First Squad: The Moment Of Truth

Username Status Eps Rating
AlexBERKUT Dropped 1  
bluepalm Dropped    
BlumRO Dropped 1  
codemaster501 Dropped    
dj8900 Dropped    
dootsy Dropped    
dvdtrnbghjr Dropped    
Epex Dropped    
fiddler Dropped    
gedrue Dropped 1  
inoue86 Dropped    
james2007 Dropped    
Jardin Dropped 1  
jefferson25 Dropped 1  
Kimchii Dropped 1  
koager Dropped    
kosmos367 Dropped    
Malisa90 Dropped    
maniqka246 Dropped    
MotionMenace Dropped 1  
nes Dropped    
notacleverpony Dropped    
r2kordmaa Dropped 1  
Ryzhik Dropped    
severen1999 Dropped    
Singan Dropped    
Sosseres Dropped    
Strudlif Dropped    
sub309 Dropped    
Wizard Dropped