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Fate/stay night

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The Holy Grail War is a battle between seven magicians who each summon a mythical hero to fight for their cause. Shirou, a twice orphaned high school boy, had so little magical talent that his foster father did not bother teaching him about the war and its meaning. Thanks to that lack of foresight, Shirou finds himself in a bit of a pinch when he accidentally summons a hero of the strongest class, and is sucked into the fray. The Grail grants the winner any wish they have. But driven by an unyielding sense of justice and self-sacrifice, for what will Shirou fight?

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Name Role
Megumi ISHIHARA Character Design
Yuji YAMAGUCHI Director
Kenji KAWAI Music
Mitsutoshi OGURA Producer
Tetsuo GENSHO Producer
Takayuki MATSUNAGA Producer

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Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana

Sakai Yuuji thought he was a normal high school student, until one fateful day when time stopped. Watching in horror, he witnesses a monster devouring the "frozen" people around him; but luckily for Yuuji, he is saved by a sword-wielding red-headed girl that calls herself a "Flame Haze". The girl informs him that he has been dead for some time now and that his current self is merely a replacement for the human that he used be while alive. He is, she says, merely a torch whose life will come to an end when the blue flame in his chest ceases to burn. After this rude awakening, Yuuji realizes that he is able to see the flames of life in other "torches"; and after discovering that a friend of his is also a torch -- and her life is burning out faster than his – he gains the courage to live out the rest of his life with meaning. Will Yuuji be able to find his place in the world before he ceases to exist?

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Both FSN and Shana involve a woman with swords. No, but really, if you enjoyed the various abilities of the characters that appear during this show then the various fights in Shakugan no Shana will also catch your attention. The main characters in both also develop bonds that appear fully by the end of the show giving the women more strength then they had before.


Both Shana and FSN came out at the same time. They involve a similar set of characters with similar roles. Although the story is fairly different, both have a similar setting and semi-dark feel lightened throughout various comedic scenes. Both of these series share a lot of underlying thematic elements as well. If you liked one, try out the other.


Both Fate Stay Night and Shakugan no Shana are action-packed with similar elements. They both have a male/female character combo that works together to overcome many obstacles.


Shakugan no Shana and Fate/Stay Night are one of those pairs of anime that could be said to be siblings - they aired around the same period of time, and have quite a bit in common. Both are based around a relatively normal guy finding himself suddenly bound to an adept swordswoman, and supports her in defeating the various enemies that appear, whilst a romantic relationship between the two slowly forms. Both Shirou and Yuuji have some minor innate ability that they try to hone throughout the series to make themselves useful. The plots are also both told in a story arc format, and both anime are strong in the visual and audio departments. Suffice to say, if you liked one of these anime, watching the other is a natural step.


In both Fate/stay night and Shana there's a guy who needs the protection of a girl, or he gets himself killed by the bad guys. And when the story continues the characters start to like each other more and more. In both series there's great fight scenes and many emotional scenes that make you want to cry.


Leaning a little on the romantic side, both of these anime feature magical fights in modern times. Both Shana and Saber (Fate/S N) possess special swords that give them tremendous power, and unwilling boys find themselves warped into an ongoing war for survival. Shana has mild humour at times, and Fate is a little bit more violent in nature, but they really go well together.


From magicians to Flame hazes, both of the main characters in Fate/stay night and Shana end up falling in love with their helpers. So basically if you like romance, action, and comedy mashed up together in one great anime, these are the next series you should watch.


Fate/stay night and Shana are two must-see anime. The story and characters are amazing; if you like a real story with real mythology (and a twist), then these series are for you. They both have the same great fighting scenes as well. Just watch them, they are great. ;)


Shakugan no Shana and Fate/Stay Night both have interesting fighting scenes and a great storyline about a kid who realizes he has some sort of power, and meets up with other people who have some sort of power too. If you enjoyed Fate/Stay Night, You'll love Shakugan no Shana!


Both series revolve around a school setting and the main characters share a similar romance story. Both male characters are thrown into situations that change their lives and as the face their destinies, they discover their feelings towards the female heroes.

Of course if you liked one you will definitely like the other!

Happy viewing!


You'll really like Shakugan no Shana (as well as Shakugan no Shana Second) if you've liked Fate/Stay night, as Shakugan no Shana has similar characters. The female heroes are both heartless, until they meet a guy, who slowly changes them.

Also, both anime have great stories, which will catch your attention almost immediately.


In both series you can see rather weak guy, who suddenly meet girl stronger than him. Both series are action packed, have a great fable. If you loved one, you'd surely be in love with other.


Both series are smiliar in the way that there is 2 persons that would exchange theiere life for the others, they both have intensive feelings, action and a story that is completly amazing, If you liked one, you'd surly like the other.


While watching this anime, I didn't really think there was that much of a similarity between these two, until I was done that is.

Besides the same "girl-swinging-around-a-sword" similarity, the story itself revolves around the same idea. There's the "unbreakable" bonds formed between the two characters, the "clueless" male protaganist and the "whole world is doomed" fate.

Even though their plots deal with different ordeals (one is about the Holy Grail, while one is about Torches and the dead), both the anime explain the value of life and how great life is, as it is.


these animes are very simular in the fact that they all have a normal human boy being engaged unexspectantly with anouther world. They all have action, and some romance. The main charicter(guy is always week but strong willed and wants to help, and protect the girl that is actualy protecting him. In all of these animes the girl thinks nothing of the boy but slowly finds them selfes wanting to protect the ordanary boy, and faling emotionaly atached to them.if you liked one of these animes you should like the others

sorry about my spelling


Well, both series are about guys whose life changed drasticlly after meeting some crazy assed chicks. They both have hidden powers quite week on the first glance but as the shows progress they become quite usefull. Both series have also a bit of romance that makes them even more enjoyable to watch.


Fate/stay night and Shakugan no Shana are both violent (although not gory) supernatural fighting shows. They share the same sort of relationship between their main characters as well: a strong sword-wielding woman with her share of superpowers and a weak, relatively normal boy who is constantly trying to improve in order to help and protect said woman. If you enjoyed one of these, give the other one a shot.


Both of these series have a rather similar back story: a rather naive boy gets dragged into a new world by a very strong female that protects him until, slowly, he can learn to fight to help her too. A romance evolves, old enemies and old friends appear on both sides, enemies become friends, etc. If you enjoyed the action or the evolving romance in one show you will likely enjoy the other.


Fate/Stay Night and Shakugan no Shana both share several common elements. For example, both series take precautions to hide their battles from the general public; in Fate/stay, rules are set so that battles can only be conducted at night and where no one else in around, and in Shakugan no Shana, a spell is used to freeze time in the area a battle occurs.

Additionally, both series' combatants fight in pairs. In Fate/Stay Night, each "Master" is paired with a "Servant" for battle, like the master Rin is paired with the servant Archer in the first episode. In Shakugan no Shana, each combatant is paired with a guardian; for example, Shana is paired with the guardian spirit of fire, Alastor.

Because of the common elements, if you like one series then I think there is a good chance you would enjoy the other :)


Both series feature a boy who gets dragged into this supernatural world that they weren't part of before and a female lead who for the most part protect that boy and eventually he comes to be able to help the female lead out.  In both as time progresses a romance begins to grow between the male and female leads.  Also both series feature a nice audio and visual production making both series a joy to watch and listen to and on a side note in each series the lead female swings around a sword.


Both have the same general plot where the main male character is saved by a swords-woman and the two of them end up fighting on the same side, with the boy trying his best to be useful in a situation where he doesn't have much experience.

Both are action anime that mix swordplay and magic, along with some romance elements.

If you like one you should check out the other.

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In times of olde, humans live in constant fear of demons known as yoma. These vicious creatures can take the appearance and memories of humans they have devoured, thus blending into society as they freely feast on human flesh. The key to stopping the yoma lies with the tolerated yet feared Claymores - women who are half-demon, half-human, and fully fated to become the demons that they hunt. Meanwhile, in a village, the young Raki has been banished; his only crime was losing his family to the yoma. Raki is drawn to a Claymore named Clare, and together their journey begins. While Clare fights the yoma plaguing the land, can Raki help her in her struggle to retain her humanity?

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FSN and Claymore are rather different in storyline, settings, and characterization, but they both have some great action with women with big swords. Beyond that I'd just have to say this is the way I feel: if you liked one, you'd like the other.


Fate/stay night and Claymore have a different atmosphere, but the characters are kind of similar. In each anime, a powerful female protagonist is stuck with a weak guy. Clare (Claymore) and Saber (Fate/stay night) are very much alike; they both swing two-handed swords, are determined in battle to do what needs to be done, and don't show much emotion. The guys, Raki (Claymore) and Shiro (Fate/stay night), are similar as well; they want to protect the women even though they can't, they try to get to know the women better, and try to prove to themselves and others that the women aren't as heartless as they act. Both anime contain a nice mix of action and drama, as well.


Both FSN and Claymore have a male and female duo as the main characters. Shirou and Raki have the same backbones - they want to help their women fight, even if they are weaker than them. If you liked Fate/stay night, you'd also like Claymore (or vice versa).


Clamore and Fate/stay both have the lead characters setup as a strong girl with a massive sword and a weak guy which wants to become stronger to protect her.claymore i would say is more gritty with more gore and a higher kill count, and fate/stay has a beautiful newer animation style.Although quite different in plot if you loved one you i think will love the other.


Claymore and Fight Stay Night both involve a great deal of action and magnificent fighting scenes. The female characters, Saber in Fate Stay Night and Claire in Claymore have similar personalities in their actions towards fighting. They also express the same thoughts concerning their male companions.


Both series are based heavily on amazing action scenes with a deep story behind them. Over the course of each series the characters are made to question their reasons for fighting and forced to find a new direction in life.


these animes are very simular in the fact that they all have a normal human boy being engaged unexspectantly with anouther world. They all have action, and some romance. The main charicter(guy is always week but strong willed and wants to help, and protect the girl that is actualy protecting him. In all of these animes the girl thinks nothing of the boy but slowly finds them selfes wanting to protect the ordanary boy, and faling emotionaly atached to them. if you liked one of these animes you should like the others


Claymore is a brilliant anime and is great for all types of anime lovers, however if you loved Fate/stay night then this one is deffinately for you

like Fate/stay night, Claymore has an incredible in depth plot line, with every character being linked to another in some way or another as does Fate/stay night.

Also Claymore has the action quality of Fate/stay night as well as the amazing quality of artwork and graphics that is boasted in Fate/stay night, but most importantly I think is that like Fate/stay night there is a highly interesting chemistry between main characters and sub characters alike wether it be love or hatred, peace or war both of these anime share a lot of similarities yet both have their own unique qualities.


Both of these series follow female warriors and their male companions. They both have this extremely bad-ass feel while showing that they both have a sensitive side. These two anime are very similar in this aspect, but totally different in every other. Give them both a try.

Both FSN and Claymore are dark fantasy dealing with unknown powers and potentially deadly adversaries. The bonds between the main characters are unusual in that while the men of these stories are not visibly strong their character more than makes up for any apparent shortcomings. In both cases there is a purity of intent in even the most basic of human desires. I felt that both of these stories belong in my collection

So we have similar main character duo in both Claymore and Fate/Stay Night, the weak guy and strong girl. Then we have their slowly developing relationship. Did I mention that both shows have plenty of action, fights and gore. If you sum that up, you get two similar shows and there is a big chance that you will like one if you enjoyed the other.


Both are fantasy, and both are about fighting pretty women :> If you liked this anime, u just have to see the other one as well :)


Big swords, Big ego females and monsters. Need me to tell more to get you interested?

Eventhough in this war they are not fighting over for the Holy Grail. They will fight for the people, also they have paid a large price for that power which is needed to fight these monsters.

Hopefully I got your interested in this. It has also a very good plot that is much better than your average anime series plot.


Both these anime are interesting in the fact that the lead female kicks so much ass and has a cold heart to almost everything except the main male eventually. But the main male will drive you nuts and you WILL want to murder him. Super similar characters with totally different plots. If you liked one check out the other.


Both animes have similar character development and have a girl with a sword (that also looks similar).(personally i prefer claymore out of these animes)although fate stay night was too enjoyable.another similarity is that both animes have a dark atmosphere, this is only at some points with fate/stay, but claymore the darkness is throughout all the anime. 


Like badass women who wield big swords? Then you will love Fate/stay night and Claymore, both shows feature epic battles and fast paced fantasy action.

Although they have very different settings both shows feature seemingly cold hearted women warriors that have dedicated their lives to battle. However as each series progresses the females' softer side is brought out through their relationship with someone they are protecting.

One warning though, Claymore is much gorier than Fate/stay night.


Both have female warriors as main characters, but Claymore's setting is much more dark and...lethal.

Likewise, both male lead's are driven by "I must protect you! (even though you're a trained killing machine, armored and armed to the teeth)" mindset, which can provide some character development.

If you enjoyed one, you will surely enjoy the other.


The three things that draw these series together are their characters (and their development), the action, and the mysterious organization pulling strings. Both of these series revolve around a strong female lead that fights with everything she has, even to the point of it killing (or transforming) her. Also, the females follow a similar development, having no show of emotions to start, but slowly given them. Also, the male leads have have a similar mentality of "I fight to protects other, but I don't like violence in general." Also, each of these stories revolve around a lot of violence. Finally, there is a large, mysterious organization pulling strings behind each of the stories.


Both Fate/Stay Night and Claymore's main characters are a woman who fights with a big sword and a weak guy who tries to be strong in order to protect the woman.The bot guys' parents are dead and the both women have saved the guy's life.They both have some really good action scenes and a little of romance.

But, Claymore is a bit creepier than Fate/Stay Night.

watch it online now!



Guided by a star only they can see, a group of maidens known as HiMEs have begun to gather at Fuuka Academy. These young women have been endowed with dangerous supernatural powers that they can use to their heart's content, but there's a price: to wield them, they must put their most important thing on the line. Now, in the midst of school work and friendships, they find themselves caught in the midst of strange conspiracies seemingly related to the terrifying monsters that attack them. Is the power of the HiMEs strong enough to save themselves and the ones they love?

my list:

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My-HiMe and Fate/Stay Night involve a "worldwide" battle between everyone, and the importance of a companion. Both have excellent animation and a small amount of humour. There is quite a lot of drama in both series, and they're both heavy in the action-battles. I think you'll enjoy one if you liked the other. My-HiMe uses mechs, and there's slight fanservice for you folks.


Perhaps its the connection between the male and female characters or the underlying dark premise that makes me link these. It may also be the darker progression through the series towards the ending. I'm not exactly sure, but I feel these definitely belong together.


Both series have their lighthearted moments where a fun story and a possible romance are hinted at. As the story progresses though its events (some good action scenes as well here), it quickly becomes obvious both Mai-HiMe and Fate/Stay Night are much darker and dramatic than they first appear to be.


Both My-Hime and Fate/stay night are very dramatic anime and they have a similar story: people are fighting alongside their guardians. These anime have little comedy (though I thought the comedy sucked in both series), but you don't need comedy when you have very dramatic and action-packed scenes. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that both have plenty of romantic scenes as well. I also loved the music in both.


I think that My-Hime and Fate/stay night have very similar points. Both are based on a relationship between a human and a supernatural character (Hime-Child/Master-Servant). In both of the anime, a same class of characters is fighting one against the other (Hime against Hime, Master against Master). You have the same kind of suspense in both anime (i.e. you try to guess who is a Hime/Master and who is his/her Child/Servant.) Both anime include strong sentimental relations between characters with a high importance in the achievement of the story, and the music is based on a similar rhythm and melody.

The difference is the aim of the battle between the characters: in My-Hime they have to save the world and in Fate/stay night they have to obtain the Holy Graal.

To sum it up, if you change Hime into Master, Child into Servant and saving the world from an asteroid into obtaining the Holy Graal, you can change My-Hime into Fate/stay night and vice-versa.


It's really hard to find an anime that has a story like Fate/Stay Night, but My-Hime is another anime that holds a great story and characters.

You will find many common aspects as episodes keep on going and, though Fate/Stay Night was a more complex love story, it's also about fighting for what you believe in (in this case what the characters believe in.) Both of them are amazing anime. =P


Fate Stay Night and My-Hime are quite similar in the general theme they posses. Both are quite dramatic in plot line, with a dark premise of people fighting each other with their own guardians. The storyline does differ in what they what to obtain, My-Hime is to save the world whereas Fate Stay Night is to obtain the Holy Grail and be able to make a wish.


The similarities between these two amime are many.

Teenagers find out they have magical powers, summon supernatural being, then they are dragged to a fight with each other and also save the world while they are at it! Plus some comedy and romance!

If you liked one you will like the other.


Both series are quite dramatic with a love story and more or less heroic battles which decide over the future of mankind! Romantic comedy, heroic battles, love, war, save the world, all inside! If you think you've seen all, you missed this series!


One of the things that is certainly lacking in the world of anime is a strong female cast. Both Fate/Stay and Mai Hime break the mould and portray the fairer sex in the forefront of battle.

Both shows have an excellent storyline, based around magic and the fight of good against evil and also allow plenty of time for some impressive character development.

Highly gripping shows that will both appeal to a wide audience.


Well both the stories has this female and male lead and they female are always doing the fighting and that there is something that they want to protect and both this anime they used Norse Mythlogy which i find it rather cool.


FSN (Fate Stay night) and My-Hime are almost the same. They both have this unique atmosphere around them that wraps watcher around themselves. They simply wants you to watch them both.

In FSN You are trown in story that follows this young guys (Emiya) strugle as a "Magus" in the war of Holy grail. Story Holds many mysteries and very deep character plots and a very unique way to bring "Legends" up in life (You know what i mean when you have watched the serie.)

Fate stay night deserves to be in my top 2 anime of alltime. It just is so good serie.

In My-Hime you jump in to story that follows this beaty (Mai) that enrolls to shcool with full of "special" female students that have the power to summon powerfull "monsters" and weapons to aid them. These students are called the Hime.

Unique story twisting and sexy characters make this series absolutely amasing. This story holds so many cool twist of plots that you cant resist. You just have to see more of these girls. (It has devoured me in to its charm).

My-hime is the number 1 anime of alltime in my list. My personal favorite and  the sametime my obsession (^.^)


Both anime's involve the school scenario, where students from the school have to battle. the battle reasons, and the scenario are different, but the idea remains constant.

Through the battles, certain facts are revealed in both anime's which shed light to the purpose of the battles in the first place. Along with a side story of things that are occuring with the students themselves, those who were impressed with this series will surely be impressed with the other


Both of these shows are centered largely around a very strong woman thrust into a large scale battle for a mythical object. A similar necessity to eliminate all the competition is there, there is a lot of action and a love story underlying each of these as well.


Both Fate/Stay Night and My-HiME start off a little slow; in the first part of both series, time is spent introducing and developing the characters before the anime starts to get serious.

Then, both series suddenly get serious and the characters are launched into a series of fated battles that they cannot avoid; in both series, the battles are hidden from those who are not directly involved.

Both series also have tragic events and an unexpected ending, and they are both filled with high quality artwork, great special effects, and awesome music. If you liked one series, I think there is a good chance you will enjoy the other.


Both Fate/stay night and My-Hime feature females with superpowers fighting to protect someone special to them. Both shows feature lots of action filled battles.

However beyond the battles both shows focus on the evolving relationships between their characters and there is even some romance.


Combat against different character, character development is heavy in both, both protagonists grow throughout the series. There is a reliance on inner power/strength, and companionship between character teams. Both have a drama-centered stories, and a hint of romance in both which increases the drama rating. Both overall are very good animes in watch.


Both Fate/Stay Night and My-HiME mix action and romance elements into plots filled with drama.

Both contain some strong character developments and are guided by the actions and morals of the cast; in battles where anyone can die, will they be able to hold onto the heroic ideals they had in the beginning?

Both series take darker turns towards the end of their runs, starting as more standard fantasy action series. So if you like one you should check out the other.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

With a past shrouded in mystery and a blank memory, Shiki Tohno seems to be just another "average high school student". That is, until he nearly kills a female vampire with his secret deadly ability to "see the lines". His journey to unlock the secrets of the Tohno family and unbury his own lost memories has only just begun, and now he must also help the woman, Arcueid Brunestud, find a lethal phantom named Roa, and kill it using his ability.

my list:

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Bohu Shingetsutan Tsukihime and Fate/stay night are created by the same studio Type Moon, and in fact they are quite similar - both include not-so-strong leading male character, and his companion - leading female character - is from a different world. Also the ending is similar to each other (no spoilers here :-). There are also differences - both series have totally different mood - FSN being more action packed than Tsukihime.

Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night are created by the same company.While they might have a different story, the atmosphere, buildup and characters are very reminiscent of each other. Adding some action and a solid story, these 2 anime differentiate themselves from other game-to-anime conversions. (Don't worry, the hentai from teh games has disappeared in teh anime if that's what might scare you off.)


Since I really like anime done by Studio TYPE-MOON, I had to make this recommendation.

Both Fate/stay Night and Tsukihime are originally visual novels, and they have some similar character elements. The men have talents that they can't fully use, and the women are really strong. Both anime have nice stories that follow the relationship between the characters as they face hardships, and have drama, action, supernatural and fantasy elements, and romance.


In both anime main character has to deal with unexpeted, supernatural facts thathe is forced to face. What's more, there is also tragic love story going between those who the most shouldn't fall for each other...


both of these series are centered on the battle in an all out war hidden from the naked eye, the characters struggle with modern ideas, relationships and battles to create a heartpounding adventure that will render the viewer speechless in the end. Both of these will are wonderful and if one is well recieved the other will be as well


Is it possible to lead a psuedo normal life when you have special powers? Two normal teenagers each with their own special gifts find out that it is possible until they meet a girl which flips their life around for a while.


These series both star an "average" guy with a hidden power and an ultra powerful non-human female. They are similar in that both stories unfold in a slow mysterious way and deal with supernatural elements. If you liked one of these, do give the other a try.


If you liked Fate/Stay Night, you would also like Shingestsutan Tsukihime, because not only are they both projects of TYPE MOON, but also because they both have similar settings and same general outline/twist of the plot. Both main characters obtain a special ability, which helps them ascend from being a weakling into one of the greatest anime characters created. Also, if you like the art style of Fate/Stay Night, you would also like the art style of Tsukihime.


The reason I'd like to recomend these two is becouse of the feeling you get from the animes. In my opinion I don't think they share that much but the feeling you'll get from watching them. They both share that dark story about the two persones, who meets and fall in love whit each others. But who can't be together due the fact of there past and the now.

What I like about these is the fact that you can almost feel what theay feel. At some points it almost got me to turn of the serie to take a brake from it. If you got the same feeling from seeing one of them I bet you'll get the same feeling from the other. If you just like the darker side of love I still recomend this one for you. Hope you'll like it

Busou Renkin

Busou Renkin

Some things in life are so bad that you'd like to pretend they're just a dream. Unfortunately for Kazuki, trying to save a strange girl from being brutally killed by monsters (and ending up dying instead) is an unfortunate reality. Out of pity, the girl replaces Kazuki's heart with an alchemy-based artifact known as Kakugane, so that he may live on. With this strange device, Kazuki gains the power of Busou Renkin -- Arms Alchemy; a power that will come in handy when monsters (and worse) begin to plague his town! Kazuki soon meets the girl from his “dream” (named Tokiko) in reality, and she tells Kazuki to get on with his life; but with his sister and friends in danger, that might not be possible. Besides, if Kazuki gives up the chance to show off just how manly he can be, how can he hope to win the heart of the alluring older-sister-like Tokiko?!

my list:

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Busou Renkin is essentially F/SN with some jokes thrown in, so unless you're allergic to slapstick, it should be worth your while.


Busou Renkin and Fate/stay Night differ in the overall setting and type of action, but both stories progress with the main character unknowingly being dragged into something they could have otherwise had nothing to do with. They both focus on the main character struggling to become stronger, to protect the people around them. Although Fate/stay Night is a bit more serious and Busou Renkin is mildly more entertaining, if you have seen one and enjoyed it I am positive your collection would be happy to have the other.


Fate/stay night and Busou Renkin are very alike; they feature sorcerers in fights to the death. They tell a story of a warrior girl and a boy who are accidentally drawn into a world of violence and combat. The anime explore their relationship and the sacrifices they have to make, and are well-paired in both similarities and differences, so as to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.


If you liked the action on Fate/Stay Night then i think youll like Busou renkin too. Busou Renkin has also a bit of romance in the end and it also gives good laughs.


Both of these animes involve the main protagonist meeting a mysterious girl, who is extremely strong and yet they both risk their lives to save the girl. This begins the bond that they'd need to face the upcoming battles as they both battle side by side to protect the world. It's also worth noting that the main protagonist starts essentially weak and becomes stronger as the show progresses.


Well, these two anime's are similar in the fact that both have supernatural powers... fate/stay night has a more magickal background story, and is somewhat of a game, however they both have plot driven battles that progress the story. It is likely that if you liked one, you will like the other.


Both main characters get dragged into wars by their own means without fully knowing what they've put themselves into however they raise to the challenge and start fighting for what they believe in. Both contain mild comedy and amazing characters


In both Busou Renkin and Fate/stay Night, the protagonist is thrown into a world that they did not know of filled with danger, anxiety, and plenty of action. Not only that, they feature a similar magical atmosphere and the ability to use 'special powers'. Busou Renkin features more comedy and some romance however, as opposed to F/SN and it's action; but if you liked one, take a look at the other!

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