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The Holy Grail War is a battle between seven magicians who each summon a mythical hero to fight for their cause. Shirou, a twice orphaned high school boy, had so little magical talent that his foster father did not bother teaching him about the war and its meaning. Thanks to that lack of foresight, Shirou finds himself in a bit of a pinch when he accidentally summons a hero of the strongest class, and is sucked into the fray. The Grail grants the winner any wish they have. But driven by an unyielding sense of justice and self-sacrifice, for what will Shirou fight?

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Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Jan 18, 2008
Score: 5/10

Of my many problems with Fate/Stay Night, none irks me more than the fact it boiled down to be only superficially coherent.  Yes, there is a loose central theme that drives the series; yes, the series does progress in a fairly linear fashion; ultimately, however, none of it makes much sense.  While the series had a given premise and a pre-determined end, the actual content turned out to... read more

newbornFL's avatar by newbornFL on Aug 7, 2014
Score: 6.5/10

I had the pleasure of starting with fate/zero,one of the greatest anime series ever,it had a such great feeling from watching it,then i see this ...i know that this is the original,but i've had such a bittersweet sense to it,i couldn't stand it ,i hated it,i wanted it to just be over. The anime itself it's good,but it's not living to my expectations after watching fate/zero,i have been warned that this would... read more

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