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During a much needed vacation in England, American cops Dee Laytner and Randy McClane find out that danger has found them yet again. Their hotel, it seems, is under investigation for a series of murders which cannot be solved, perplexing local authorities and visitors alike. Now, Dee's clever plans to take Randy's virginity must be stalled in lieu of the investigation, since hesitation might cost both of them their lives!

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Fake 1994 TBD
Name Role
Nagisa MIYAZAKI Character Design
Iku SUZUKI Director
Katsuo ONO Music
Sanami MATOH Original Manga Creator

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Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon

Subaru Sumeragi is a descendant of an ancient clan who wields immense powers of the yin-yang. Because of his supernatural abilities, he doubles as an investigator for paranormal crimes and situations in Tokyo. With his twin sister Hokuto and comrade Seishirou Sakarazuka at his side, Subaru soon becomes involved in two cases which may cost him his life!

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Both Fake and Tokyo Babylon center around detectives. Unfortunately, Tokyo Babylon's 2 OVA episodes don't make much sense without knowing the characters, while Fake's movie is much more newb-friendly. Both are also (to different extents) centered on homosexual relationships, implied or stated.