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Elfen Lied

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For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again...

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Elfen Lied: In the Passing Rain DVD Special 2005 Side Story

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Elfen Lied 2002 Original Manga
Name Role
Seiji KISHIMOTO Character Design
Mamoru KANBE Director
Lynn OKAMOTO Original Manga Creator

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Elfen Lied vivafruit 8/10 Aug 1, 2007
Elfen Lied sothis 8/10 Oct 25, 2004
Elfen Lied DistMan 9/10 Oct 24, 2004

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Elfen Lied phoniefly 9/10 Jun 16, 2014
Elfen Lied shanedublin 8/10 Jun 14, 2014
Elfen Lied Devilstrill1605 8/10 May 14, 2014
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hyhy margus 25 Jul 13, 2014
Animes I've watched p4r4d0ks3 52 Jul 9, 2014
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Taitarin rated the Elfen Lied anime 5/5 stars
Taitarin watched Elfen Lied at 13 of 13 episodes
mia007 rated the Elfen Lied anime 1/5 stars
panossuncity rated the Elfen Lied anime 3/5 stars
panossuncity rated the Elfen Lied anime 2.5/5 stars

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3 x 3 Eyes

3 x 3 Eyes

Yakumo was just a normal boy... until he died in a tragic accident. Now, resurrected by the last of a race of powerful creatures, he has become her Wu, an immortal servant. Together, they must battle against Benares, the all-powerful Wu of the dark lord Shiva. What dark secrets from Pai's past will this battle unearth?

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Very similar animes in several respects. Lead female (Powerful, non-human characters in each) have two personalities. One overly cute, the other serious or even evil. Their lives become entwined with those of an ordinary lead male and an ackward relationship develops. Both contain a quite a bit of blood. Animation style is one of the biggest differences. If you enjoyed the plot or character relations of one, I'd definitely recommend watching the other.

Both Elfen Lied and 3x3 Eyes feature lots of blood and have a very similar main character. If you liked one, try the other.


Both Elfen Lied and 3 x 3 Eyes have a female with two personalities as the lead character, and both contain a fair amount of gore. What sets 3 x 3 Eyes apart from Elfen Lied is that it doesn't contain any of the relationship humor (changing nyuu, anyone?) nor a wicked government theme as Elfen Lied does. Instead, 3 x 3 Eyes focuses more on magic and beating the really evil guy. To sum it up if you liked the split personality and the gore of Elfen Lied you definitely will like 3 x 3 Eyes.


In both Elfen Lied and 3x3 Eyes, an ordinary male protagonist is shoved into abnormal circumstances and thus tied into the life of an unusual girl with two personalities. There wouldn't be any story if love didn't sprout from this, nor the occasional humor, but the gore and violence definitely makes these not lighthearted. They both share a similar feel and are both excellent; you can not go wrong with either of these if you like this type of show. Though 3 x 3 Eyes doesn't have the ecchi qualities of Elfen Lied and has more horror elements.


The overall mood in each of these anime is dissimilar, but they share lead female characters that go from dangerous, and even evil, to sweet and completely innocent in a heartbeat. Both series are violent, Elfen Lied being much more so. Both anime develop a romantic relationship involving an ordinary boy and an extraordinary girl. 3x3 Eyes has a supernatural element that is absent in Elfen Lied's more realistic setting. The split personality of the main characters, and the problems they cause is the main reason to justify this recommendation.


Both 3x3 Eyes and Elfen Lied have a main female character with a double personality; she is either a cute and innocent teenager or a deadly and powerful creature who seeks to have a normal human life.


3 x3 Eyes explores the innocent yet very powerful Pai in the same way that Elfen Lied does with Lucy. Both Lucy and Pai have two personalities, one being cute and innocent and the other being very powerful and ruthless.


Both leads have 2 very different personalities. One is a pretty clueless fun loving girl. The other kills without remorse. Both anime have a lot of bloodshed. 3x3 eyes doesn't have any of the ecchiness that Elfen Lied does. If you liked one check out the other.


A powerful girl with a split personality disorder, a clueless boy, and powerful forces looking to destroy the girl. With a mixture of drama and graphic scenes, the feel of the animes are similar.


Both main characters Lucy and Pai have split personalities. And they are different from humans. Lucy being a Diclonius and Pai being a Demon.


The main female character in both Elfin Lied and 3x3 Eyes have very strong forceful personalities, not to mention the fact that neither one of them is human!  There are some awkward developments with the hero of the story because the personality of the heroines changes from nice to an entirely different character altogether, one that is stern and even antagonizing.  The charm of the innocent girl verses the serial killer aspect in both Pai (3x3 Eyes) and Nyu (Elfin Lied) is very intriguing.

School Days

School Days

When Makoto saw Kotonoha on the train one day, he fell in love at first sight. Luckily, his classmate Sekai’s nosy personality ensures him an introduction to his crush, and soon the two begin to date. However, Kotonoha isn’t the only one with eyes for Makoto - a fact that any horny teenager would be delighted with. With endless temptations, lies and heartbreak at every turn, Makoto and Kotonoha’s relationship will soon be put to the ultimate test...

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School Days and Elfen Lied are very similar. When I first started watching School Days I figured it would be another funny school-type comedy series, but it's definitely more like Elfen Lied. You should prepare yourself emotionally before you start to watch these, honestly!


School Days and Elfen Lied are very much alike in the terms of geting to know the charaters . In both series theay have realy manage to express what theay are feeling inside. You can realy see what the characters are going thew. Also these series isn't something you'll forget in the first time becouse theay are so touching.

Theay have realy manage to show the emotions, who I think is the best part of all anime. And it's the reason why I love anime so much.

Side of that if you'll find it intresting to see one of these: I strongly recomend to have something to wipe your tears whit. :P


Well, at first, one would never expect that there would be a recomendation for someone who liked School Days to like Elfeni Lied as well, or the oposite, but here it is! School Days might seem like just an ordinary romance/school life anime but that is not all. School Days starts with romance, but as you watch mor epiosdes, you start questioning the characters, their morals and their sanity. Something Similar happens to Elfen Lied as well. Both anime show you how odd and indescribable human nature can be. One has to do with evolved humans with invisible hands, the other with mere high school students, but the point is, that they both leave you with a good lesson as far as life is concerned and a feeling of astonishment and awe.


Romance + violence = really good anime. That is the simplest way to explain, why fans of one of these will enjoy another if the equation mentioned seems true to them. In addition, it has to be addmited that both of these anime have really good stories and very uniqe characters.


Brutal and violent, Elfen Lied is a more in-your-face version of School Days. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy, other girl loves boy too, chaos ensues. Elfen Lied is more violent, but stories delve into the depths of what a person can do in the name of love.


Well, both of the shows are about young people who are stuck in some messed up romantic relationships.  They both have a good bit of gore in them as well.

Elfen Lied has alot more gore, but both shows share that "tragic romance" element where you're rooting for couples that just aren't meant to be.  If you liked the sad romance thats in Elfen Lied, you will love love love love love School Days.


Elfen Lied and School Days felt incredibly similar to me. They were both like trainwrecks I just couldn't stop watching. And even when they were trying to be soft/sweet/tender/whatever, you just KNEW something was going to happen, that someone would screw everything up and it would all end terribly.

They're also both chock-full of un-intentional comedy, due to how over-the-top and ridiculous everything is. (If you can get past the idiocy and melodrama of it all)


'Elfen Lied' is gory, disturbing and contains a fair amount of nudity. Just like ecchi Anime 'School Days'.



Packed full of tragedy and emotional scenes, Elfen Lied and School Days are full of hard situations to deal with. They each have a twist on the plot line that will keep you guessing until the very end. It seems that is is hard for the characters to express themselves and both series show a different side to human nature.


Both series were really emotional and touching for me personally. I love how both series have innocent looking characters who we find out contain a variety of flaws - wheter that be infidelity, lust or killing people. So for the whole angst and charater level I can see a clear connection between both series


Both of these anime are fairly good at getting you nice and relaxed for another ecchi comedy, then they go psychotic and paint the screen red. Yandare at its finest.

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This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

One day a light descends from the sky and splits into the ideal girls of Takeru and Ryou. That is where this gentle and vaguely romantic story about our ugly and beautiful world begins. Soon enough the story plummets into the secrets of global extinction and the meaning of life. Everything in this world that is beautiful has something ugly in it, and that ugliness is part of the secret of its beauty. Even for romance this is true...


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Both series demonstrate the dangers of picking up stray lolis. Konomini doesn't quite deliver on the gory realism part, though.

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World is very similar to Elfen Lied, except for the gore element. It has the same twisted plot and some ecchi, but gore is not included. If you can stand the complete lack of slaughter in a show that looks like it was based on Elfen Lied, you should try watching TUYBW.


Both of the series has cute girls with power to destroy, they are both amzing and im sure you'll enjoy both of them if you enjoy naked women, super powers, and total badassery.


Both of these fantastic anime start off with similar story lines. The girl who forgot her past, for whatever reason, now must depend on the kind hearted man with the troubled past to take care of her until all the secrets from her past are revealed. However, each anime has enough of a unique twist that it is worth investing in them both.


Elfen Lied and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World are a perfect pair. In both we have non-human female characters with a dual personality and a potential for being highly destructive that suddenly find themselves surrounded by humans. With no memory of the past, these girls provide the drama with plenty of nudity along the way. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World had many comic moments that eventually give way to deeper reflections while Elfen Lied is known for its violent content and emotional tragedy.


They both deal with girls that are not human and how the human guy they love interacts with them. They also both have a cousin that other cousin. They are more than similar and if you have only seen 1 your missing out on the other. 


These shows are much alike and very entertaining in different ways. Both girls have split personalties that want to cause harm and destruction and other side to them is they are nice and sweet. Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied is a mass murder and Hikari is an outer space being wanting to destroy the earth. 

Elfen lied is very violent show a lot blood shed in it some hot shots in the show. 

This Ugly Yet Beautiful world is very funny show (thats my opinion) it also has hot shots in their and it has a good romance story. (Thanks for reading my recommendation MegaB) 


In these animes you have the main female characters that have the potential to bring about the destruction of the human race.  However, to help you see the main male protagonist has the potential to influence her to fall to either the good or the bad.  Both of these shows are about the emotional interaction between the characters.

As the series progresses you get to see the up and downs of the relationship as well as the beauty of love.


Both of these anime evolve around a young man who stumbles upon a loli-character who is frequently naked, doesn't understand human habits, and has amnesia. As the anime progresses, the loli-character is shown to have a destructive alter ego. While Elfen Lied has a a focus on bloodshed, the animes have similar character dynamics and relationships. 


This similarities between This Ugly Yet Beautiful World and Elfen Lied are astounding.  Both star a "different from the rest" heroine who has lost her memory from trauma; both girls also have two distinct personalities: one being sweet and naiive, the other bloodthirsty and vengeful.  These animes are about human nature and the question of whether or not humans are inherently evil and incapable of redemption.  They also feature a similar cast, from the clueless male to the male's friend (who happens to be a girl and has a secret crush on him).  If you enjoyed one, you should try out the other!


There are too many similarities to list. Basically if you liked one you'll love the other. Elfen Lied has a lot of gore and has a very serious atmosphere. TUYBW involves a lot more supernatural elements and focuses more on the romance. Outside of those differences you're getting a very similar anime.

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Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

With a past shrouded in mystery and a blank memory, Shiki Tohno seems to be just another "average high school student". That is, until he nearly kills a female vampire with his secret deadly ability to "see the lines". His journey to unlock the secrets of the Tohno family and unbury his own lost memories has only just begun, and now he must also help the woman, Arcueid Brunestud, find a lethal phantom named Roa, and kill it using his ability.

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These two series are frightenly alike. The atmosphere and tone that these two animes set are incredible. I watched both of these in my room with the lights off in the middle of the night. Sometimes both just gave me chills, either just by sheer bluntness each anime portrays, or the presence of romance. Also both deal with supernatural beings, vampires and diclonius. If you're looking for more of that dark mood, just check either one of these out.

If you felt strange tension in the air while watching Elfen Lied then you should try Lunar Legend Tsukihime. The main character named Shiki has unique power to kill just like Lucy. The plot of Lunar Legend Tsukihime isn't very alike to Elfen Lied but the mood of the whole series and some characters are similar. So check it out!


Both Elfen Lied and Tsukihime have a masterful storyline and nice bloody scenes. These series are both outstanding and deal with unnatural creatures. 


Both Elfen Lied and Tsukihime are short but offer good stories. They both deal with internal conflicts. They both have a lot of violence and aren't the happiest anime, so they have their sad parts. In both anime the main characters learn forgotten memories from the past as the story goes on. I really enjoyed watching both of these anime and in both of them you will wonder what happens after last episode.


Both Elfen Lied and Tsukihime successfully tell the supernatural tales of young individuals who, as they slowly uncover the mysteries of their pasts, discover a power that will serve to destroy the world they live in or the ones they come to love. If you were drawn into the darkness, mystery, bloody nature or supernatural ambience of one, than you'll find it difficult not to enjoy the other.


Elfen Lied and Lunar Legend Tsukihime does not have very much in common. Still, I coulnd't help getting the same feeling from both series. That dark atmosphere, gruesome action sequences, and a little feeling of horror. And just like Elfen Lied, Lunar Legend Stukihime is not for the feint of heart. Still, I reccomend watching it if you liked Elfen Lied.


When you look for some good thriller story, both Elfen Lied and Tsukihime should satisfy you. You can find some cliffhangers as well as abnormal motives in these stories.


Both series create relationships and struggles between they unsuspecting main character and the iconic "on the run" girl, both use mystery, suspence, and admittedly some violence to keep a riveting performance. If either is enjoyed then the other will surely be just as enjoyable or even better.


both anime have a great ost also they give this supense/mystery/drama feeling that i loved. also the characters in both anime have a dark past! if you like want i recommed that you try the other one both anime are just great!   


The supernatural tales of two female individuals trying to go about their every day lives while relying on a seemingly weaker male character is what you get in both Lunar Legend Tsukihime and Elfin Lied.  While watching the viewer will uncover the mysteries of the characters past seeing how it will effect their relationships in the future.


  • OVA (6 eps x 45 min)
  • 2008

Rin is a private investigator with an advantage: near immortality. Thanks to the spores of the Yggdrasill tree, both she and her assistant Mimi have lived many years longer than the average person. That isn’t to say that being immortal doesn't have its problems. With 'angels' wanting to devour them, the being Apos sending wave after wave of professional assassins to kill them, and constant hangovers from long nights of drinking, being immortal still has its downsides. With Apos' attempts at removing them from the picture increasing, can Rin and Mimi figure out what he is after so they can return to their morning shots of Vodka?

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not rated
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Gore, Killings and Fantasy, Ecchi; if you look for these kinds of things in your daily anime, then Mnemosyne and Elfen Lied are for you. Both animes feature deadl, mysterious women, with secrets. Both animes have an element of ecchiness in them, along with many gory scenes.


Elfen Lied and Mnemosyne revel in bloody violence, action, and nudity- so if those are your bag, these series are for you. That being said, they're also mysteries featuring tough female characters with special abilities and shadowy pasts.  Both series are extremely campy.  


This two anime are very much alike and especialy in ecchi and horror aspects.While Elfen Lied is abit more concentrated on horror with some pointless ecchi aspects Mnemosyne combines extreme horror with sexual themes in a way that no other anime does.Of course there are many differences between this two but in both ecchi and horror aspect they are kinda same.Im sure that if you liked one of this two shows you will definitely like the other as well.


Elfen Lied and Mnemosyne are right up there with each other in terms of similar gore, nudity, and vulgarity levels (high).  Both of these anime also have strong non-human female protagonists.  Only major difference to note here, is that Mnemosyne does major year leaps forward in time every continuing episode, while Elfen Lied's story is told all in the same time-line.

So in turn, if you like one, you will most likely enjoy the other.


Both Elfen Lied and Mnemosyne are stunningly beautiful, but to find the source of their beauty you need to journey across a sea of fanservice and gore. They are both utterly tasteless, and they both feature doctors conducting medical experiments. Not to mention that they are both good.


Elfen Lied and Mnemosyne are perfect for each other!  Both of these series are extremely action packed with great fighting scenes and tons of gory images in which the non-human females leads are the ones displaying.


Both of these animes are targeted at an older audience, and both have a female lead with a supernatural ability that forces them to struggle against a secretive organization of sorts. 


Mnemosyne and Elfen Lied are both two of my favorite animes of their genre in their own right. They both have a very unique and often times outright sadistic feel to them. They both follow a female lead character who revels in fighting and killing while at the same time having a totally different and kindhearted side to them. I would definitely recommend you watch the other if you watch one, as I feel they compliment each other nicely. 


A great deal of suspense, graphic violence, and nudity make Elfen Lied and Mnemosyne natural companions.


Both have blood, suspense, and great story lines. If you like one, chances are you'll like the other