Fire Tripper

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Maris the Chojo

Maris the Chojo

When the planet Thanatos was destroyed, a young Maris was left with nowhere to go. Possessing strength six times that of a normal human made it difficult living on any other planet. She broke things everywhere she went and when the repair bills added up, Maris found herself in deep debt. Professional wrestling wasn't enough to keep the debts at bay so she took up work with the Space Patrol's Special Police! A call from her boss gives news that she hopes will change her life forever --she is being sent on a mission to save the kidnapped son of a wealthy politician. Her plan is to rescue the boy, but her motive is to steal his heart and gain his fortune in the process!

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soundchazer soundchazer says...

Both were short stories by Rumiko Takahashi, made during her initial mangaka phase (Urusei Yatsura to Maison Ikkoku). Maris is more lighthearted though.