Fresh Pretty Cure!

TV (50 eps)
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Earth is once again under attack! Moebius, a dark lord from a parallel world called Labyrinth, is on a mission to conquer all of the worlds, and only the legendary Pretty Cure warriors can stop him. Tart and Chiffon – two fairies from the Kingdom of Sweets – have returned to Earth to find the girls and discover that Love, Miki and Inori possess the power to strike down evil. Now, between their studies and rehearsing to become idols, the trio must help put a stop to Moebius’s plans!

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CharacterClover's avatar by CharacterClover on Jul 20, 2012
Score 7/10

I totally forgot the meaning of "Shoujo Girls" during this anime, Besides the whole generic shoujo plot, the girls failed to keep their identity as a magical girl hidden multiple times, and even Tart fails to keep his own secret. I know that even that some shoujo girls fail to do this,  but they correct that from the start.  Fresh Pretty Cure is my first Pretty Cure out of the series, and... read more

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