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Prince Mars doesn’t act like a typical heir of Aritia; he spends his time with the like-minded Princess Sheida of Talus, wasting away the days on childish pursuits. However, the young prince can never forget the sacrifice made for him by his beloved sister and a flame still burns in his heart for the homeland he has since been exiled from. Rallying his people, Mars steps forward to liberate the spirit of Akanea, the only one who can once again bring freedom to the nation. Unfortunately, this means taking on the might of the Durhua Empire and all that stands between the two lands...

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keero16's avatar by keero16 on Jun 18, 2011
Score 8/10

Fire Emblem has always been a favorite video game series of mine, and I enjoyed the OVA a lot. I understand that a lot of people are turned off by it only having two episodes, but... it's an OVA, not a series. The story is really only about Marth's (or Mars, in this dub) past, a precursor to the first Fire Emblem game for NES (now on the DS, also), while the rest tells a version of the beginning of the game. I... read more

triplestrike's avatar by triplestrike on May 18, 2011
Score 6/10

Lets start off with the biggest issue here, it's two episodes long, and is really the start of something that never was given a true opportunity, SO, we take the game Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and make a two-part anime series about it, which means you must cram all the introductions and endings of whats happening into two episodes, and because that can't be accomplished with something as colossal as Fire... read more



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