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Excel Saga

Alt titles: Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel Saga

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3.508 out of 5 from 10,429 votes
Rank #1,706


F City, F Prefecture: the battleground where good and evil have finally chosen to decide once and for all who will rule the world…or at least that's the general idea! Neither side seems up for the task, as surviving the brutality of everyday life is enough of a chore. On the side of evil is the organization of Across, its only member the loudmouthed and abrasive Excel who struggles just to put food in her stomach; on the side of good, three disenfranchised, unemployed bachelors whose only pursuit in life is romance. Add in alien invasions, jungle warfare, and Mexican immigrant laborers to Japan, and this war doesn't seem likely to be ending soon!


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Puni Puni Poemy OVA 2001 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Excel Saga 1997 TBD
Name Role
Satoshi ISHINO Character Design
Shinichi WATANABE Director
Toshio MASUDA Music
Koushi RIKUDOU Original Manga Creator
Shigeru KITAYAMA Producer
Yuji MATSUKURA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Excel Saga Sheex 7.5/10 Jul 13, 2007
Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel Saga Sheex 7.5/10 Jul 13, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel Saga Rbastid 9/10 Feb 2, 2014
Excel Saga Rbastid 9/10 Feb 2, 2014
Excel Saga angelsreviews 4/10 Jul 23, 2013
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Shows I Own BlueAlexander93 66 May 26, 2014
Short anime GiraffeOfSirius 63 May 11, 2014
Anime watched August 2012 InsnaeBlackGoldSaw 3 Apr 19, 2014
Sebaplo wants to watch Excel Saga
xyz72 stalled Excel Saga at 4 of 26 episodes
Minenorin watched Excel Saga at 26 of 26 episodes
Clockw0rkZen watched Excel Saga at 26 of 26 episodes
MoonXArtemis watched Excel Saga at 26 of 26 episodes

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Paniponi Dash!

Paniponi Dash!

She’s smart, talented, and the newest teacher at Momotsuki Academy; but she’s also… 11 years old?! Named Becky Miyamoto, this pint-sized MIT prodigy wants nothing more than to be a respectable educator, but all her students do is treat her like an adorable child! With space aliens, a class full of stereotypes (and one girl who is normal!), and a quick temper standing in her way, Becky will try her best to shape the eager young minds of tomorrow before she hits puberty!

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Paniponi Dash and Excel Saga are both extremely high octane comedy series, with tons of parodies. To be honest I found both to be a little much for me, but I can clearly see that fans of one would like the other.


PaniPoni Dash is much like Excel Saga in its fast paced sense of humor and "cracked out" characters... but I've found that I lovingly refer to this anime as "Azumanga Daioh on crack", or "Excel Saga" in the first stages of rehab.


Both are extreme over-the-top comedies with storylines only serving as another means to make jokes. They both have points where they threaten to stop making sense for the purposes of comedy. Characters breaking the 4th wall is not uncommon in either series.


Both of series have no real plot or storyline, they're just funny as hell. So, if you liked who you should like the other.


Both Excel Saga and Pani Poni Dash specialize in the absurd and crazy. Both shows make little sense, and thats what makes them great. If you like one, then you'll definately like the other.


Panidash and Excel are both great series for those who want high paced comedy bundled with tons of parodies and 4th wall breaking references. I'm pretty sure the viewer will enjoy both.

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Haré and his mother live peacefully in the jungle, until one day the boy is overtaken by a omnipotent shadow. Later, he awakens to find Guu, a strange girl with even stranger abilities - notably, the ability to switch from a cute, lovable Guu, to a menacing delinquent who eats everything. Now Haré must live with Guu, and lead a normal life, despite her oddities.


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Both of these series are completely random and weird, so they definately fit together. The characters are ALL very dramatic. And of course both of these series are extremely hillarious.

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu and Excel Saga share a whole lot of similarities. Starting by the fact that they're both full fledged comedies - no action, no drama, risk the word "serious" from your dictionary when watching these - only siliness in its purest state is available.

They both follow the adventures and misadventures of a couple of characters - Excel and Hyatt, Hale and Guu - with tons of secondary characters to spice it up, that range from plain normal characters, to special and silly characters and mascots.

If you are into seriously silly, nonsense stuff, you'll find a treat both in Excel Saga and Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. That's all you'll find in there.


If you thought Excel Saga was funny and random, you'll be rolling during every minute of Haré+Guu. This anime is filled with hilarious puns and senseless humor in the not-so-everyday life of Haré and new friend Guu.


Screwball comedies are a dying breed. Its hard to find good zany off-the-wall comedies nowadays.

Luckily, we have shows like Hare + Guu and Excel Saga. These shows deal with crazy situations, insane characters, and all manners of random comedy.

If you like that kind of comedy, I'm positive you'll enjoy these shows.


Both anime are completely hilarious, strange, and wacky. They'll have you laughing like crazy. I know I was at the very least! These 2 anime are 2 of my most favourite comedies. Excel Saga focuses a little more on the parody and hyper side of comedy where Hare+Guu is just pure strange awesome comedy but both will having you laughing for sure if you can stomach it! You should like one if you enjoyed the other!

Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate the Combat Butler!

When Hayate was young, Santa appeared in a dream and told him that if he worked hard, he’d be rewarded. Thus, with an unbreakable will, the unfortunate Hayate has struggled through life holding onto that belief. In the present, his parents are lazy and unemployed, forcing Hayate to work several jobs to pay the bills. As if things couldn’t get worse, Hayate’s parents then run away, leaving him with an enormous debt and loan sharks on his tail! Naturally, the best solution to find money fast is… to kidnap someone?! A girl named Nagi is the target, but due to an unfortunate miscommunication, she believes Hayate has proposed to her and falls for him hard. After Nagi paid off his debt, Hayate must now work as her butler in order to repay her; but first, he must adapt to her wacky world!

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Both series are running parodies of all that is anime.

Excel Saga lampoons a different subgenre per episode and is only loosely held together by an overarching plot. It is the more zany, chaotic, and self-referential of the two, and requires a deep saturation in a broad variety of anime to really get it.

Hayate no Gotoku stands more on its own feet, plot-wise, but it is thick with obvious and deliberate references to other notable anime, and it is full of the same wacky humor.

If you liked Excel Saga but thought it was a little too weird, try Hayate no Gotoku. If you liked Hayate no Gotoku and thought it was too tame - or want a denser version of the same thing, try Excel Saga.


Hayate no Gotoku, or Hayate the Combat Butler and Excel Saga work in very much the same way. Each episode vaguely parodies some aspect of anime, manga, or Japanese pop culture. While each is a bit of a parody, or satirical, there is an overarching storyline that can be broken up into two parts. The first is a broad introductory phase that leads you into the second which becomes more serialized than the episodic first half. Also the end of certain episodes in the second half of the series is a mini-sode that later ties up with the overall plot. All in all, if you enjoyed the story structure and genre one show, and didn't tire of Nabeshin, then other is another great series to watch.


Compared to Excel and Puni; Hayate is much more laid back and slow, they both share a love of making fun of manga and anime. The shows are filled with them and manage to add a few good laughs thoughout without getting too repetitve and annoying.


Both series are hilarious satires that throw their protagonists in all sorts of anime cliches, and poke fun at these cliches.


Both Hayate no Gotoku and Excel Saga contain similar whacky humor and are truly random comedies. While the style of the jokes is similar, jokes in HnG seam to be much better (and funnier) than jokes in ES. If you liked one of those shows you could check the other, but even if those shows are similar I can't guarantee that you'll like it.

P.S. Did I mentioned that they are both parodies?

Ninja Nonsense

Ninja Nonsense

When Kaede, a girl frustrated with her grades like any other teenager, finds a female Ninja attempting to steal her underwear, she didn't expect a friendship to be the result. And as the modern day world of ordinary high schooler Kaede collides with Ninja-in-training Shinobu, she soon comes to discover that the world of modern day Ninjas are filled with parties, picnics, and the training of the elder master Ninja yellow form changing glob: Onsokumaru!

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Just like 2x2 = Shinobuden, Excel Saga is a hyper show with total randomness.

If you're into hysterically weird anime, then my best bet would be Ninja Nonsense (2x2 = Shinobuden). With the funny main characters, incredibly random events, and weird but funny humor, you really can't go wrong with this series.


Ninja nonsense is basically if Excel saga was about ninjas, and if il palazo was a pervert, and if hyatt was normal. Otherwis, they are both crazy animes with hyper, attracive girls.


Ninja Nonsense and Excel Saga are both crazy parody series where the characters rush full speed ahead with their own slapdash brands of humor. If you enjoyed the comedic elements of one series, you will more than likely enjoy the other.


Both of these animes are for those who enjoy things a little more on the random side. with comeplete randomness in each episode of both shows, it will definetly keep you intrested. Andi if you liked one, you'll definetly like the other.

Dragon Half

Dragon Half

Meet Mink, the hyper fire-haired teenage daughter of the world's greatest dragon slayer... and dragon! With the blood of both human and dragon flowing through her veins, Mink’s life is anything but ordinary -- especially since she’s in love with Dick, a musical dragon slayer! With enemies at every turn (including the half human/half slime princess Vena), Mink must try her hardest to win the affection of a man who wants nothing more than to see her dead. Can she win the guy without losing her life?

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Both main characters are a little on the goofy and energetic side, and both series revel in poking wholes in the 'standard'--while Dragon Half focuses on Fantasy though, Excel focuses on anime and entire genres.
Ah, psychotic anime humor, where would I be without you? Maybe somewhere other than in this straightjacket typing an anime recommendation with my teeth. But aside from that, Excel Saga and Dragon Half are both hilarious examples of hyperactive anime comedy. They both share elements common to the genre including a fast pace, self-parody, parody of other anime genres and a healthy degree of randomness. Though Excel Sage tends to move at a faster pace and has a higher amount of randomness, those that appreciate the genre will most likely enjoy both titles.
The same spontaneous, hilarios, and bizarre sort of elements can be found in dragon half and excel saga. Whether you're looking for something fun to recover from the last couple volumes of berserk manga, or just value humor and fan service over plot and consistency, i strongly recommend both excel saga and dragon half.

About as crazy and senseless as Excel Saga, Dragon Half will have you laughing out loud while at the same time scratching you head in confusion.