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vivafruit's avatar By vivafruit on Aug 1, 2007


I’m actually going to make the case here that the story would be entertaining even without the ultra-violence. Elfen Lied has a relatively interesting tale involving apocalypse, split personality, and evil-men-in-lab-coats performing diabolical experiments. In other words, there isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before, but the elements are mixed in such a way to hold one’s attention well.

When the shock value is added, however, the storyline is elevated from interesting to riveting. Aside from two distinct moments (a recap portion in episode 12, and a fairly weak “bonding” session between Nana and Mayu in an earlier part of the show), I was held to the screen from the guiltless bloodbath of the first 5 minutes to the final episode.

The story is somewhat marred by a “read the manga” ending and some unnecessary ecchi moments, but these are minor complaints in the grand scheme of things.


Whether you love it or hate it, I doubt anyone can really dispute the fact that the gore is exceptionally well animated. In fact, just about every part of the various fight scenes are almost flawless: fluid, quick, and exhilarating. Outside of these scenes, the animation is not quite as impressive but nonetheless appealing. My one complaint would be with the somewhat lackluster character designs. I wouldn’t call them terrible, but they definitely seem generic.


Elfen Lied has a fantastic opening theme that reappears as background music in the actual show, with favorable results. Voice acting is fairly unmemorable save for the excellent performances of two seiyuu. Yuka is one of Noto Mamiko's first major roles, but here she seems a perfect fit; because of her efforts, what would otherwise be a relatively bland character is made into a likeable one. A similar (but less significant) effect happens with the appealing machismo of Bando’s seiyuu.


While the characters in the show could have been a lot worse, they’re by no means good. Most of the characters are likeable on a basic level (my favorites were probably the off-kilter, steroid pumping Bando and the surprisingly compelling Nana), and some of them have interesting back-stories thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, in the end they feel more like caricatures than actual human beings. Given the nature of the show, this might have been unavoidable.

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
DistMan's avatar By DistMan on Oct 24, 2004

Alright... what we've got here is a messy little story as the synopsis hints at.

What we have here is a species that has evolved further than your normal everyday human being. This species possesses so called "vectors", nifty little telekinetic things which are useful if you want to hang upside down in a tree and make a carrot salad... or let’s say, shred a human into tiny cute little pieces. Now, the problem here is that there are people who don't think that these evolved humans, or "diclonius" as they are called, should roam free. On the contrary, they should be subjected to various inhumane tests. And this will, obviously, anger these vector-equipped beings. You see, if you're too close to one of these creatures and accidentally drop a coin, (a quarter for instance) then expect to have it shot through your head faster than you can say "Barbequeonthedarksideofthemoonisgood" backwards. Or the short version: "Mess with a Diclonius, and you die."

Alright, now we've got the basics down. One of these creatures escapes from this facility and loses her memory in the process. Kouta and his cousin find her naked on the beach, and from there things get a bit out of hand. This organization from which Nyuu escaped will do anything in its power to get her back, even if it means using other evolved humans.

The show is very good. It's a very bloody and messy show: they won't hold back with the blood, bone splinters and intestines when a person is cut to pieces. This is one facet of the show, the killing part of the show. Then we have the drama part which reminds me a bit of Love Hina or (insert a high-school romance anime here). The thing is that Kouta's cousin has got a thing for him, and Nyuu is a very well endowed little girl who also happens to lack any form of common sense. So there are some situations which little Kouta might have a hard time explaining himself, but we'll leave it at that.

There is lots of nakedness in this show, both upper-body nakedness and full body nakedness. It's not done in a forced manner but in a rather believable, understandable manner.

To be honest, I thought a dark angsty violence storyline would clash pretty badly with a comedy/romance genre. but it didn't. It could've been a little less romance-focused though, and some things are quite cliché, but it's fully bearable. The blood/gore thing is a bit overdone at some times as well. All in all I'd say that some things are a bit over the top at times.

The story is quite good and flows well. Characters are introduced nicely into the series and the various flashbacks etc are played at the right time. Nothing feels particularly forced. They also managed to create the "I want more" feeling every time an episode ended. Which resulted in me spending my afternoon watching the last 10 episodes in one go.

The ending was superb and well executed and fit perfectly with the tone of the show. Something to be aware of is that the end isn't definite. The manga will most likely take the story further.
This is the only part that disappoints. The visuals are alright, but nothing above that. The colors are vibrant and the lighter colors of the palette have been used throughout the show. The detail level is medium and comparable to the later mid-nineties anime shows. The lines in the show aren't knife sharp but rather a little thicker and blurred.

My real gripe with the visuals is the character designs. Don't get me wrong; I think that most of them are very good. Nyuu, when in evil mode, looks great with a more mature look and all adult characters in general also look mature. The problem is the teenage characters. Some of the characters look like the typical H-game adaptation style...together with Card Captor Sakura roundish head design, which I simply don’t think fits. The eyes are way too big and round. One of the children in the show rivals the characters in Shamanic Princess regarding the eye size. The faces are too circular, and the chin-cheek contour is very vague.

I would've preferred the use of sharper lines, both for the eyes and for the head shape, like they did with the more adult characters. The characters are, however, well drawn if we look at them as a whole, with clothing, hair bands and whatnot. The characters display an aura similar to that of their personality.
The Opening tune is a dark piece of material. It's a classical piece sung in Latin and this tune is used throughout the show in various shapes (piano-only version, string version, male vocal humming version etc). It's not overused, but rather used in passages where it's very fitting. The tune is a bit too flat for me to fully like it; it lacks dynamics and depth. It's well produced, well sung, well recorded and I like it when it's played in the show, but it's not a tune I'd play several times a day.

The ED song, however, is a good happy catchy J-pop sung by Kawabe Chieko. I always found it a bit strange that they used such a happy tune, when the episode usually didn't end in a very happy manner.

The background music is just "there". It's not something I "listened" to during the show. It does what it's supposed to do, nothing more and nothing less.
We have quite a bit of character development here. The main characters are introduced in a good manner and are then given time to evolve. The flashbacks give further insight into why some of the characters act like they do. This also helps to create sympathy and empathy, something they did quite well. The character personalities are also well executed and they were believable. I never felt that any character acted strangely or forced. The flashbacks certainly help in understanding the characters.
9/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
sothis's avatar By sothis on Oct 25, 2004

Violence and nudity lovers unite -- Elfen Lied has been created just for you! Really though, although there is somewhat of a plot to speak of, the main focus of Elfen Lied is the shock value, plain and simple. The somewhat thin plot revolves around the fact that a certain type of people exist that have horns (dubbed Diclonius). These creatures become terribly violent and homocidal, causing those who sit in power to worry. Lucy is one of these creatures who escapes from a maximum security facility (leaving much carnage in her path), and washes up (naked and bloody, no less) on a beach where the young Kouta and Yuka find her. Lucy, however, has somehow lost her homocidal tendencies and has reverted to Chii-like dumbness, acting like a 3 year old who doesn't even know how to walk. And thus, the story begins...

Again, the plot itself is pretty weak, as far as I'm concerned. There are a few minor twists and the obligatory "people can't remember things from their past that were really damn important, which come back later in the series", but as a whole, the plot was definitely back burner for the violence and nudity (and I don't think anyone could argue with me on that). The violence? Really messed up. Honestly, I think this was the most disturbing thing I've seen as far as blood goes. I've seen quite a few really gory things in my time, most of which were really cheesy (Baoh, for one). Berserk is a good example of a series that isn't cheesy as far as the violence, but still is really up there on the violence scale. Elfen Lied leaves them all in the dust, giving us not only extreme violence, but very disturbing violence (Narutaru style) that is very graphic. For example, people often get their heads or limbs twisted off. This would be gruesome enough, but in EL, they are very careful that you see the bone sticking out of the limb that's left. Or, people sometimes explode and their organs fly out. Really nasty stuff, and really, really graphic. And like Narutaru, there are a few scenes that are just so wrong that you cringe. In general, I found it to be SO violent that I was laughing near the end when each messed up thing happened. Honestly, I think each episode tries to outdo itself, because as the series went on, each episode seemed to have something even more bizarrely grotesque than the previous one, and near the end it was no-holds-barred.

The other facet was the nudity, which I really didn't enjoy and felt was extremely overdone. Violence I can understand because the plot revolves around these creatures being super violent... but nudity? Is there really a point to flaunting the character's naked (and sometimes underage) body? It even is plastered all over the intro and outro, including the very first shot of the outro that you always inevitably see when the episode ends. Come on guys, is this really necessary? I feel like the creators of the show must have accidentally ate 5 bottles of viagra and took it out on the female characters they were drawing, since I swear 60% of the time the diclonius girls are naked, many times unnecessarily. Unlike the violence, this was not effective as far as I'm concerned, except helping Anime Nerd #43243909 have an easier jack off session that evening.

All in all, a somewhat thin but still interesting and unique plot that was enhanced by the brutality and lessened by the ridiculous amount of nudity.
The animation of Elfen Lied seemed good most of the time, but faltered at others. The backgrounds were definitely the most beautiful of the lot, and were detailed and interesting. As previously mentioned, the violence was excessive and effective as far as how it looked on the screen. Though it might not have looked completely real, it was creepily done and looked real enough to be disturbing, especially with the bone fragments sticking out and such.

I think the only part I didn't enjoy so much was the character designs. At first I was impressed, but as the show went on I started to feel like they were a bit generic. They almost reminded me of Kanon, with the huge dating-sim eyes and the bright colors. All of the Diclonius girls had bright pink hair (which is never really explained), while everyone else tended to have normal colors. In general, the colors used were very vibrant and rich.

The audio was probably the highlight of the series, and reminded me a great deal of Tsukihime. Beautiful orchestral singing dominated the series, with a woman at the helm most of the time. It fit the tone of the series, though just as easily could have had a techy/techno feel once in awhile, which it didn't. Voice acting was decent for everyone involved, though Nyuu's voice was fairly irritating and reminded me of Chii. In any event, her character seemed to be thrown in just for the fanboys, so I guess it needed a cutesy voice to match.
There was a decent amount of character development to speak of, but I don't necessarily think I was happy with a lot of it, hence the somewhat lower score. The crux of the development was definitely with Lucy/Nyuu, and Kouta. Like many stories, Kouta has a dark and hidden past that he has to discover, and Nyuu has two completely different sides that she ends up exploring in a strange way. The secondary characters have their own situations as well, such as the other Diclonius girls (developed weakly), Yuka, the cousin who has a crush on Kouta (wtf is up with the incest thing in so many anime series?), and various side characters as well. Again, the character development really is in the background as opposed to the violence and nudity, just like the plot, so you can't expect this to be another Infinite Ryvius or FMA. It was decent and enjoyable in part (hence the 7), but weak in other parts.
7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
roriconfan's avatar By roriconfan on May 3, 2012

Full lit of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:

This is not a conventional review as I usually write. All there is to be said about this series has already been said from multiple angles in all the wooping amounts of reviews this title got. This will be more of a meta-thinking essay on the series than an actual analysis of the various sections of the anime. So if you expect info on what the series is all about, stop reading and look elsewhere. The following text will be quite boring if you don’t like stories AROUND a series rather than ABOUT a series.

If you are reading this line I assume you are interested. So take a deep breath because here comes a hell of a wall of text. Be warned that I hate this series and I normally use the harshest words against it but for the sake of reviewing I will be as polite and objective as I can. That is a huge sacrifice on my part!

There are thousands of anime made throughout the decades but only a few manage to be engraved deeply in our memories. Fond childhood memories is a main factor as so is the first time you come to witness or experience something new. Series like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and even Pokemon are not famous just because of lots of marketing (although that did play an important role too). They are famous because they were the best of what the tv had to offer back then. There may be far better titles in each genre but since we never got to watch those back when we were greenhorns, they never managed to transmit the same feelings years later when we actually got our hands on them. We may be admitting their superiority over the previous favs but they still weight less in our minds.

And this is what Elfen Lied is. A series most of us watched as greenhorns and that is where most of the mythos and the rave around it come from to the most part. You see, back when it aired anime were still not so well received by most young people. Most saw a bit of Dragonball, a bit of Pokemon, a bit of Sailor Moon and thought that this was the extend of what an anime can get to. Now as much as you may have liked those series, you MUST admit that they appear quite silly for someone who first watches them and that is enough to never be bothered with them.

And then Elfen Lied (henceforth called EL) comes along and brakes that assumption. True, there were already violent anime airing, as there were anime full of nude, full of interesting story ideas and nice visuals. But EL happened to have mixed all of the above in the same package. For example, let’s look at the first 10 minutes of the first episode. The opening song and video are haunting and artistic, intriguing and eye-catching. Then we see in just a few minutes a massacre of the highest possible gore and splatter you could ever dream of witnessing back then, backed up by a scary naked woman wearing a demonic metal mask and horns. You even see a person who acts all silly assuming to be the main comic relief character throughout the series to be eventually brutally murdered in seconds. WOW, HOLLY SMOKES, WHAT IS THIS??? Instant hook! And here starts the rave of the series. Sex and violence always sell and EL happened to have an extremely amount of both. Also, there wasn’t anything remotely similar airing on mainstream channels back then and that made the impact to be tenfold.

There are many who can say that is was Dragonball who got them hooked to anime. Others that it was Naruto or Sailor Moon. But all these people already were ready to accept the weirdness of the Japanese culture. They had their mindset ready to watch silly boys throwing energy beams and klutz girls with magic wands. There were not many of those around, I guarantee you that as I was one of them. EL happened to hook to anime a far more broad group of people, who until then only saw anime as silly and childish. But splatter, nude, a haunting intro and a story full of misery and social issues around cruelness? That was so political incorrect that drew people in by the thousands. Because after all, the more political incorrect something is, the more attractive it appears to young people. And let’s face it, all other anime at that time had the archetype of the stupid teenager helping innocent people and defeating bad monsters. EL was nothing like that. Everyone was either crazy or evil; there were no clear good guys and bad guys. Plus, it was the first series that directly presented on mainstream channels in the west a world where humans are not good by default and are tormented by monsters. No sir, here the humans are sadistic little bastards who like tormenting little girls and are being slaughtered like pigs as revenge. Even children and women were not spared! When was the last time they showed even women and children being killed? Heck, even kicking puppies was quite cruel and rare back then.

So as you understand, it was all so original and extreme back then most immediately fell in love with it for being so damn different. And needless to say, thanks to it the anime communities worldwide were doubled in a few years. “Anime are cool; look what they show” many were saying and showing scenes of the series to their friends, not afraid to be called geeks anymore because it was so damn violent and sexy it could not be labeled nerdy. And many of those friends actually became fans themselves and got to bring in more of their friends to the gang. As petty as it sounds having gore and sadism to be the magnet of interest, it is a fact that in order to be an anime fan you just gotta love that sort of shit. It is a fact…

Now let me make it clear that in the following years all the elements of EL were copied in following series. Mainstream anime nowadays are far more sexual and violent, something that EL helped visualizing thanks to its gargantuan fandom. People wanted sex and violence and that is what they got. Open any recent anime and there is little to no chance to not see nude, splatter, lolis and all the sick stuff successful series like EL helped to establish.

So far so good, sounds like the best anime in existence, right? … Not by a longshot really. It does feel shocking and different and special if you are a newbie in the field without any previous exposure to this sort of anime but otherwise it feels quite ridiculous by itself if you are already a veteran viewer. As I was the first time I watched it. You see, I got to watch far more dark and brutal titles since I was 6; many years prior to watching this anime. How is that possible you ask? Well, it is simple, adults back it the 80’s couldn’t imagine an animated series to be violent so they pretty much had no age indicator on the VHS titles. Everything was labeled “for kids” and was placed on the same shelf. So this is why I was watching fairy tales on one moment and heads jettisoned away the exact next. Yes, I got to watch Birth, Windaria, Choujin Locke and Nayuta before I was even 8. Anyone familiar with those really old titles will easily ask why I didn’t become a serial killer by being exposed to such gargantuan amounts of violence in such a tender age. Ok, I admit, those movies affected me to a great extend and now I am this loli-lover, Angry Video HS Nerd you all tolerate through my reviews. What I mean is that I was already exposed to far more sinister stuff way before EL and guess what, it didn’t seem worth not even half of what everyone was raving about. Because the shock value was low.

And here is where this series most aims at in order to impress. Shock value. The more it shocks you, the better it appears to be. Because without it, it feels as silly as watching Goku eating a mountain of food without gaining a single pound.

Let’s get now to more conventional analysis, starting with the animation. The intro song is marvelous and artistic, a very good initial impression. But the rest of the series is actually more about bright colors and cute albeit crude character figures than actual quality. The bright colors are actually a smart move as they make the splatter scenes to appear even more shocking. You wouldn’t expect so much violence in a series with cheery colors. At the same time they give that harem fuzzy feeling of multicolored hair bimbos doing silly stuff all over the place. It helps to hook you by the extreme amounts of fan service it has. There are panty shots and boobs almost every 5 minutes, while underage girls are most of the time shown being tortured. Yeah, great eye catcher stuff for sadists.

Still, the actual amount of detail given to character figures is quite simple and almost crude, as the girls have ridiculously huge eyes and simple face structure, while the gore scenes themselves are not really paying attention to body anatomy. This of course sounds as peanuts as you can get a boner by even two spheres that are supposed to be boobs as well as being shocked by 5 fishsticks which are supposed to be fingers, being severed from a hand. So although the quality of the animation is not really high, it gets the message across even if it was just wireframes.

The music part is a threshold. The opening songs is amongst the best music pieces in anime history while most of everything else in it are subpar and forgettable. The dialogues themselves are retarded as hell but it is all part of the “so extreme it is no longer stupid” feeling of the series. If there are two words I clearly remember from the series, that is “Nyu” and “AAAARGH”. The rest were nonsense I have deleted from my mind as the story I will now criticize is for me one pig pile of steaming manure.

Ok, the story is essentially about humans being sick bastards who like tormenting little girls in an attempt to not be exterminated by a new race of horny (literally) red haired lolis which are genetically created and programmed to kill everything that moves. So, the story gets more complicated when the female ringleader of those lolis has convenient memory loses and turns from a heartless killer to a playful pussycat everytime the scriptwriter wants to prevent the story from ending. Also, the characters keep behaving in the most ludicrous way possible as means to not end the whole mess in 10 seconds by implementing common sense. And if you don’t believe me, think of this:

“Hey, mister police officer, I found a naked girl on the beach. Better take care of her because I am a male teenager living alone and can’t just take her home where anything can happen.”

There, see, he just took her home and didn’t do anything to her, despite being defenseless and amnesiac, all excused by the fact that he was very pure in heart … and missing a dick. Then follows a long line of enemy waves who want to capture Lucy, the ringleader. But are all so damn stupid, they can’t even breathe without chocking to death. Imagine sending in a sadistic military dude to capture Lucy. He will be talking for half an hour about what a bastard he is instead of just capturing her, until Lucy conveniently gains back her memory, cuts him to pieces and then conveniently forgets everything again. Then imagine a girl who was being molested by her father and another horny girl who was almost killed by Lucy, to be accepted in Kouta, the dickless boy, in his house. Supposed, they are safer in the house where Lucy kills someone every now and then than just going to the police. Or the police themselves being so autistic they never do anything about the dozens of people who are being found in pieces right outside of that house. Wait, that could be because they are in league with the villains, right? … Sure, and that is the only reason the dickless boy and his harem of lolis don’t leave that house despite being targeted by manslaghtering sadists every two days. Add to this the way they throw in incest and even more amnesia for other characters just as extra shock value that has nothing to do with the story, how everyone meets (or meats lol) someone, remembers and forgets, finds and loses, in the most far-fetched ways possible and always in the most convenient times and… well… the story is written with the mentality of a 5 year old, not better than that of the other classics around that time on tv. But as I said it is all about shock value rather that realism. The plot is quite fast for its duration and shocking every 5 minutes, while there are many social messages to leave you something to think about. Still, as I said, it only works if you are a newbie in the field who never thought of such things up to that moment. The logic of the drama is paper thin to fall apart while the ending is left so open to interpretation, it hardly feels as closure. Many remained faithful waiting for the sequel but there is nothing you can’t get by reading the rest of the story in the manga… Which becomes even more extreme and obscure to the point of “so stupid it is no longer smart”. But hey, the vagueness and ludicrous behaviors are all part of its appeal too. Even the manga ending is made to feel like the good ending of a date sim, proving that it was essentially made to please otakus and not other people. Yes, it was a series by otakus, for otakus after all.

In all, if it got to shock you the first time, it is bound to become your fav for many years and even open a portal to you, leading to the darker regions of the otaku realm. It has done so a million times already. All I can say is that it is much harder for someone to be impressed today by it because most modern anime are far more violent and sexual. Heck, even cartoons are. Also, after other titles like Higurashi or Mononoke came along, the throne of grimness is no longer EL’s for most. In fact I know many who admit that they have no idea why they liked that series so much. Simple, the shock value faded away and left behind only ashes and bones. So while I give it a high Value for its very important contribution in mainstreaming anime (for good or bad; I kinda hate the way most modern anime are all full of fan service) I must still give it a very low mark in Enjoyment because it doesn’t work if you are not a newbie and in no chance in hell it feels good if you are a veteran viewer. I got the same messages the series has in Akira, the same type of gore in Choujin Locke and those felt far more realistic and credible, without fan service and ridiculous behaviors fooling you to consider “idiotic” as “brilliant”.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
AldeAdonis's avatar By AldeAdonis on May 22, 2013

If you're looking for an anime with pure gore, one must know 'Elfen Lied'. No one can missed this anime.

'Elfen Lied' starts with a facility, who locks up mutant creatures called Dioclonus who has special abilities of having invisible hands to use in destroying mankind. One of the Dioclonus called "Lucy" has escaped and starts brutally killing guards who locked her up. By far means of escape, she was shot by a .50 Cal Sniper in her head (but doesn't kill her) and fell on the cliffside, leaving her floating on the waters below.

Hours later, a college boy Kohta and her cousin Yuka were on the beachside when they spotted a naked girl who have horns on her head, blood dripping on her forehead and can't speak anything aside from 'Nyu'. Since left no choice, Kohta calls her Nyu-chan for obvious reasons and later found her to be the missing Dioclonus but her memories were partially gone as Nyu. Lucy still prevails inside of her and the facility starts to gain control of the situation to kill-capture Lucy.

To start with, the concept of the story was amazing. About a mutant who can kill anybody, yes, anybody with a single second. They can split bodies, decapitate heads or even mutilate arms and legs from a distance and was treated as enemy of mankind. The Dioclunus were captived, tested and imprisoned on an island facility that serves as a study about the said creatures. Then, the unthinkable happened. Lucy has been released from its chains and starts killing who stands in her way. Pretty good concept I say, one of a kind. The story has an excellent flow and a great run on showtime. Never left out any details and the story was well elaborated. Although the show was disturbing, the concept of it all was one anime that can never be left behind.

Like I said, 'Elfen Lied' is one of the animes that features strong violence and gore. This is basically the whole show, blood splashing and tearing skin. Dioclunus' mission is to destroy mankind and prepare a new world where humans are extinct. To do that, they precide on to the old-fashioned way - annihilation. Yes, by killing them violent and turn the whole place into blood paint. A marvelous plot and a disturbing one you may say.

Let's talk animation. This is not your typical visual anime. The blood looks like red house paint, the colour seems plain, the detailing wasn't focused enough and the cheesy 2D invisible hands make things worse. Yes, animation was a bit old-schooled and not that good nor bad (in between you can say). The background setting however was a good one. The designs on the setting was a spectacular sight but needs more detail to make it a good shot. Opening animation was in fact, a different approach. It was a great art concept from old century time. A perfect combination to its opening theme that makes 'Elfen Lied' an anime that can't be forgotten.

Aside from its setting, the character designs was well, okay. Not bad nor good but the characters' bodies and models were one thing to look at but its not much compatible with the background itself. Also, the movement was spectacular. The flow was a bit astonishing and the pacing of every character seems connected in their roles. Every character was a good sight on detail, although not much realistic though and needs improvement.

Sound. If you gather all the themes of 'Elfen Lied', you come up a musical piece of an orchestra which was sung on an choir church. The opening song was one of the songs that can be remembered for a long time. It was a hymn of a Christian church somewhere which was sung in Latin that features the worship of God but the background of a corrupt human. Sound of worship at the same time, darkness. It's one dark melody and the good thing was, it never changed. Yes, you will keep hearing the music in every episode and a perfect fit for an anime that revolves around sadness, despair and hatred and 'Elfen Lied' is all of them. Voice acting was great. From the cute, curious and cuddly Nyu-chan which shows an innocent side of a killer, which was done in a fantastic voice; to the vicious Lucy who you can really feel her melancholy. I say, not bad. Sound effects weren't much suprising as animation, especially on the guns which wasn't specialized enough.

The characters have their on perspectives. It was really interesting to see their motives and their stories in life. Let's start with Kohta.

Kohta - He is the cousin of Yuka and is now in college. He witnessed a brutal murder on to his father and sister Kaene right in front of him. He was then traumatized in a hospital for a year and tries to forget and doesn't think that it happened to him.
Yuka - She is the cousin of Kohta who studies in the same college as him. She takes care Kohta and happens to remember all the promises that Kohta made for her. She has feelings for Kohta and acts selfishly when she sees Kohta with another girl, especially Nyu. One question: Is it orthodox to fell in love with your cousin? If it is, what dynasty am I watching and why?
Mayu - A runaway girl who was sexually abused by her stepfather. She was picked up by Kohta near the beachside and accepted her as part of their family.
Nyu or Lucy - Apparently, she is a lost childhood friend of Kohta. When she was young, she brutally murdered her classmates in a school house. She then meets Kohta and becomes her only faithful friend to be happy with. Lucy develop strong feelings to Kohta since then and was sorry when the two reunited again.

The characters were amazing enough. Although, there was one thing that never phased out on the show - nudity. Most of Dioclunus are female and most of them, from the start, doesn't wear any essential clothing making them barenaked. Nyu was an amazing example, for she was also from the start a symbol of Ecchi on 'Elfen lied'. She has the most screen time being nude and has a scene where she fondles her breast with the use of Kohta's hand. There were also panty shots and candid poses on the show, causing to make it a real Ecchi one. Apparently, the nudity of Dioclunus in 'Elfen Lied' wasn't about sexually but humility itself. True fact. Either that or they like breast so much.

'Elfen Lied' never leaves you bored and a great impression you can get from watching this. Even how disturbing it may be...

+ Amazing concept of all time
+ One of the best gore in anime
+ An outstanding opening
- Old fashioned animation

This anime can leave you stunning or shocked. Either way, 'Elfen Lied' is one of the anime that cannot be forgotten. Only one question remains: Who the f*ck thought the concept to make Yuka fell in love with her cousin? Can you call this incest? Anyway, very recommended.

Overall: 8.6 out of 10.

9.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.6/10 overall