Expelled From Paradise

Movie (1 ep x 104 min)
4.213 out of 5 from 559 votes
Rank #409
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The story takes place in the future when humanity's new paradise, the cyber universe "DEVA's" mainframe is hacked by a mysterious hacker from Earth. DEVA's high officials dispatched Angela Balzac, a DEVA system security officer, down to the Earth's surface to investigate the situations srrounding this mysterious hacker. What are the hacker's motives? Angela descends on to the devestated surface riding her exoskeletal powered suit Arhan.

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quacker's avatar by quacker on Jan 17, 2015
Score: 5/10


Expelled From Paradise is okay overall. The story is premised around a cyberworld in which most humans are digital personalities living in a cyberworld called DEVA housed in a space station (the "paradise" from the title). The majority of the movie is spent digging shallowly at what it means to be human, and the rest is action scenes. On the whole, the story is a bit unfocused and... read more

teamblank's avatar by teamblank on Dec 31, 2014
Score: 9/10

It was very well done but if your going to watch this go into it with an open mind. I will admit that for about the first 20 mins in the art style had me thrown off a bit felt a bit wonky being used to watching only partially cgi anime's but its definitely by far the most impressive full cgi anime ive watched and really enjoyed it. I will say that there isnt alot of story to it, its more of a jump right into it... read more



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