Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku


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I have to do a review on this anime right now so that i can remember this episode 8. so keep in mind that ive only watched up to this episode.

First of all this anime is about a guy that comes back to his hometown, and all the characters have that child hood memory shit. When he comes back he finds out about a sister and brother(not his) that are in the student council and they are vampires. oh wow, didnt see that coming. The old immortals are smart and are in leadership positions. I also didnt see it coming that the guy (main character that comes back to town/island) and sister vampire have a "thing" for each other... or at least... she has a blood lust for him. Obviously he is special, but it hasnt clued anything else. Im getting tired of unoriginal vampire money making campaigns. I get the deal with vampires... its awesome, but damn this anime is aggrivating to watch.

Here are some examples of why its aggrivating:

1. The vampire sister is about to wipe the memories of this girl (again) and the main character guy is all worked up about it... they are fussing... making no sense... just when you think she wiped the girls memories... she didnt, and the two girls hug all lovey duvy..... Im sitting here screaming WTF OMG YOU SHIT at my computer monitor about to wake the house up. So it amounts to... the developers wanted to create a dramatic scene that gets you worked up. It just seemed to me like a cheap way of adding drama.

2. The girl that got saved by the vampire girl when they were kids, whom is also the girl that is getting her memory wiped has a sister. Their personalies are managable most of the time... but like in episode 7 i think... or 6... they try to make up with each other over their feelings and such.. and they just sit there basically screamilng at each other "I want you to be happy." That is basically all i heard for the 5 min. conversation. Why can they say "yes we have done wrong, but now i understand that we should both try to be happy together." They never even get to that point... they finally say "this is a wierd situation" with tears in their eyes... and it appears that they have made up. This anime just seems too simple and not well thought through... maybe its just me though.

This anime is ok though... For example... I like the vampire brother. He appears to be half way intellegent, which is the way someone who has lived for a long time should be. He is also funny. He understands that people need to laugh sometimes, and can make the situation fun and interesting/exciting. (for the people in the anime, as well as watchers). I am excited to see what the main character is, and what this new vampire is going to bring about to the story. So.. it has the possibility of evening itself out so to say... but it could also get worse...

So here is my advice... If you are looking for a anime just to sit back and enjoy with out and critical analysis (Meaning... your one of those people that give purpose for the quote "ignorance is bliss". You dont have a logical mind. You dont want to think a lot. You just want to watch good looking characters flirt with each other.)... this anime has some good points, but if you are looking for an anime that is exciting intuitively (mental stimulation) like detective conan, or at least pleasantly logical... look somewhere else.

I never try to discourage anyone from watching something. I just give my opinion and advice so that if you totally see where i am coming from then you wont waste your time. If you can watch something and enjoy it... isnt that better? than not enjoying it? If you have to do something... wouldnt you rather enjoy it than to sit there complaining the whole time.... This is a bit different though. Most people are not forced to watch anime. I wish i could enjoy it. It would be one more thing i enjoy.. so its not like i want it to be bad.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Ok it's my first time writing a review, this is the second time I was hyped by some anime so much, and then dissapointed soo much.


It's about a random guy who changes of schools frequently because of his parents (old plot, very clichéd) and returns to a random island to start remembering he has two friends there and now he can stay in the random island. He  meets the vice president of the school who's weird and doesn't want to be too close to him, but she loves him. By the way the guy's name is hasekura kohei and the weird girl sendo erika.


TL;DR version the girl is a vampire, loves the guy, doesn't want to drink his blood because she wants to be a normal girl and it's afraid to spoil the guy life, but her mother wants her to make the guy her sexual toy, well her dependant lol.

I give the stoy 4/10 because it's very clichéd, and 12 episodes doesn't cover too much about it, instead they waste space and time with so many unnecesary plot, you think well fun stuff, but when you get to the plot is boring as hell. Just the two first episodes are good lol and the last 2 episodes are the only ones that inform a bit about the plot.

Oh and don't expect answers for the cliffhangers, plotholes, it's imposible with only 4 episodes that are worth of something.


While some of the girls look cute, their body proportion isn't equal to a 16-17 years old girl, they look like kids.

The colors are good, the background is ok.

The bunny of shiro is horrible drawn lol, well not so bad, but it's boring.

4/10 Like I said, good colors, nice hairstyles, but horrible proportions.


The only good thing here, some nice pianos.

The opening is awesome and the ending is ok, but it isn't a masterpiece like the ones made by uematsu or motoi sakuraba, so don't expect too much, ok?

6/10, the opening really did save the category



Ok, while Sei (the guy with white hair bro of shiro lol) and the president Iory are funny, most of them are boring, except kuze and Kanade

Sendou is ridiculous sometimes with her, I don't want to drink blood.

Shiro hmm is just there to serve tea no purpose.

Kohei - Hmm he should have learned kidos or something, he's boring.

Haruna - well the typical girl that likes the main, but has no chance lol.

Kanade - she's cool with her stickers

Kuze - I like girls that are quiet lol

Tsukasa - the friend of kohei, wtf he does there, he is just there to occupy space.

5/10, only 4 characters are fun, the rest are boring.



4/10 I give this rating because the anime is way too short to develop a decent plot, the studio didn't do justice to the game, this failed soo hard, they could have saved the anime by giving an interesting ending like the random guy lets the random girl kiss him, drink his blood and he gains powers to beat the mother of the random girl, because she's annoying.

Really, the only bad point it was the lack of plot and that it was too short with a fail end.

It's so dissapointing, as

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka was, we expected something and we got something way too boring.

Soon my review of that horrible anime, well it wasn't horrible, but i'll explain what made it so full of fail.


See ya


4/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku is a story about Kouhei HASEKURA, a high school student that has transfered from school to school his life, returning to a town he lived in 7 years ago to finish attending school. Upon getting to the school, he meets 2 girls he knew when he lived here before and another who he finds out is a vampire, thus completing out harem scenario.

Story: Being based on a visual novel/Ero game I really had the lowest expectations possible for the series and yet it still managed to disappoint. What little story their is is the definition of generic cookie cutout crap, and he feels absolutely no desire to progress any further than that. I'll just assume that they choose to live their lives in school because they can't age past 17, but why the hell are they all blond and blue eyed?

Animation: The animation for this series was pretty sub par. It is clean looking, but they use the same frames as much as possible and have as little action as possible. The character designs are also pretty weak as as everyone is only distinguishable by they hair for the most part.

Characters: The characters just like the story are just weak. There is no substantial development of any kind throughout the series and none of the characters are even that likable. The main character is dense as a rock, and most of the female leads are just annoying at some point in the show.

Overall: There are far better shows to watch unless you are a big fan of animes based on harem games or really like vampires.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
Cyberwizzard's avatar By on Jan 24, 2011

Animation and audio (especially the music) was good. It was pleasant to watch and all the graphical details were en par with most modern animes.The background music made me think of the tunes from Final Fantasy and both OP and ED music is decent (although you'll probably skip through after viewing it once).

The female characters are much like all harem setups where each person has a distinctive role to play - nothing new but their interaction was better than some shows where the main character becomes the proxy between the females and they are mere stereotypes. Fortune Arterial does not have this issue although the swarming of female characters around the main character still is a bit of a cliche.

The story is a mix of a harem setting, combined with school life and a dash of vampires. While this mix could have resulted in a very decent story, in the end Fortune Arterial does not pull through.

Most events in the story are unrelated to the vampire angle or a very shallow approach to it. Aside from the beginning and ending, most of it is trivial. The remaining episodes are not awful fillers, but could have been from any other school life / harem series.

The writers attempted to modify the stereo type vampires to make the story a bit lighter. While this worked superficially, there are some darker sides to the dilemmas they introduce. However, without actually dealing with these problems, the story just brushes past potential issues and leaves the viewer with a sense that the story is incomplete.

***SPOILER*** - Details about why the story does not hold up below:

I hated the fact that only a couple episodes actually dealt with the whole vampire aspect and the ending was rubbish. The hero rushes into a vampire mansion in the pretense to get his "vice-president" back because the school and the cultural fair need her. Note that he actually thinks of her like his "vice-president" in his mind, instead of calling her Erica.

So he is willing to risk his life and even become a slave for eternity because a fancy fair needs her? Really?

In the end, nothing changed and episode 13 would be where she loses control, rips his artery and makes him into a slave for eternity. But since this doesn't stroke with the light hearted story in the other episodes, the writers just left it all hanging.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
gekoladie's avatar By on Apr 12, 2011

It had disappointingly little vampire for a vampire anime, which was the only reason I watched it. All the vampire action happened at the begginning or the end, and I wanted to wring both Kouhei and Erika's necks for being so difficult and refusing to actually solve all their problems. There had better be a season two, or I will be very annoyed at the lack of conclusion.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
6/10 overall