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100 Anime Challenge 2017by NeptunePlays

Watch all these by 2018 and you get a cookie (I'll update this when I've seen an anime)

Anime I'm going to watch in 2017!by kawaiitohru

Anime I will watch in 2017, or anime I will probably finish in 2017!

Comments on every series I've watchedby Starra

One series = one franchise. These are just how I feel about them, nothing to do with how objectively good they are or any of that crap. Actual shows only, no movies/OVA series shorter than 6 episodes. Completed shows first, then stalled, then...

Top 30 animeby Starra

Rough order. One series represents the whole franchise. This is for series that I thoroughly enjoyed and has nothing to do with how "objectively" good they are. I don't understand my tastes either, don't worry.

☆ Sports Anime ☆by Izumii

The best sports anime for lazy brats (like myself) - because let's face it, none of us weebs are that sporty, are we? Stop lying to yourself. Eat that cake.

Romance-Freeby ViolaPetrichor

I love anime with romance, but I also really like it when the primary focus is on friendship and familial relationships. These are mostly romance free.

my favsby primrosejae

im gay and i love anime

Dan's Anime Recommendationsby Nyxavis

danisnotonfire's (occassionally questionable) anime recs.