl has powers of her own, and the love story is more explicit than implied as it is in Fruits Basket.


Fruits Basket and Kamisama Kiss show great similarites. Both Tohru and Nanami are homeless, but are taken into another home. Both anime feature heartwarming and comedic experiences. The artwork resembles each other a bit, but they both have the same director. If you loved one, you're bound to love the other.


Furuba and Kamisama are two anime that begin with a young girl who is on her own and lacks a place to live. She is taken in by unusual people who are not completely human--and this living situation results in hints of romance and character growth on all sides.


You would like Fruits Basket and Kamisama Hajimemashita(Kamisama Kiss) because they both have shrines,both heroines are facing a family difficulty,they involve form changing,and they have similar artwork.


Fruits basket has more complex characters and has a deeper plot, but the female leads share a similar fate in that they both lose their homes through unfortunate circumstances. The style of animation is very similar especially when it comes to the way the male characters are drawn. Kamisama Hajimemashita is a good anime to watch if you are like me and miss Fruits basket!  

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Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma is just like any other high school girl who wants to make friends and be useful. The only problem is she bears a worrying resemblance to Sadako from 'The Ring!' Because of her reputation, people are not only terrified of her, but small dogs even bark in fear at her presence; in fact, the only person in school who will talk to her is the lively class hottie, Kazehaya. As the pair spends more time together, Kazehaya slowly begins to bring Sawako out of her shell and soon their feelings for each other develop further. Though with her crippling insecurities, lack of social skills, and a series of cruel rumors and misunderstandings, it seems that Sawako's dream of a normal life won’t be quite so easy to obtain.

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I'm making this recommendation because of the dynamic between the three female leads. Fruits Basket's Tohru and Kimi ni Todoke's Sawako are sweet, naive, selfless girls who have inexplicably befriended their school's typical anime "bad girls", who dote on her and are super-protective. It's really cute.


The main girls in Fruits Basket and Kimi ni Todoke both have pure, naive, sweet hearts. Both girls have terrific friends who are overprotective. The art style in Kimi ni Todoke is similar to Fruits Basket.


They both are heart warming and plot twisting.  Each characters has strong background.  It will worth your time!!


Both stories focus around hard working and humble female leads, with hints of romance and teen life.


If you like Kimi ni Todoke you'd like Fruits Basket (and vice versa) because they are both sweet, good natured romantic comedies with positive outlooks and loveable characters.


The lifestyles both heroines lead in Kimi ni Todoke and Fruits Basket are similar.  They are trying to find a way to successfully fit in with the people around them.  For Tohru (Fruits Basket), she already has the winning personality and can easily make friends but she has to put that to good use to help the people around her.  Sadako (Kimi ni Todoke) desperatly wants to make friends with the people around her but everyone things she is scary, she goes out of her way to try and help everyone to gain their friendship.  Both girls are naive and beyond nice, both are refreshing series to watch.


I think both these series give a very "warm" feeling while watching them. Even though the plots are very different I believe that people who enjoyed one will definately enjoy the other as well. 


Both anime have a very similar feeling in terms of mood and theme. Although Fruits basket at times touches on a few darker issues like abandonement, abuse and death, it remains light hearted through the personality of Honda Tohru.Her ernest desire to do everything to the best of her ability reflects that of Sawako in Kimi Ni Todoke. If you liked one of these, you should definitely watch the other.


Both a very cute romance story about a girl who likes to do the best for everyone. Both the main charaters befriend the 'bad girls' in the school and they have friends that stick with them. They have very simliar charaters and if you like one I'd be suprised if you didn't like the other.

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