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"Good" animes that take place outside of Japanby linspoppa

Series exploring foreign settings. Since a lot of anime is pretty ethnocentric, they're hard to find. The story can be set in a fantasy world, a different country or go back and forth between multiple countries. I don't count fillers or brief trips...

Obejrzaneby szczurzyca

Obejrzane w całości lub w połowie

Awesome, Trippy, and Weird Shows / Moviesby azureyoshi

Good shows to take you outside your comfort zone.

Secondary listby ByakuyaCZ

I'll exclude known and big series and i'll make a list made of less known animes I really like and from my perspectivity are worth watching or at least checking

Mystifying Animeby KR999

These are Anime I just struggled to comprehend, some where good while most...weren't.

Anime with mostly adult main charactersby Coliha

Anime that are not about the "high school experience" or anything like. None of that "Imma high schooler but I am waaaaayyyy cooler than every one else or more powerful than every one else." This list excludes immortality as a qualifier for being...

Fromagio Frank's list to check out with smithdaddie

Here's too you old pal, the descriptions won't give anything away I hope, and the ratings are how I think you'll like them. For everyone else that means probs dark, comedy, intelligent types of anime. ( And feel free to recammend anything else...