Eve no Jikan Movie

Alt title: Time of Eve Movie

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Sep 19, 2010

This movie is just all the anime episodes stucked together, therefore it doesnt add much to the entire 'eve no jikan' thing.

 So if you have watched the anime, no need to watch this movie. If you havn't, the movie is better if you want the whole story in one pice.

The animation is very nice, with detailed backgrounds and fluid character movements.

I gave the story an 9 because after it was finished I was a bit in a 'we want more' mood, so no 10 here. The story is done so you realy feel along with the characters, which is good of course.

The characters got an 8 because some of them didnt develop as much as others.

Sound was very nice, credits were compared to the anime a bit worse, so hence the 9.

EDIT: Review edited after being called retarded. After I saw the entry about the movie I was very happy, "finaly, more eve no jikan!". So once I found out that it was exactly the same I was angry and wrote this review, I hope its a bit more 'normal' now.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jul 10, 2015

Eve no Jikan fue primero una serie de 6 Onas (ósea que fue un anime distribuido por internet), más tarde saldría una película que contendría una animación mejorada y escenas extras agregadas ya en la historia para expandirla aún más. Así que recomiendo ver la película en lugar de sus onas. Volviendo al lio la película es del género ciencia ficción ubicada en un Japón futurista donde ya los androides son reales y estos sirven a sus amos. En este mundo nos encontraremos con dos jóvenes colegiales Rikuo y Masaki, ambos descubren un café que suele ser visitado por los androides en este café ellos pueden comportarse de una manera más humana dejando de lado su realidad de máquinas. La trama básicamente se mueve en este café, en el descubrimiento de los androides como seres más allá de máquinas, la lucha moral del cómo deben ser estos considerados, lo cual por supuesto dará paso a grupos moralistas que abogan por mantenerse completamente distanciados de los androides y solo usarlos como una maquina más, diseñada únicamente para seguir órdenes.

Su trama quiere abordar temas de moralidad de que está bien y que está mal, pero no lo hace de una forma que sea empática, las relaciones de los protagonistas con los androides son muy superficiales y la historia de estos no son para nada reflexivas. Dicho estos la interacción de los personajes es amena, entretenida y por momentos tiene sus ratos de comedia, lo que la hace una película bastante disfrutable. Sus personajes son genéricos y tampoco sufren de un desarrollo en la trama, bastante deficiente en este aspecto.

 La película toma mucha inspiración en maestros de la ciencia ficción como lo es Asimov y sus reglas de la robótica, reglas por la cual cualquier robot deberá ser regida como así lo estipula Asimov, también encontramos referencias de “Blade Runner” la película de culto de Ridley Scott y su visión de las réplicas, maquinas que podían pasar como humanos por lo cual el humano debía ser muy cuidadoso (Este es un tema que también toca la película “Ex Machina” que recién vi jaja).

Su animación y arte es posiblemente su punto alto, el café esta estéticamente bien creado, con un diseño bastante minimalista y que se apoya en muchos momentos a la animación 3D, algo que emplean de muy buena manera e impregna realismo, y así en varias otras escenas (que tampoco es que nos ofrezcan muchos escenarios). Sus personajes están bien diseñados, que si bien estos no son muy detallados, son estéticamente llamativos. La música si y no, algunos temas son bastantes agradables y van bien con la temática futurística, sin embargo por momentos la música desaparece por completo.

Eve no jikan es una pelicula para pasar el rato, con una historia entretenida, en especial si se es fan de la tematica de "androides y su impacto en el mundo". pero que esta lejos de llegar a ser un film innolvidable o con capacidad de convertise en un favorito.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Dec 19, 2016

So this is an anime version of "I, Robot" essentially though perhaps with a greater focus on the slice of life angle and lacking the action oriented ending in the original story and movie versions.  The theme of "What if they become self aware?" or "Were more than mere machines" is prevelent in "I, Robot" as it is in this movie.  It is this subtle under the radar theme you see early on which gradually leads to the epic action ending and all the problems and solutions if you will there-in.  The story, like "I, Robot" seems to stem from one of the early developers and instigators of the mass use and acceptance of robots.  It is a rather telling and deep drama but it does not deliver a powerful enough grip equivalent to what is nominally expected in a movie.  It is more like a made for TV movie or just a really long television episode of some anime TV series.  There is nothing significant or profound about the movie.  It's lack of the "I, Robot" ending robs it of what would have made the story gripping enough to deserve a movie format.  Even if it were a TV series it also suffers since the story feels incomplete.  It is almost as if there is no ending.  There is nothing that demonstrates with any great satisfaction gratifying in an average movie or TV anime series.  Other than the future sci fi element, it is a bit too mundane, slice of life and ordinary to really feel deserving of a story.  It could have been however as it certainly had elements of a good story there but too much is left hanging and you will probably walk away feeling a bit unsatisfied.

The story itself is essentially "I, Robot" but the setting is somewhat changed to center around a cafe mostly rather than say a police station, an entire city, or the office and factory where the androids are manufactured as it was done for example in the Will Smith movie version of the "I, Robot" story.  "I, Robot" has been frequently used as a story baseline or major inspiration for many movies and a few TV series.  Westworld while fairly original itself and a good story does have some similiarities with "I, Robot" as seen in the danger and potential humanziation of artificial life.  "D.A.R.R.Y.L." is another example though the story pushes into the humanity and acceptance of what life is a bit more.  "Bicentennial Man" is another example that somewhat immitates "I, Robot" and mimics a similar pattern with how the story flows and the potential future offered by the Asimov story.  Several episodes of Outer Limits mirror the tale and other similar shows have put similarly themed episodes.  These are just a few examples of movies and TV that closely resemble the ideas behind the Asimov story.  It is paced fairly well for a drama and a TV movie but not so much for a movie made for cable or theater or direct to video.

Animation is exceptional and well above average.  The characters all looked good and well proportioned and realistic compared to most anime.  Expressions looked pretty good but the child character, Chie, looked a bit less realistic especially in her emotions than the other characters.  In some regards, androids had broader emotional expressions and more realistic ones than human characters which I find rather ironic, especially compared to the crew on that anti robot council.

Reflecting on the theme however, I felt something was missing to delve a bit deeper into how, what, or why it happened.  In "I, Robot" the last movie version made with Will Smith, you were treated to a fairly well reasoned cause behind it and more importantly the inventor of the modern robot/android in that movie himself was a lead contributor predicting the event and it's causality.  This movie however, was a bit murky on that part so in that respect it was not as good as the original and very similar story by Asimov.  While I may not be able to say for sure this was directly inspired by or even a more slice of life version of "I, Robot", after seeing it I can not help but ponder just how similar they are and the strong likelihood of major influence if not a direct but slightly modified adaption of the story itself.

I can not say much for sound given the nature, setting, and flow of the movie centered around a cafe and somewhat a school because there was just not much in the manner of range or differientiation among characters other mainly than voices and very sublte moderate muted background noises.  

Characters were developed slightly above average but not by a great deal.  Not as much attention was really paid to that as other aspects and most of the character development centered around about 5 characters.  The cafe owner, the two male students, and two girl androids.  The development centered mostly around the theme of the movie so it lacked a certain depth you might see in most stories, movies, and TV shows.  It is well worth watching though nonetheless but don't expect to be blown away by it either.

6.5/10 story
8.8/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.3/10 overall
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Apr 29, 2016

Well, i dont know if it was intentional that after you finish the movie you feel like you need (want?) more or if the story is incomplete.

I didnt get that into the story,  and the main character is really MEH !

Really forgettable movie because it is lacking something and should i be honest i dont really know WHAT is lacking, but it's my feeling

Even if there are some highlights , i dont know... i just didnt feel it.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Aug 20, 2015

I only watched the movie.. not the ONAs.

This is definitely a master piece... a wonderful production of artistic creativity!! It belongs among the top of the Anime list next to Akira and Ghost in a shell.  Just like those Anime, it has the power to convert new Anime fans.

watching through it.. I felt the meaning and feelings that I felt from Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams (R.I.P.)

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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