Fafner in the Azure - Right of Left

Alt title: Soukyuu no Fafner - Right of Left

TV Special (1 ep x 55 min)
3.664 of 5 from 1,129 votes
Rank #1,781

Mankind is close to being wiped out from the face of the earth from a being known as Festum. Tatsumiyajima Island is a calm place where children can live their lives at peace, but the inhabitants must now move into combat to keep the citizens safe from the Festum assimilating them. Kyo and Yumi are average students who have signed up for Plan L: an operation to fight for their island using the new Fafner TSX model. Together, the 8 pilots and 4 Fafners will fight to preserve both the peace of their island, and their faith that one day, they will make it home… alive.

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