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Custom Lists

You Need A New Anime?by Modew

A list for the ones who need a new anime.

Anime Memoriesby Moonhawk

The list contains titles I really enjoyed. If you look for some nice anime I would recommend, you will certainly find it here. Contains only shows, otherwise it would be totally swarmed with Ghibli movies.

My favourite top 10 :3by aeriass

All my favourite licenses animes in one top!

"Anime Watching Challenge 2016"by Jassinn2K15

A List of Must Watch Anime's in 2016. Contains anime from all genres to give a taste of the various flavors of anime.

2016 Anime Listby CookieGirl

Anime I plan on watching in 2016.

Strong femalesby beator

Anime containing strong female leads (or just strong female characters)

Favourite showsby Jaina1

Animes I really liked personally, not the best in the world)))

Scarlet Rain`s 2016 ANIME CHALLENGE COPYby SaintReaper0158

This list will track my progress in Scarlet Rain's 2016 Anime Challenge (I'll delete them as I watch them)

Anime's with Badass MC'sby Legofan2676

A list of anime's I've watched with badass MC's. Will update as I watch more, all listed are in no particular order of how badass their main character is. Also, for Anime's with multiple seasons, only the original will be put to avoid redundancy.