Fate/stay night


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Scott's Completely Arbitrary Favorite Anime Listby scottmelot

This is a Top 50 list. However, the order I assure you is arbitrary as I have a hard time choosing favorites. The top five is pretty set. This used to be a top 40 but I actually have enough new favorites to expand to 50 as of January 2014. The...

My List <3by crymaua

psh, i just do not feel like making a description >:U nah, its my top 25 I think, likely to change though :p no particular order, and if there is one on here with sequels it counts them to.... so its more than 25... anyways I'm rambling now...

Mis 5 animes favoritos *^*by DarkyThPr4h

Las 2ªs temps no cuentan x3