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Earth is under attack by other-dimensional threats known as Nova, and only the Pandora – girls with special implants that grant them enhanced physical abilities – can battle against them to protect the planet. The military academy Genetics helps train the Pandora, who must choose a younger boy known as a Limiter to assist them in combat. Bridgette L Sattelizer, known to her peers as 'Untouchable', is at the top of her class and lets no one near her – that is, until new student Kazuya Aoi falls into her breasts one day...

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Epimondas May 3, 2015
Score 3.3/10

I have to admit, it is kind of hard to absolutely love this anime.  It has way too many frivolous bits like girl shots for no reason and pointless gratuitous violence and bloodshed.  This maybe one of the worst or most offensive animes where girl bits are show in such shameless and purely for show kind of ways since there is no logical way they would get stripped the way they often do in the show in... read more

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Colderon Aug 15, 2015
Score 9/10

This is my first ever review of anime. Spoilers may be in this review. Since this is my first ever review I will try and keep it short, while also describing this anime while trying to prevent spoilers. Story - 8 I must say, I was kind of skeptical going in to this anime. The first few episodes are kind of slow, but explains the story. So you have a mind-set when watching future episodes. You will also find... read more

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