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My Favourite Animeby spennamonsumo

The best anime I have seen (in my opinion) and would recommend them to anyone looking for something to watch. (Alphabetical order apart from top 10)

Anime to Watch by The End of 2016by tessaxmarie

Shit that I absolutely need to watch (should've done it a while ago)

My personal favoritesby Arty650

List of my personal favorite animes. Take a look and my try some out. Some are here because they are in my opinion masterpieces, however there are others in here that I think are just nice little ones you should watch. Some are emotional, some are...

TAB: All time favorite Animeby TheAngryBears

The best of the best, at least in my opinion. The ones that stand out due to overall fantastic quality, a thought provoking and emotional story, amazing characters or something I can watch over and over and still enjoy it.

Anime You Should Watch Before You Dieby AlexActon

Pretty much just all top notch shizz in here. Not in any specific order just alphabetical. All of these are series except for Akira, because fuck you watch Akira. Honestly. It's a cult classic.