Escaflowne: The Movie

Alt titles: Vision of Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea, Vision of Escaflowne: The Movie

Movie (1 ep x 95 min)
3.46 of 5 from 8,437 votes
Rank #2,357

Hitomi wanted to just disappear from her life. The track club -- her best friend -- her parents -- she wanted it all to just...go away. While contemplating suicide, her wish is fulfilled by an unlikely savior: a man named Folken who brings her to his world, Gaea, to unlock the powers of the legendary Dragon, Escaflowne. But there are those who would stop at nothing to foil his plans, and chief among them is Van, the last warrior of a noble clan. Caught up in this epic struggle, Hitomi must find herself before she can find a way home.

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Pantha's avatar
Pantha Nov 3, 2007
Score 6/10

I've always had a certain aversion for series-based movies. It never fails that the movie would be a waste of time; more often than not, it's nothing more than an elongated version of any given episode of the series. The Escaflowne movie doesn't really fall into this trap. Oh, it's a waste of time, but because the series had no fillers, it would have been quite difficult to make... read more

Nchun27's avatar
Nchun27 Jun 28, 2015
Score 8/10

I'll admit I was a little confused at some parts of the film but overall I thought it was very beautiful. There were many different themes shown that made you think very deeply while watching the film. It was the kind of film that I believe you would have to be in a certain mood for. You wouldn't want to be looking for something cheerful or chock full of romance. It's the kind of film that makes you reflect on... read more

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