Custom Lists

My Favorite Animeby Annepandasaur379

After Top 5, List is in no particular order

My all Time Favorites <3by crymaua

Well, thought i would get together my favorites of all far ;D I will add more, that i am positive of. This is it for now though. To save space the sequels to some of these are not on the list, I just include them with the prequel.

Top 10 Favourite Seinenby TheMulchmeister

Whether it's tearing limbs or tearing off clothes, the more mature Animes out there have a special appeal of their own. These are my all time favourite seinen anime.

Ongoing top 10 of all time Animeby TheMulchmeister

My overall top ten most favourite anime up to this point. Ranks and animes included in the list will change as I come across more interesting anime.

Anime watched/collected on DVD (or video a long time ago)by TheMulchmeister

This is a list of all the anime I've watched completely or for the most part on DVD or am currently watching on DVD or waiting to watch on DVD. The list is in a rough chronological order for the first time I watched it.