Free! Eternal Summer

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After the last swimming competition, the bonds between Haru, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei have greatly deepened. With each passing day, each member continued to grow. Rin tries to overcome his past and, with the help of his new teammates, aims to create the strongest swim team yet. Holding on to their ambitions, they face themselves and welcome the new summer!

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  • (Sub) Storm of Dive and Dash! image

    Episode 1

    (Sub) Storm of Dive and Dash!

  • (Sub) Stroke of Chance Encounter! image

    Episode 2

    (Sub) Stroke of Chance Encounter!

  • (Sub) Butterfly of Farewell! image

    Episode 3

    (Sub) Butterfly of Farewell!

  • (Sub) Somersault Turn of Promise! image

    Episode 4

    (Sub) Somersault Turn of Promise!

  • (Sub) Head-Up of Decision! image

    Episode 5

    (Sub) Head-Up of Decision!

  • (Sub) Prime of Invincibility! image

    Episode 6

    (Sub) Prime of Invincibility!

  • (Sub) Crouching Start of Revenge! image

    Episode 7

    (Sub) Crouching Start of Revenge!

  • (Sub) Locomotive of Crisis! image

    Episode 8

    (Sub) Locomotive of Crisis!

  • (Sub) Forming of Disruption! image

    Episode 9

    (Sub) Forming of Disruption!

  • (Sub) Six-Beat of Tears! image

    Episode 10

    (Sub) Six-Beat of Tears!

  • (Sub) Backstroke Turn of Fate! image

    Episode 11

    (Sub) Backstroke Turn of Fate!

  • (Sub) Swim-Off in a Foreign Land! image

    Episode 12

    (Sub) Swim-Off in a Foreign Land!

  • (Sub) Eternal Summer of Beginnings! image

    Episode 13

    (Sub) Eternal Summer of Beginnings!

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duchessliz's avatar by duchessliz on Apr 28, 2015
Score 7.8/10

The Iwatobi Swim Club returns! As their third year begins, Haruka, Makoto and Rin are still swimming strong, but choosing plans for their futures loom, and as friends both new and old make their way into the picture, rivalries will take root once again. Will the team make it out stronger than before or sink under pressure?

The bishies return! *wipes up drool* xD Have I mentioned lately how much I... read more

Theboundwoman's avatar by Theboundwoman on Oct 30, 2015
Score 8/10

*Small Spoilers and Opinions Ahead*  ==============Review==================

Series: Free!

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 25 (12 first season, 12 second season and 1 bonus episode on dvd)

Genre: Sports, Slice of life, Drama, Comedy, School life.

Subbed: Yes

Dubbed: Yes (Only second season, thank Crunchyroll for that….No seriously thank them!)

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