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Custom Lists

All my anime, RANKEDby GabiiTachibana

Every anime I've ever watched ranked from best to worst (excluding unoriginal OVAs/specials and movies; including uncompleted but watched out of order and back story OVAs)

Anime I Watched In 2016by PlatNim

All of the anime I watched/started in 2016 (second year). Does not include movies or OVAs/specials.

What I really was doing while my parents thought I was studying in 2017by Konni

Wasting my life yet again! Animes I've finished watching in 2017. This list will be updated quite often, because I simply don't have a life. "Yes, of course I'm studing for my exam, mom!" - a classic

Anime in 4 Words (WIP)by HyakkiHikou

Anime: It's Joke! (and life-changing.)

Anime I'm going to watch in 2017!by kawaiitohru

Anime I will watch in 2017, or anime I will probably finish in 2017!