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Alt titles: Furi Kuri

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Naota Nanbada is a boring young boy who leads a boring life in a boring town. His older brother has left for America, and the closest he comes to any excitement is when his deadbeat dad has too much sake. But things change one day when a bizarre girl zooms up to him on a scooter and smacks him in the face with her guitar. What's more, once Naoto returns home he discovers that this strange woman has arrived ahead of him and moved in! Not only does she constantly engage in perverted activities with Naota's father and flirt with the young man himself, but she also claims to be an alien who is searching for the ‘Pirate King.' Now, Naota must learn to live with this new intruder, deal with an odd government agent who sports exceptionally large eyebrows and the mysterious Medical Mechanica, and come to terms with the fact that there are a variety of robots and weapons emerging out of his head - amongst other things. Perhaps boring wasn't so bad after all...

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Kazuya TSURUMAKI Director
Hajime UEDA Original Manga Creator
Hiroki SATO Producer

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FLCL sothis 8/10 Sep 25, 2004
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FLCL Th3Laugh1ngMan 9.4/10 Mar 30, 2014
Furi Kuri Th3Laugh1ngMan 9.4/10 Mar 30, 2014
FLCL sirjisu 10/10 Jan 10, 2014
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summer 2014 watching list moeShana 17 Apr 16, 2014
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Treyvon Gosick 9 Apr 9, 2014
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Excel Saga

Excel Saga

F City, F Prefecture: the battleground where good and evil have finally chosen to decide once and for all who will rule the world…or at least that's the general idea! Neither side seems up for the task, as surviving the brutality of everyday life is enough of a chore. On the side of evil is the organization of Across, its only member the loudmouthed and abrasive Excel who struggles just to put food in her stomach; on the side of good, three disenfranchised, unemployed bachelors whose only pursuit in life is romance. Add in alien invasions, jungle warfare, and Mexican immigrant laborers to Japan, and this war doesn't seem likely to be ending soon!


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FLCL is a strange series and if you enjoy strange things then watch Excel.
To be honest I'm not quite sure why I would recommend Excel Saga for FLCL fans. It's much more hyper than FLCL, which some may not like. But well it is a parody, and most fans of one seem to like the other.
Crazy, insane, hilarious.... call it what you will, that's Excel.

The incredibly random weirdness of FLCL could only be directly compared with that of Excel Saga. It is not as high octane, but it definitely has its punch. If you were  a fan of one of these shows for its humor, you would like the other for the same reason.

Once you've seen the "Sugar" music video using FLCL footage, you will understand why Excel and FLCL fit so perfectly. Additionally, the insanity isn't complimentary, because no insanity is, but it manages to make you wish you would pass out before your head explodes if you watch these two in sucession. And yet, I find myself doing it over and over again. Don't want to think much, but want your head to hurt, watch Excel
Excel Saga is another anime that, at first glance, is nothing but a hodge-podge of sight gags, Japanese puns, and parodies of most things sacred. However, where FLCL and Excel Saga differ is that FLCL tells a very coherent story, and Excel Saga attempts to outdo itself with each consecutive episode in the lengths that it will go to to offend and incite laughter.
Are you looking for something to kill your brain with? Or just need to be braindead for a moment? Excel saga is a parody of all kinds of animes and I can tell... even after one ep you are damage for life.. and you will suffer a painful death when you now even have watched FLCL this will make you a psyco ;) I have never seen such weird anime. And can truly be compared to FLCL
Excel Saga is really quite like FLCL, same way of telling the story and as funny and bizarre characters as FLCL. As FLCL told a story of universal matters, it is in Excel Saga too. If you liked FLCL, this is what you need ;)
Few things match the madness and excitement of Excel Saga. FLCL is one of those few things. Please, do not watch both shows back to back, if you value your sanity! Or is that more of an endorsement to do just that? Either way, the whacky madness abounds in both. Like one, you like the other one. Its my personal guarantee. What do you get if I'm wrong? Um... a tootsie roll?
A similar sort of zany over the top style, you should enjoy the comedy and parodies in this.
Both have a crazy confusing plot design though excel saga is harder to make sence of hummor than the more adult oriented FLCL, both have a scattery plot sequence that makes these 2 series similar.
More craziness and seeming nonsense from both series; FLCL has a more futuristic feel and Excel Saga's Excel resembles FLCL's Haruko.
Comedy that makes no sense at all. Fast paced jokes is there to stay. Both is similar in the humor part even tho' FLCL has more adult jokes. The only thing I can find different is the number of repeated jokes (which imo happens sometimes in Excel), and the lenght of the series.
Do you like your anime merry-go-round? Or covered with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles ready to go? What i'm trying to say.. Excel Saga and FLCL are 2 completely over the top extra crazy series. Seen one, than see both, you won't regret it.
Insane and random.Two words that describe both FLCL and Excel Saga.Both are hilarious as hell.
Is it too far off to recommend these together just because both of these are parodies? Hilarious parodies? With enjoyable amount of crazyness and unpredictability included? Oh, I guess it is...ah well...I'd still say that if you love the other you'll at least like the other too :P
If you love a show that doesn't seem to make sense and yet still has a (somewhat) cohesive plot, look no further. Between the puns, parodies, and absolute madness, FLCL and Excel Saga give you plenty in the way of laughs and forehead smacking.

Crazy antics abound in most anime. Nothing really prepares you for the likes of Excel Saga and FLCL, however. If you're looking for some solid comedy these are definitely worth the wait.


Madness, chaos and strangeness! Both FLCL and Excel Saga are full of those things. If you liked one give the other a try, you might like it!


Both FLCL and Excel Saga are super crazy, extremely random, and sometimes down right confusing. If you like over the top humor then both of these titles are what you are looking for.


Excel Saga and FLCL are similar in that they are both extremely random and fast-paced anime with a plot structure that is all over the place more often than not. Zany and wacky to the extreme, these are series that poke fun at virtually everything - with a special focus on pop culture and anime in particular. Both are parodies that mock themselves as well as several genres, FLCL mostly concerned with mecha and ES covering a gamut of genres from horror to romantic comedy. In both there is an endless quantity of references to other anime and manga, and the level of hyper insanity that makes FLCL a stunning visual fest is preserved in ES' energetic craziness.


Both series have female main characters that are sporatic and crazy and both series lack any kind of steady real plot (although there is maybe a bit more to it for FLCL). One of the main differences in Excel Saga is the references and jokes about other anime series. If you're new to anime like I was whenever I watched FLCL, it might be a little hard to get at first.


The zaniness of both series mimick each other. Each series has zaniness surrounded by love for someone, that does not love them back, from this zaniness they involved other around them.


Both of these series are as random as each other! If you liked how random and confusing one of these series is, then the other will go donw nicely.. Most of Excel Saga can be watched in a random order apart from the last few episodes with the story, but be sure not to mix up the episodes of FLCL or it will definitely confuse the hell out of you! Also worth a note is that both of these series are highly rewatchable, and in some episodes this is necessary to understand what just happened.


Both are extreamly weird, very hyperactive, and have lots of randomness at every turn. If you liked one you should like the other. Leave your brain turned off.


FLCL and Excel Saga excel (haha) in wacky, random, in-your-face humor. Neither is more spastic than the other, and both have very interesting visual elements (FLCL more so). If you liked one, try out the other.


Both FLCL and Excel Saga are parody shows that have a lot of random humor. Both shows also have a pretty fast pace, although FLCL is the faster of the two. Both these shows share a similar sense of humor and parody many different styles of anime.


FLCL and Excel Saga have the honor of being two shows that I've watched completely and still don't understand. It could be the randomness or it could be the fact that the few existing plot points are bizarre themselves, so the story that grows around them has no chance of being normal. Both of these series nod at adult themes as well, and if you enjoyed but didn't understand one, you'll probably find yourself in the same boat again with the other.


FLCL and Excel Saga are each crazy in their own right. Chances are that if you like one, you'll like the other.

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Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves
  • Movie (1 ep x 48 min)
  • 2004

For Pandy and Retro, waking up naked with amnesia wasn't the high point of their day. While going on a crime spree, the duo are captured and sent to the infamous Dead Leaves, a notorious prison where the baddest of the bad are sent. Using the bathroom is a chore, eating is force fed and escape seems impossible -- but is it? Join Pandy, Retro, the drill endowed Chinko Drill and a gang of inmates as they plot their escape from the hell that is Dead Leaves!

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Dead Leaves and FLCL match in the frantic rhythm permeating both. The wild animation and fast paced storytelling in Dead Leaves, along with lots of non-sense and distorted humour, will certainly please most people who liked FLCL. It can't be compared in depth though, since, even if having an interesting story, Dead Leaves is as shallow as it can be, when put side-by-side with FLCL.
Similar slick animation style, similar craziness, and despite the insanity, a similar sense of a plot after everything is all said and done. Dead Leaves is meant for a bit more mature of an audience, but still, definately an obvious recommendation.

What links Dead leaves to FuriKuri is the humour and the thoughts that go through your mind while watching them: 'This is really really weird. And really really cool.'


Both Dead Leaves and FLCL are incredibly crazy series. The art style differs greatly but they are both are fast paced and some times confusing. They also have that same sort of humor, if you liked one check out the other.


Craziness runs rampent as space outlaws run wild. Both these anime are wild, silly, and just a bit promiscurous. Each has a large amount of laughs as well as some great fights. They both even have, yes it's true, TV-headed sidekicks.


Both have a weird funky feel and wacky story line. There is an odd spacy edge to each of these. FLCL has a slight more seriousness then Dead Leaves which tries more to be crazzy. If you liked one, in my opinion you should check out the other.



These are the most random anime I have ever seen. The stedaly moving plot twists have you thinking 'WTF?!' Dead Leaves and FLCL have original music that matches the scenes perfectly. They are not that long; so if you don't have much time before bed it's perfect. I know if you love random Mindf**k animes you'll love these two.


Both are extreamly weird, have a quite unusual/unique animation style, and have lots of randomness at every turn. If you liked one you should like the other. Leave your brain turned off.


FLCL and Dead Leaves are similar in animation and the exaggerated story and fast paced action that it holds. They both also use alot of humor, but one thing that is different from FLCL and Dead Leaves is the depth in story since FLCL is spread across 6 eps. while Dead Leaves is just one OVA.


Obviously if you enjoy either of these fantastically random enigmas, you have a thing for nonsense, and i'm sure you're wondering where to go more. If that's the case, you'll love both of these shows.


Clearly, Dead Leaves is a lot like FLCL and vice versa. Dead Leaves even manages to shame FLCL as far as weird animation, but both are VERY high octane in general.


Crazy. Maddness. Random. Those are things these two have in common. You won't truly understand what's going on until the near end and even then you still don't truly understand. They both have great scenes that'll make you ask yourself, what?


I didn't think I'd find something as intensely nuts as FLCL until I watched Dead Leaves.  Both have over-the-top, cartoonish, crude violence sprinkled with vulgar innuendo with a basic framework of a story to keep it all together.


same fast story line and style, dead leaves is even more wicked than FLCL

there also both from the same Director Imaishi Hiroyuki


Dead Leaves is FLCL with 3/4ths the plot, every character is Haruko on crack and it's at twice the speed. Still really fun to watch and if you like the zaniness of FLCL you'll really like Dead Leaves and vice versa.


Both FLCL and Dead Leaves operate at an incredible pace. The art styles aren't hugely different, and both series involve insane levels of mindf**k


FLCL and Dead Leaves have so much in common, it's almost terrifying! FLCL follows an actual storyline (although confusing) whereas Dead Leaves just... doesn't... They are both RIDICULOUS animes, focused around hilarious awkward humor, fantastic artwork, and strange characters. If you like one, you'd like the other.


Fooly Cooly is an amazing, random, wacked out yet vastly interesting anime that seems to make you gock in awe at the random acts in each scene. The same can be said for Dead Leaves. Though alittle more graphical when showing something of the sexual nature it's a wicked, action packed, thrill seeking short movie and yet laughaible in almost every scene! This is a must if you've ever seen Fooly Cooly even if you've only saw a few episodes.


Both FLCL and Dead leaves share a breakneck pace and convoluted plots. Both these shows are very playful, never taking themselves too seriously. FLCL and Dead Leaves also have a crazy roster of character that are completely absurd, yet very entertaining.


Dead Leaves was like FLCL times about 10. Complete craziness. The voices seemed alike. And there is another TV head in this one. :-)


Both titles are full of action-packed escapades, innuendo, busy animation and crude humour. FLCL has plot and more focus on the characters while Dead Leaves is more about the action.


Lunacy laced with crack, PCP and pure distilled craziness. Sensory overload with visuals, symbolism for FLCL and sheer violence and perversion for Dead Leaves but either one will rattle your brain with the insanity within and the randomness of everything that happens onscreen.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Satoshi and Arumi have been friends since early childhood, but now Arumi's family is moving to Hokkaido, deeply upsetting her long-time friend. However, when Arumi's grandfather accidentally breaks the pelican statue atop his restaurant, the duo find their world turned upside down and not quite as they left it. From a fairy tale kingdom, to kung fu China, to the prehistoric age and everything in between, Arumi and Satoshi can't quite seem to figure out where they are, or better yet, how they can manage to get home to their own Abenobashi Shoutengai!

my list:

not rated
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22 people agree
Almost as chaotic as FLCL but it is much easier to follow. Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai is a parody of everything you could think of. A must-see for a FLCL fan.
If you like parodies, Abenobashi is the way to go. Very funny, especially if you've seen your fair share of anime.
Both are GAINAX series, so while there may be sections that are difficult to understand whether you are Japanese or not, both are extremely funny.
Both FLCL and Abenobashi are from the same company. Whatever they didn't get out in FLCL came out in Abenobashi. Crazy world all around. FLCL is more overwhelming though.
Although FLCL is a bit more to the silly side of things, these shows share a similar flair for zany antics and comedy, while keeping the characters seeming real and human rather than mere caricatures.
Both series have a crazy humor, crazy world, crazy and wierd characters. If you liked the other one it's highly probable you'll like both.
SImilar animation, similar humor and both can be called wierd without doubt. FLCL is an excellent choice if you liked Abenobashi and the other way around.

I loved FLCL, and I was told I would like MSAA too; well, I DID. But I didn't like it for the exact same reasons.  I do think that (since they are by the same creator) they have the same vibe to them, and they just fit. You'll see, GO WATCH!


It's very clear that FLCL and Abenobashi were made by the same people. They have the same kind of random humour, and episode 3 of Abenobashi has the exact same look and feel as FLCL.


Both MSAA and FLCL are funny and a little (or more than a little) crazy. Friendship, family, romance, and battles between different worlds can be found in both anime, not to mention twisted and weird humor. You'll never be bored watching these!


If you love the pervertedness of FLC, you will love Magical Shopping Arcade!! A true anime for ecchi lovers, or for someone who wants a good laugh!


'If you liked the frenetic pace of FLCL, as well as its broad, wacky comedy style, you'd probably like Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai. Both series have a frantic pace that spans an number of genres, as well as loveably odd characters that drive much of the story. Neither one finds itself needing a plot stuck in reality, and just runs with good gags.


Basically, they are both done by GAINAX and both make fun and of the anime industry, and the TV industry in general. They make fun of themselves, specially in Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai.

Both are extremly funny, and are story telling wise very similar, but I do not recomend them for those who are not Otaku, since most of the jokes and references wont be understood otherwise and so they will not result as funny as they are.


With some wierded out wackiness that takes place in both series and sometimes struggling to keep up with all the action amid the large doses of comedy, both Abenobashi and FLCL will have you whipped away on an adventure literally like no other.


Both FLCL and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi are Gainax made madness. If you liked one, there is no way you're not going to love the other as well.

P.S. While both of those shows are supposed to have a serious story mixed with the madness, Abenobashi has actually about 2 and a half of serious episodes.


FLCL and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi both manage to somehow incorporate stylized randomness with a surprising amount of interwoven sincerity and tenderness...If you like the the general feel of one, you should like the other...


FLCL is also parody anime. If you enjoyed it then you may enjoy Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi as well as Excel Saga for the same reason.


Both of these titles have a high amount of parody, comedy, and drastically changing art styles set to an upbeat pace.

While FLCL's speed never slows (mainly because it's only 6 episodes), Abenobashi has a few "plot development" episodes that feel a little slow in my opinion. 

While both series concentrate on stuffing each episode with as much comedy (usually slap-stick) and parody as possible, both have serious undertones hidden beneath all the craziness.  Similar themes include immaturity, child-like-innocence, adult vs. children perception of the world, and learning to deal with reality.


They both have funny random things that don't make sense. The main charecter always has the big important role. The main point doesn't make any sense tell the last episode. and they both have supernatural things happening.


Both shows offer a lot of slapstick and crude humour coupled with parodies and pop-cultural references, all presented at an often frantic pace. There's also some serious sides to both works, sharing similar themes about  growing up and moving on. Visually they're very reminding of each other, especially in terms of animation style and character design.

While FLCL is more over-the-top and MSAA has more serious moments, I think that people who liked either can appreciate the other.


If you like crazy situational comedies these two animes are for you. Both the plot and drawing styles are unique and chaotic which will leave you laughing than asking what just happened?! They will have you on the edge of your seat and asking for more, especially since the underlying plot is alot thicker than it seems at first.


Colorful, weird, hyper, and hilarious in a somewhat juvenile way, FLCL and Abenobashi would definitely appeal to a similar audience.

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Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

In the streets of Tokyo, a new menace has surfaced: Shounen Bat, a young boy who wears golden roller skates and a baseball cap, and likes to whack people on the head with a golden baseball bat. These seemingly unconnected and random attacks soon become a police investigation... but after all is said and done, is there a pattern to this chaos?

my list:

not rated
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17 people agree
FLCL is most definitely the incoherent one of the two. Yet both stories are incredibly complex to understand due to a lot of weird stuff happening.. And i mean WEIRD
It's always hard to recommend either of these series to anything: they both are too original. Still, in both of these series you can find something rare and always as delightful: sunny, nice and at the same time very intelligent anime. FLCL and Paranoia Agent both have their share of humor and they both have limitless layers one can interpret the way one wants to. In that aspect Paranoia Agent is a bit easier to follow though, it explains a lot more than FLCL.
Both series are clearly focussed on weirdness. THere is really a similar atmosphere in the series, though while Paranoia Agent has a clear plot, FLCL is rather vague all throughout the series. You'll find more humor in FLCL than Paranoia Agent though.

Paranoia Agent and FLCL have one thing in common: randomness with structure. Both are very random as far as what goes on from episode to episode, but they also have a plot line that they follow liberally.


Both FLCL and Paranoia Agent bring something new to the table. Both have interesting background stories but also very confusing episodes, leaving the watcher stunned at times.


While Paranoia Agent is an action/suspense/crime thiller-esque type of anime, what most intrigued me about it was the *almost* confusing plot line. Don't misunderstand me - that's not a bad thing. It forces you to think and pay attention, which is a nice addiction to the action genre. FLCL, while a comedy, also forces you to think and pay attention, and with great rewards, no less.

Aimed at older audiences, both of these anime are suitable for anyone who likes fast-paced anime that keeps you on your toes.


If you like really random stuff that doesn't make much since and if you want to think about til your brain feels like it is about to explode, then Paranoia Agent is the Anime for you!


Both Paranoia Agent and FLCL have a complex and crasy story, that lead slowly to understanding the impossible : why does the bat kid stun people, or why do robots come out of Naota's head? as a matter of fact, although hardly anything is understood from the first episode, these stories are so weird that you just have to watch on, because they give the feeling that they have much more to tell then what can be seen at a first shot.


Though they are completely different in terms of storyline, animation, and basically everything else, they must be compared for being complete mind-f**ks. They remove your brain, stick it into a blender, liquify it, then pour it back into your head. Thay are that insane. Though personally I rate FLCL higher for it's pure entertaining wackiness, Paranoia Agent has its good sides in that it is pure, indistilled INSANITY, bottled and ready-to-drink.

If you liked either one, chances are that you'll probably like the other.


Like short, cracked-out series with insane characters that take place in modern-day japan? Colorful stories and vivid animation meet irreverent takes on pop-culture and its effects (FLCL- comedic, Paranoia- not so much) on people exposed to/obsessed with various aspects of it in these striking shows.


Both series are all about abstract, surreal and paranoia(just like calculus), although unlike FLCL, PA eventually landed. So, If you liked PA you may also like FLCL, or calculus.


Paranoia Agent and FLCL are both about strange people who come to a place and wreak havoc. Lil' Slugger hits people with his golden bat to help save lives while Haruko hits Noata with her bass guitar to save the world. Both of these anime have a whimsical style of animation and in depth charachter designs. If this interests you, be sure to catch these anime!


Though I thoroughly enjoyed every single aspect of Paranoia Agent, I found FLCL's frenetic pacing a bit tiresome for my taste. My real enjoyment of FLCL actually started after I had finished watching it, and this is where both these shows coincide. If you like a show that can also serve as a riddle, food for thought and a subject of endless discussions, analysis and over-analysis, if you never get tired of spotting hints and symbols that take you deeper into layers and layers of meaning, be sure to check both these shows out. It is certain they will stay with you for much longer than it takes to watch them.


If you cut the whacky humor from FLCL, but leave the unique animation, you'd probably get something like Paranoia Agent (there is a bit of black humor). Those two shows are similar but mostly on the artistic level. If you enjoyed the animation in one of those shows, then you have to watch the other as well.


Paranoia Agent and FLCL are both have complex multilayered plots, but what really makes them great is the way they can shift their animation styles to match the tone of the story.


A complex story resolving around wierd and random moments.  While Paranoia Agent has a somewhat darker story than FLCL both have incredible stories that by the end will leave somethings unexplained that the viewer wants answered.  Add in some humor and so amazing animation and you'll get two series that both leave the viewer stunned and interested.


Both of these animes are very original, very bizarre, and have a storyline that is beyond crazy. Just when you think you've figured everything out, the story twists into another layer. Both of these animes are also fairly short, and excellent little trips from reality. 

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The eccentric Suzumiya Haruhi wants nothing more than to meet aliens, time travelers and espers… but she’ll have to settle for the everyday Kyon instead! Along with the mysterious Itsuki and the vacant Mikuru, the duo forms the SOS Brigade – a club whose mission is to discover the mysteries of the world. Armed with a razor sharp wit and a skill for manipulation, Haruhi will stop at nothing to have fun at all costs, even at the expense of Mikuru’s dignity!

my list:

not rated
I agree...
14 people agree

You have introspective Kyon who meets this crazy, eccentric girl Haruhi Suzumiya and from then on his life isn't the same. Add some Espers, Time Travelers, Aliens, and amoeba-like monsters, the fate of the world as we know it--who are all somehow integrally connected to Haruhi. Sound familiar?

There are plenty of differences. Haruhi is twice as innocent and oblivious than Haruko and the perverted & violent humor is quite absent. Still lots of craziness and philosophical messages to go around~


Both shows have a pushy, somewhat unhinged female lead. Also, hilarity and fan-service abound! Both are worth watching more than once.


Both series come off as completely crazy, nonsensical series with absolutely no point but to make you split your sides laughing at nothing. However, despite being comedies, they both contain deep, philosophical meanings.


Both series are absoulutely funny and random. Both series also feature a bizarre, often confusing storyline - if you watch them in their original formats - featuring students, unusual romances, aliens, and other strange things happening in an otherwise normal worldinvolving romance and bizarre happenings . Both series feature a high-energy character, whose name - in both series, oddly enough - starts with "Haru" If you love one, there's a good chance you'll love the other, too.


Haruhi Suzumiya spans many genres with it's craziness. In fact, it's so crazy thatshould you enjoy it, FLCL should be an easy jump due to the randomosity of it. The eccentrics Haruhi and Haruko complement each other from across the gap, making these two hit anime really bring on the laughs.


While FLCL is only about 6 episodes long with only the skeleton of a plot, both FLCL and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have the sort of humor that appeals to people with dry humor. The charactes constantly get into strange situations, and the interactions are hillarious.


If utter confusion interspersed with hilarity are your sort of thing, both of these are essential viewing. 'nuf said.


Not as obviously wierd and surreal as FLCL, these qualities creep in more subtly, before brazenly presenting themselves before the viewer. Suzumiya Haruhi was an extraordinary and surprising find. Like FLCL it engages with certain existential questions and the fight for self-realisation and discovery, and the raw beauty of the bountiful possibilities still available to us in the midst of an otherwise crushing, banal, and mundane normality.

Check it out!


I will make this one short: absurd, absurd, absurd, somewhat weak, confused boy who is strongly influenced by vivid, eccentric, noisy girl, absurd one more time. If this is what you were looking for - try this one!


Both of these are strange, humorous, "out there" science fiction series with a strong, charismatic, and somewhat mysterious felmal lead.  They both have drama, adventure, and loveable characters.  These are two of my favorite anime and if you like one, you are sure to like the other.


If you like highly irritating female leads and bizarre random humour then you will probably like both FLCL and Haruhi Suzumiya. Both have a similar sort of feel to them, though FLCL is much more fast paced.


Each of these series are extremely different from any other series I have seen, almost making a new genre within themselves (or a mishmash of many). There were times in both which I had little idea what was going on (Mainly because I watched Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in the order it was originally aired). Also, both of these series have a very strong main female character, are set in a town where little happens, have aliens and the like as a main piece, and have somewhat of a harem feel to them (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya more so). Finally, both of these series have a large amount of random humor and plenty of fan service.


Between aliens, an overly enthusiastic (and slightly perverted) female lead, and the guy stuck with trying to to control her, the series are pretty similar. Both have a rather interesting humor and include a cast of individuals who might not be entirely sane.


Both series cram in surreal storylines, more-than-slightly-off-kilter female leads, and enough intertextuality to keep you clicking Wikipedia pages for months. The main protagonists also share that same cynical reluctance you see in every male lead who is forced to tag along with a Manic Pixie Girl™. Both series are enjoyable on multiple registers, navigating easily between dick jokes and metaphilosophical discourse, though FLCL is a more insistent on imparting a literary reading.