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Ergo Proxy

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In a futuristic world almost barren of life, mankind is confined to mechanized domed cities where A.I.’s control all aspects of life. In this world, humans are no longer born, they are manufactured in a production line; and alongside them live androids known as autoreivs. Within one of these domed sanctuaries named Romdeau lives Re-l Mayer, one of a few citizens who aren’t entirely prevented from thinking. Her grandfather's prominent position and the affection of the scientist Daedalus have left her more free will than is normally allowed, but Re-l has started to question the sanctity of the city and the citizens' perfect way of life. With mysterious beings known as proxies causing havoc and a man named Vincent causing great influence on her life, Re-l must travel outside of the city to find the answers she seeks and discover the mystery behind "the awakening".

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker 2006 TBD
Name Role
Naoyuki ONDA Character Design
Shukou MURASE Director
Yasuyuki UEDA Music

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Ergo Proxy sothis 4/10 Jul 6, 2007
Ergo Proxy vivafruit 4.5/10 Jul 2, 2007

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Ergo Proxy iSuckAtWriting 8/10 May 19, 2014
Ergo Proxy CoulterRail 8/10 Apr 3, 2014
Ergo Proxy absenz 9.5/10 Mar 19, 2014
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Favs AsDk 27 Jul 9, 2014
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  • Web (6 eps x 5 min)
  • 2003

BLAME! is a very dark and abstract set of 6 shorts which are based on the manga by Tsutomu Nihei. The "story" (if it can be called that) revolves around a man named Killy: a human living amongst clones and androids. His task, it seems, is to collect things known as "net-genes", and to help find the remaining humans that may or may not exist.

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Ergo Proxy and Blame! are dark and unusual sci-fi titles. Both take place in a post apocalyptic scenario set in the future. A brooding atmosphere serves as the backdrop for the interaction between humans and thinking machines, exploring the thin line between them. Borderline supernatural creatures appear in both as well as living beings employed as powering devices. It should be taken into account, however, that Ergo Proxy is mostly a narrative driven anime that occasionally dips into speculations of a more philosophical kind while Blame! has hardly any plot to speak of and is one of the strangest experiences that any medium has to offer.


It may be a little unfair to combine the two, but on the surface, both have a similar Cyber-punk element to them. Blame being a small collection of confusing short stories, and Ergo being a full series. Perhaps it's the artwork in both of the series that really catches my eye. Excellent uses of colors and camera angles. I'm not sure, but if you liked either of them, perhaps take the time out to check out the other :]


As soon as I got my eyes on BLAME! I instantly thought about ergo proxy, they're very similar in style and altough I'm just starting with Tsutomu NIHEI works, I can easily recommend it to Ergo Proxy fans and vice-versa. Kick-Ass Cyberpunk!

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again...

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There is an undertone of experimentation on people and having them become demons in Elfen Lied and Ergo Proxy. The two main characters in the series, Lucy and Vincent Law respectively, have the same sort of out look on life and are trying to find a change in their own lives, especially as tragedy strikes them.


There is a dark streak of violence running through both of these series, which may put quite a few people off. Ergo Proxy is nowhere near as gory as Elfen Lied, but the intreguing storyline in both will keep you glued to the screen.

The characters give off a sense of being almost helpless in the series, placed in a situation that was not of their doing. Experimentation on the innocent, creating monsters you almost sympathise with make these series very emotional at times.


Both series are dark and violent, while Ergo Proxy focuses a bit more on the psychological aspect of things then elfen lied.

Both animes have main characters (Vicent and Kouta) who've had a traumatic past and now have some hard tasks to face.

I liked both animes and found some simmilarity in the darkness of both series, even though there is some humour in both (all though it is more on the ecchi side in elfen lied).

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Date Kyosuke is a young man with problems. After being stabbed by his beloved mother, he discovers he has a long lost sister -- Runa. She is the first of many relatives that he and others in the story find tied into the seeming chaos of their lives. Date embarks on a quest to find Runa, aided by his new ability to turn into a monster; all the while in pitched battle at almost every turn with agents of mysterious organizations.

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Ergo Proxy and SoulTaker have similar main characters. They each discover that they have a monster inside themself that they can change into, and set off to discover the truth about themself.

If you enjoyed this theme in one of the series, you will probably enjoy it in the other.


If you liked ergo proxy or vise versa: SoulTaker then you will definitely like the other. the reason is that they are both very much the same because they are sci-fi and about main characters who are very dark.


These are both action anime set in the future that try to have a darker edge to them. Both these anime have unique visual styles to them that are quite different than your normal anime fare. Both anime have a main character that finds out they can transform in a monsterous creature early on sending them on a quest to find out their true origin.

Ergo Proxy and SoulTaker both have a penchant for stilted character interactions with pretentious dialogue and both use way too much expository dialogue. However, Ergo Proxy is more visually consistent with better animation quality, whereas the different look of Soultaker can be a bit rough to get used to and still understand what is going on in a given scene.

If you like darker hero stories that don't always use traditional storytelling them you might want to check out both of these titles.



“Vash, the Stampede” - worth 60 billion dollars to the one who can turn him in. Bounty hunters everywhere are on the lookout for this legendary gunman, not to mention insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who are tasked with preventing any potential damage that this Vash can cause. But with 60 billion on his head, Vash is not an easy man to find.

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If you like anime where the main character journeys through wastelands (with his happy companions ;)) in search for his past, you should try watching these. Even though Trigun and EP have different scenery, they are very alike (mostly the plot and a few minor themes). Also the main characters of both series are much more then they seem at first glance and strangely enough, sometimes Vincent looks quite a bit like Vash. Both of those series have a lot of action (in Trigun it's gunfights, while in EP it's something hard to describe ;)).


The type of the world is different, but both Ergo Proxy and Trigun show the desperation to keep alive on an earth that is declining with the passing of time. The feelings displayed in both series are similar and there is a lot of action. If you liked one, you would like the other.


Trigun and Ergo Proxy are two anime that are completly differnt. trigun is a brightly colored light-hearted  story about a poor lost soul that is always doing good. Ergo proxy is a noir dark tragedy that focus on distopian post-apocoliptic life. Though these two show look very different for some reason i couldn't help but feel that they were similar, after reviewing both i noticed many more similarities. Both shows feature a superhuman protagonist who's is unwittingly being hunted as well as ultilized to sustain the human population. Trigun and EP share a close philosophical moral and seriously make you think. Im not saying that because you liked one show you will like the other but these anime are far to awesome to pass up.

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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Follow interstellar bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they scour the galaxy for criminals with prices on their heads. Hoping to escape their past, they live on the spaceship Bebop, but it's a dangerous business and old enemies don't forget easily. Allies come from unlikely sources, however, as they find comrades in the beautiful swindler Faye Valentine, the genius child hacker Ed and the genetically engineered 'data dog' Ein. Will they be able to help each other though their respective struggles, or is their fate really inevitable?

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You really feel for all character's involved that are starving, and will eat anything. Even if that includes canned dog food.

Both animes involve characters who have joined their party with their own agenda. They take up long journeys that test all of their limits.


Cowboy Bebop and Ergo Proxy both share an absorbing plot. The artwork, characters and thier interactions are well designed. If you liked the development of Bebop's crew you'll likely be into Ergo Proxy too.