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Many centuries into the future, humans live as part of the Fractale system, a computer program that moderates their activity to ensure a free and peaceful existence. But while life is indeed comfortable, the cost of growing up in virtual reality communities filled with holographic people called 'doppels' means that it can also get lonely. For Clain living estranged from his parents, adventure finally knocks when he rescues a mysterious girl called Phryne, who appears to be on the run. She spends only a short time with him before hurriedly moving on but leaves behind an unexpected gift: the curious and frustratingly whimsical doppel called Nessa! As Clain learns to adjust to his new friend and survive the scrapes she gets him into, he discovers that she and Phryne are at the heart of a great conspiracy. If he is ever to gain a sense of purpose, Clain will have to leave his comfortable existence and challenge the only thing he has ever known, the Fractale system itself.

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Apr 12, 2011
Score: 5.5/10

There are two types of derivatives: fun, tacky ones that laugh at themselves and the more unfortunate ones that insist on selling clichés as though we’d never seen them before. Fractale lands firmly in the latter category, although, with such a plain, bumbling sincerity, it’s not the most punishing rehash anyone could... read more

sethjohnson's avatar by sethjohnson on Mar 3, 2011
Score: 8/10

Fractale is the first good Science Fiction anime I have seen in quite a while.  I expect the story to eventually tank, or disappoint me in some major way, because that is the general destiny of high-minded SF anime, but so far it's maintaining a good balance of tone that is really impressive. A lot of anime go for the bait-and-switch tactic on their tone (see Mai HiME, Trigun) to lend gravitas to their... read more

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