Final Approach



Raylord's avatar By Raylord on Oct 18, 2010

 I may be biased on how i give my scores as i enjoyed it quite alot but this is an intersting anime none the less.

However I find it really disappointing they made it into a comedy as it had quite a good background story. Arrageged marrigges may not have been the best topic as it is a tendre subject, but if they had made it more dramatic and had developed some of the charcters more e.g. Ryo Mizuhara, they may have made a much better anime but theey didn't so neh.

 Still i was disapionted by how the writers decided to ruin every single possible emotional moment with a comedic chibi scene i mean man comedy can have a bit of drama can't it.

However it was still a good anime all in all,and an enjoyable watch which doesn't take too long as each episode is short and quite entertianing but if you're looking for a serios romance stay away as this is an anime for just a bit of fun.

6.5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
roriconfan's avatar By roriconfan on Jun 2, 2012

Final Approach is a slapstick comedy with little regard for developing its premise or cast. Plus each episode lasts half as normal to further make the character harder to develop or open up enough for you to like.

The story could make a fine hentai feature if it didn’t have a wimp harem lead. I mean, you are a teenager and out of nowhere a cute girl jumps on you and demands to be your obedient wife. Plus, it is your duty to your country to accept her because you are helping to defeat the problem of decreased childbirth this way. Plus, you can’t even say no because the freaking Men In Black threaten you to comply with a gun pointing your head. So ok, do you country a favor, save your life, and have fun like the teenager you are by having sex all day and all night with this gorgeous chick. Hell man, she fell on your lap; others pay thousands of euro just for a chance to bed a pretty chick and you got it effortless and free. Go for it! And while you are at it, impregnate your tomboy friend, your sister and their lesbian stalker. It is not bad; you are fighting to save the nation here XD.

Anyways, as funny as the premise sounds you don’t see anything past that. It is otherwise just plotless and aimless slapstick humor; not even successful half the time. The short episodes don’t allow any real drama to unfold and the humor is pretty standard stuff, based on chibi-mode to make it even funnier.

Said chibi-mode is overused in a cheap attempt at making the jokes look better and to save some budget. Not that the budget was high to begin with… The BGM and OST are completely average piece you are going to get bored of and forget pretty fast. As you will most likely do with the characters, for being stereotypes that don’t develop at all and are found in a similar fashion in most harem shows. The only thing that worthy to remember is actually the far-fetched premise of the story… which is left just as a premise.

Anyways, I am just stalling time here to make this text appear long; this anime has nothing worthy to check if you happen to have watched a couple of famous harems like Love Hina or Ah My Goddess. It hardly has any purpose of existing as all its elements are barely covering the minimum of an enjoyable harem show… and definitely don’t cover anything for a possible hentai one. Play the game version for that.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall