Freezing Vibration

TV (12 eps)
3.4 of 5 from 4,765 votes
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Since so few women are naturally born with the ability to become Pandoras and fight the extra dimensional aliens known as Nova, a program is approved by the Chevalier organization to allow any female to artificially become such a warrior. In order to test this new generation of E-Pandora, small groups of the highest ranked cadets from various Pandora academies around the globe are sent to Alaska in order to gauge the project's progress. Among those sent are Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya since they display a skill level far above their position. It is not merely their combat prowess that is tested however, when the Evolution Pandora project does not go as expected.

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Epimondas's avatar
Epimondas May 3, 2015
Score 1.5/10

This is more of the same of what season one was except now there are new more dangerous adversaries and a new competitor to the pandoras.  Honestly, it has even more needless violence, gore, bloodshed, frivolous panty shots and shots of undressed girls and girl parts, and sexual situations.  Though it was hinted at in season one, you actually see the monster brother in this season.  He is the... read more

crazyworld's avatar
crazyworld Jan 29, 2016
Score 4.6/10

Freezing Vibration pretty much picks up where season 1 left off. And I was looking forward to this one because of how intense the first season was. The premise is 5 of the girls from last season head to Alaska to study the E-Pandora. So, naturally I was expecting another season with great storytelling and some good old action. However it did not live up to expectations. Most of the storytelling is limp, with... read more

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