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Lista 1by HelQa

10 sierpnia 2012 r.

The greates anime series in history of humankindby anto13

My favourite anime, alphabetically ordered

Anime that made me gothjon

Every anime i can remember that moved me to tears.

Watchedby JowyAtreides

A complete list of all anime I have watched (as many as I have found on here so far)

Most Violent and Bloody Animeby NicoNicoDesu

Violence and gore tend to go hand in hand (not necessarily, though.) Not listed by how good the anime is; this is listed by the amount of violence and gore. This has nothing to do with my "Horror" lists--I do not consider gore scary.

A few golden Mangina

I don't want to spoil anything here so I won't mention much about the series individually. This list consist of a few carefully selected series from different genres that I believe are some of the best within their specific genres. (Note that I...