Fist of the North Star: The Movie

Alt title: Hokuto no Ken: The Movie


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All The Anime I Watched In 2017by bvincent

This list contains all the anime I finished in 2017, including rewatches.

Anime with overpowered (OP) charactersby sothis

Overpowered characters easily rise above the conflicts of their story. When competition is involved, they use their intelligence, fighting prowess or pure raw power to win with ease, always staying ten steps ahead. This is a list voted on by the...

Anime released by Discotek Media officially in Englishby bvincent

Still working on adding the details and a couple of newer announced titles.

Suggested Fist of the North Star Anime Viewing Orderby chii

This is for the chronological order. If you want to you can always watch by air date as well.

Great things to start with!by JadedDragos

Anime that you should probably start watching.

Anime Movies & Short OVA I'd Recommend to a Non-Anime Fanby Choy

Stuff I'd recommend to a non-anime fan to expand his anime knowledge.