Flame of Recca

Alt titles: Rekka no Honoo

TV (42 eps)
3.183 out of 5 from 5,338 votes
Rank #2,406

Recca dreams of one day becoming an excellent ninja, but in this day and age ninjas are only talked about in history lessons. While playing his ninja games, he meets a mysterious woman that reveals to Recca his past, his bond with the powerful Hokage clan, and the special flame power that resides within him. Meanwhile, the evil Kurei has plans to gather the madougu from the Hokage clan so that he may take control over the elemental powers, but Recca is determined to master his flame and stop Kurei’s evil plans. Does he have what it takes to live up to his own expectations and put a stop to Kurei himself?

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BlackThorne's avatar by BlackThorne on Jan 12, 2013
Score: 4/10

Well, after my little personal crisis, when I stopped watching any new anime, because for some time I couldn't find anything as good and entertaining as what I already saw, I wanted to pick wisely. I wanted some action, some fighting which I like and so after few reviews I picked Flame of Recca. Shouldn't have done that... Remaining text may contain some minor spoilers, so if you don't want... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Jun 6, 2012
Score: 3.5/10

This is a show about a ninja boy who wants to become Hokage and uses special attacks based on elements and ninjutsu. Ring a bell?

Of course if you keep comparing them, this anime is by no means equal to Naruto. It lacks its variety and complexity, plus it was left incomplete. It never takes itself seriously in a way to create some actual tension. For example, the lead hero is from the...

read more

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