Custom Lists

The 10 Top Worst Anime I have ever watchedby KiraPirate

Some of the reasons why they are the worst include SPOILERS

Torture scenesby RoyalOss

List of anime containing torture. Can't give any names because of spoilers.

Psychological Thrillers to Blow Your Mindby FullmetalDragon

When a psychological thriller is good, it is really good. All the anime on this list made me think quite a lot, and definitely blew my mind.

Beginners animeby MrAnimeAMVmaker

Anime that are a good experience to watch when you have just recently become a fan of anime or haven't seen an anime. This list contains multiple anime that should get you an idea of what the anime community is into.

My Top Ten Best Ecchi Anime (Descending Order(#1 on Bottom))by mottscurry

Rule 1: Ranked based on how perverted it is as well as how good it is in spite of the fan service (if there was no fan service, would it still be entertaining) Rule 2: Pilot season counts for the whole series for anime with multiple...

The ... is better listby RoyalOss

A list of anime where the manga/movie/OVA is better.

Must watch list (well atleast for me:)by bluecactus

Just a list of anime that made an impact on my heart, my life, my feels and I'm really happy that I have seen it