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Anime Remakesby RyuToken

Anime series that have been remade for the new generation.

Definitely watch againby Texasluke1

anime that i've seen that are so good I will definitely watch them again.

Fromagio Frank's list to check out with descriptions.by smithdaddie

Here's too you old pal, the descriptions won't give anything away I hope, and the ratings are how I think you'll like them. For everyone else that means probs dark, comedy, intelligent types of anime. ( And feel free to recammend anything else...

Survival-game / Survival-game likeby Aishie

From most to least survival game like.

Inspirations (anime only)by MannaKana

Series that have impacted my art and interests in some way. (Listed in alphabetical order)

All Animes Watchedby Jimmyaksmo96

Commentaries will come later on..