Final Approach

TV (13 eps x 12 min)
2.963 of 5 from 4,070 votes
Rank #3,797

In present-day Japan, a rising decline in the birth rate has prompted the government to intervene, thus forming the R.T.P. committee whose goal is to promote arranged marriages. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, however, a test run was deemed mandatory, and young Ryo Mizuhara (chosen by the world's best supercomputer) was selected as the test subject, much to his own dismay. With the megalomaniac Shizuka Masuda appointed as his fiancee and secret agents in his face at every turn, can Ryo manage to save his sanity, let alone his bachelor lifestyle of the past?

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mahius Sep 29, 2014
Score 3.5/10

First off, I am very upset that this anime has been incorrectly tagged as seinen. The nature of the Final Approach anime does not justify such a tag, while it does touch on subjects like privacy, arranged marriage and political marriage. From first impresssions, it seems to be a run-of-the-mill ecchi harem anime. Once again, those are my least favourite genres. I will do my best to give this a proper review as... read more

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roriconfan Jun 2, 2012
Score 3/10

Final Approach is a slapstick comedy with little regard for developing its premise or cast. Plus each episode lasts half as normal to further make the character harder to develop or open up enough for you to like.

The story could make a fine hentai feature if it didn’t have a wimp harem lead. I mean, you are a teenager and out of nowhere a cute girl jumps on you and demands to be your obedient... read more



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