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Elfen Lied

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For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again...

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Elfen Lied: In the Passing Rain DVD Special 2005 Side Story

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Elfen Lied 2002 Original Manga
Name Role
Seiji KISHIMOTO Character Design
Mamoru KANBE Director
Lynn OKAMOTO Original Manga Creator

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Elfen Lied vivafruit 8/10 Aug 1, 2007
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Maebara Keiichi, an ordinary high-school boy, has transferred to a new school in Hinamizawa, a small rural village. At the outset everything seems peaceful and Keiichi becomes friends with a nice group of schoolgirls with whom he spends many idle summer afternoons. Suddenly violence encroaches upon the blissful peace of the village and Keiichi becomes entangled in an endless cycle of fear and death. The inconsistent, but inevitable horrors of Hinamizawa are told and retold becoming an endless and inescapable nightmare of insanity. Will it end even if the mystery of Hinamizawa is solved?

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Kouta moves to a new town and starts his college life, just like how Kenichi in Higurashi moves to a new town and goes to school. Neither character knows what is going to happen to him in his future. Both main characters are surrounded with female characters who are quite dangerous. The main female character(s) have different sides to them, which makes a very good comparision between anime. Also, both series are very bloodly.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Elfen Lied have a lot in common on a very basic level. Most specifically, they are series that seamlessly blend the ordinary with the freaky, the normal with the insane and the cute with the bloody and gory. Neither series may be for those who are faint of heart, but a fan of one series is likely to enjoy the other.


If you liked the gore and dark plot of Elfen Lied you would like Higurashi because it places a lot of emphasis on the horror aspects of the series. Like Elfen Lied, this anime has its moments of fun with the characters where they kick back a little, but continues to stay true to its plot.


Both series are gory with cute, killer girls in the main roles. Both are about the characters' desires to live a normal, peaceful life, without these horrifying and traumatic events. Higurashi has a better, more mysterious and twisted plot, while Elfen Lied is more heart-shaking and romantic (if you can say that about anime in which body parts float in air ;)). Oh, and both have fantastic opening tracks. ^^


If you liked Elfen Lied, you'll certainly like Higurashi as it also, amazingly, unites bloody murders and cute girls. However, unlike Elfen Lied, it sometimes has lighter climate and funny anime cliché moments. But don't worry, as those are definitely less frequent than horror scenes and simply could be considered a break between them. ;) So if you've taken to the cruel side of Elfen Lied, Higurashi surely won't disappoint you.


Both Elfen Lied and Higurashi are jam-packed with an intense, creepy sense of horror. They are both pumped full of violence and gore, have a sensitive side, and very artistic opening sequences.

You'll enjoy one's extreme violence if you enjoyed the other's.


Elfen Lied and Higurashi are two stories for those who like seeing blood spilled. The producers of these anime didn't put a limit on bloody scenes, so they will satisfy your demands.


Cute characters engaged in bloody acts of violence, torture and death: both Elfen Lied and Higurashi deal with children turned vicious killers and victims of sheer brutality. Yet these series, as disturbing as they get, have a message of hope amidst the chaos. Higurashi's plot is a challenge while Elfen Lied is more straight forward; both are inspired by hauntingly pervasive soundtracks and are not for the faint of heart.


Both of these anime bring together cuteness and violence in a great way. With both the innocent persona of Nyuu in Elfen Lied and the overly-fake cuteness in the starting arcs of Higurashi, the balance of psychotic and sweet is actually pretty good.


Both series are gory and have a lot of blood. Even though Elfen Lied is bloodier, Higurashi's scenes seem more violent; at times it makes you feel a little bad. The main difference is that Elfen Lied is bloody and has romance, while Higurashi is bloody, psychological, and is filled with terror.


Both these animes have borderless violance, a gripping story and a few heart wrenching scenes. There were parts in Elfen Lied that left you thinking " theres no way shes going to do that" and then Bam she kills kouta's family. And Higurashi was a rollercoaster of events that is sort of confusing until the second season, but when it hits you, the series comes together so well its kind of scary. Both of these series have very similar animation styles.


Both series have a stark contrast between silly cuteness and brutal gore. Both also make a point of showing what young people are capable of when pushed into a corner. Neither series is for the faint of heart, or for people who don't like getting their heads messed with. Or their heartstrings torn, for that matter.


blood, gore, a little bit more blood and a little bit more gore...oh, and did i mention there was lots of blood and gore?

both series are of your basic horror graphical violence type, but each also manage to incorporate comedy (no folks, not black comedy, but actual funny haha comedy) tragic childhood memories, strange secret company conspiracies, and the sheer will to protect the ones they love the most.

fans of one are often fans of the other and would really miss out if otherwise.


This show has an equal amount of blood and gore in it, just spread out. The story is very detailed, and keeps you asking, "How? Why? When?", and sometimes, "Who?" On the gore, how does fingernails equal forgiveness, maggots falling out of a neck, and bloody machetes sound? The emotions, past, present, and "future" of these characters is very compelling. It almost rivals, yes, rivals, Elfen Lied. Don't believe me? See for yourself.


Both shows may look complitly diferent at first sight but they truly have a lot in common. The main topic is a brutality and corruption of the world which couses the main haracters to act sometimes violently but sometimes also with devotion.


Both casts contain cute little girls who kill remoreslessly. The series are dark, gory and both use great colour paletts. Bright for the characters, but dark in ordeer to invoke mood.


Both Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Elfen Lied have kids acting violently against eachother. Higurashi no Naku Ni seems to have more of a reason for the violence than Elfen Lied, but overall, fans of gore and mystery should enjoy both series.


Both series turn the Dail up on the creepy factor. If the creepyness is what hooked you then Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is what you want. Although Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is not as bloody Elfen Lied it can shock you at times just how graphic it can be.

If you like Elfen lied for mystery,or just to be creeped out then I highly suggest that you give Higurashi no naku koro ni a try.


Both anime have characters engaged in bloody acts of violence, torture, death, and brutality. Yet when they aren't killing they are very sweet and loving. Elfen Lied is more about the gore where Higurashi is more about the horror/mystery of what is happening. If you liked one you will like the other.


So much blood that you may cry! Or stay alert for the next thing to happen! These are the most likely reactions when watching either Elfen Lied or Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. So much killing that you may just like that either drop it or become addicted to it! Either way, the excitement is just too much. Don't watch if you are not prepared to withstand it!


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, like Elfen Lied, is violent and, at times, kind of disturbing. Nyuu/Lucy also reminded me of Mion (a girl in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni), with both a cute and innocent side, and a violent, murderous one.


Both anime include twisted tortures and gore.

Lucy (Elfen lied) is also kinda similar to Mion (Higurashi) because they both got this sweet and kind side and this crazy side, (killing without feeling guilt)


Both Elfen Lied and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni share a intresting style where at one point during the show everything is fine and happy, and then the next it gets very sadistic and violent. As strange as that might sound, it works. Plus for those who enjoy the violent and sadistic part, you can be assured that both are VERY violent and sadistic. Honestly they are the kinds of anime that would give little kids nightmares.


Both of these series are amazing suspense thrillers. While the story line of the two series are completely different, they share the same look, feel and most important the same intensity. Elfen Lied contains a bit more gore than Higurashi does, but they share the same intensity through out the series.


There are characters who doesn't look like killers, but they are. They're usually normal, like other people, but from time to time they shows their dark sides and kills other people.

You can find drama and also liters of blood in both.

If you like one of them, you'll like the other.


These shows both have the same dark feeling, and death plot. They both are about girls who you like and feel bad for even though they go around killing people. Both are depressing.


For those who love dark stories, Elfen Lied and Higurashi (both seasons) are great complements. Not simply because of the gore content (although none of those two animes are lacking), but also the depth of the story and the eeriness they emit.

What people would appreciate in those two animes would also be the contrast between funny and cheerful moments and the sudden ominous and serious tone that could appear unexpectedly. Characters are very likeable and can easily be connected to.

However, Higurashi is a longer series and offers more mystery and unexpected plot twists than does Elfen Lied.


Even though both always end with the basic brutality that both series bring, the characters are amusing and delightful at time. They will make you laugh and grab your attention while the true story takes place, I couldn't turn away while watching both.


I consider Higurashi to be very similar to Elfen Lied in its intensity of animation and found myself actually fearful when watching both series. As horror animes, both are very effective in instilling fear in it's audiences. Both series have an element of mystery which forces the viewer to watch to the very end.


Both are bloody yet Higurashi gets inside your head but Elfen Lied is more about the blood yet both of them are about little girls that go around killing people in extreamly gory ways, while for Higurashi I did stay up till two in the morning watching my doorway hopeing Rena wouldn't pop out and cut my head off, while this wasn't the case with elfen lied it was the extreamly well told story with a plot twist about episode nine that I deffently didn't see coming but either way I very much recommend both to any one who has a strong gut.


If you liked Elfen Lied, I think you might like also Higurashi no Naku Koro ni because both have a unique plot that you are not just able to guess beforehand.

Twisted, Darkness, Mysteries, Betrayals. Explore the dark mind of humankind!


The blood content in both these animes is crazy. They both have young people, with love interests, who are going through some insane kind of drama.  Both main characters are apart of some kind of mystery that begins to reveal itself as the anime progresses.


both anime have a balance between ordinary 'slice-of-life' style and extreme mindf*ck style - as a side note, both also have, hidden in their midsts, an extreme fan-service ep which i appreciated greatly


Do you like gratuitous amounts of violence? If so you will find a great experience in either Elfen Lied or Higurashi, both of which don't skimp on the bloodshed.


Both Elfen Lied and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni have a similar theme of a male character surrounded by many seemingly-innocent (and secretly violent) females. Though the overall storylines are essentially different (Elfen Lied focuses more on romance and social ethics whereas Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has a sort of paranormal mystery going on), don't let that stop you from watching one if you've watched the other. They both feature murderous cute characters, some cringe-worthy torture scenes, and gruesome amounts of blood and gore.


Both Of these series have an extremely dark feel to them, leaving the viewer trying to piece together certain parts of the background behind the characters. Furthermore, both of the series are very violent, with a sense of insanity inherently placed in the series. Finally, both series do a very good job of making the impossible seem very real.


Both of them have for main theme kill and blood, you don´t understand very well what happened when you start to watch, you discover in the middle of the serie everything. 

The Characters don´t be like they seems to be...


Keiichi move to town, and so does Kohta.  They both have no knowledge of what psychopathic terror await them.  Both make new friends, and witness the horror of the slaughter brought from them. The main female characters also have split personalities, making these two animes very close to each other. If you love stuff that messes with your head, or blood and gore, both of these animes are for you! definitely not recommended for the weak of heart


If you're an Elfen Lied lover, then there's a good chance that you'd be fond of Higurashi. They both have disturbing violence that's sure to give you nightmares. So, if you enjoyed the grotesque "oh -my-god-did-she-just-chop-that-person's-head-off!?" violence of Elfen Lied, then you'll definitely enjoy the gruesome insanity of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. The two animes also share the "adorably cute girl" factor in the animation, also.


If you are a fan of violent and gory horror stories then Elfen Lied and Higurashi are perfect for you. Both shows feature a normal male character surounded by females that can be cute one minute, but can turn deadly at the drop of a hat. Both shows juxtapose cuteness and violence in a way that makes the violence and horror all the more shocking. 


You know what's fun? Comedies that gradually turn into violent blood fests wrought with killing and comedies that can go straight to violence/insanity in a snap. Except- no, that's just about it. Both Elfen Lied and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni are twisted enough to do that sort of jazz. But that's what makes them fun (In a way). They both satisfy those with a taste of comedy who don't mind the occasional jets/squirts of blood and disturbing imagery.


Elfen Lied and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni are both excellent series. They both have a very serious tone in one instance--but in the next instance you'll laughing your butt off! Also the art for both series is very good, in my opinion however, Elfen Lied art takes more of a life-like stance as opposed to the more cartoonish art in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


Both these animes have alot of gore thoughout so If you like gore then thats a good start, aswell as this the characters at first seem very normal, but they also have a killer side to them. So if you like higurashi for its brutal side, you will also like elfen lied and visa versa


These animes share a lot: overall dark mood, thriller/shock aspect and violence. Characters in both animes may not be who they seem. They take all of these similar aspects in very different directions, with both having some element of mystery. However, Elfen Lied focuses more on action and drama, while Higurashi is primarily a mystery.


Both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Elfen Lied make the point that making friends with a cute girl may not always be such a good idea.Whilst they tell very different stories they both feature characters who whilst appearing harmless and adorable on the outside, actually have a ruthless violent streak hidden behind their childish exterior- both animes are gory and whilst they feature charming colourful artwork at times should not be recomended for a younger audience. Both these animes go beyond the violence, capturing a dark atmosphere full of dramatic tension and horror to leave their audience wishing they had a bigger edge to their seat.


So you like blood, guts, horror, and mystery? You're at the right place. Wether it's elfen lied, or Higurashi no naku koro ni (or when they cry) You get it.

Creepy, mysterious female characters, that cause absolute mayhem. Strange music, and errie undertones, with plenty of violence and gore. I would highly reccomend each of them from each other.

Not for those sensetive to animated blood!


Cute little girls? No cute little MURDERES!

Both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Elfen Lied are dark, psychological animes that shows cute girls turning into killing machines which kills anyone who gets in the way, though Elfen Lied contains much more nudity and gore than Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

If you enjoyed either you should definitely watch the other.


Elfen Lied and Higurashi share quite a few things, among those:

1) both anime have an unique blend of comedy and mystery which will keep you entertained and in love with the characters

2) the storyline borders on genius, with enough twists, turns and cliffhangers to blow your mind

3) while Elfen Lied plays with rather tabu ideas but manages to wrap them up neatly, both leave you pondering about their actual themes and subliminal messages


Neither of them will baby you, you're watching a violent anime, that's what you get without faffing around. Both contain mystery and to some degree, until you are given the solution require you to come up with your own ideas.

Both are violent.

Both manage to balance casual happy life with horrific murders very well.


An anime with a lot of blood, but it also has a good story in it, just like this one. In both animes you'll feel sorry for one of the characters and you keep on hoping on a happy ending. I highly recommend it!


They're both horror anime and have more beneth the surface than what is initally revealed. With being gory and having unique complex characters I've you've enjoyed Elfen Lied or Higurashi whatever you watched first its likely you'll enjoy the other.


Both Elfen Lied and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni are well known for explicit gore and  violence. Their very similar in the aspects that there is a lot of mutilation and horror taking place in both animes. Also in both of them characters slowly turn psychopathic and creepy.


Both animes are very gory and leave an impact. I personally recommend watching Elfin Lied first, seeing as it may get you ready for the mind destroying ways of Higurashi.


Both Elfen Lied and the Higurashi seires contain a lot of the same ideas. Both combione everyday things with the unexpected. Both have their fair share of blood and gore. But don't let that discourage you. Both of these shows have a superb storyline and completely worth watching. (Especially if you like the horror genre.)


it got the same psychological substance and a deep dark storyline higurashi is a little more deeper and darker than elfen lied  but thats the only diffrence between them  


I think Elfen Lied has more blood, but Higurashi is more F***ed up. Both feature split personality cases and child abuse, and both are VERY difficult to watch. However, Elfen Lied has a deep, heartrenching story; Higurashi's story is more confusing and thought-provoking. Elfen Lied has beautiful art, while Higurashi has ugly art (the anime, not the manga!). On the other hand, both have beautiful opening themes.



Much to the annoyance of Kei, he and his childhood friend Katou have died, having been torn apart by a train. But rather than finding themselves at the gates of heaven, the duo materialize in a room full of strangers and a giant black sphere known as GANTZ. As if dying once wasn’t bad enough, the occupants of the room are then forced to embark on dangerous missions to kill strange aliens; missions that very few return from. Now, Kei, Katou, and a well-endowed friend must fight for their freedom with an arsenal of guns, high powered suits, and a very low chance of survival.

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Amound of gore and fatalities are enough reasons to recommend one for the other. In addition, well executed action scenes and quite a dark plot are other elements connecting shows together. Other than the reasons provided both are limited to rather simplistic plot and not too bright leading characters willing to act on insinct.

Right off the bat, GANTZ's censoring on TV makes this comparison somewhat strange. Though GANTZ is lighter on plot, gore is the central theme of both it and Elfen Lied. For that reason, if you liked one, see the other.

The main reason I found this series similar is that they are both gory and have some fanservice. Elfen Lied has alot more gore and fanservice (actual nudity in Elfen Lied, while Gantz hs no more than mistified nudity) than Gantz though. Gantz focusses more on the actualy "mindfuck" than the "visual entertainment" Elfen Lied offers. This brings me to the main differenc3e between the series: While GANTZ actually has a quite awesome story, Elfen Lied does not.

In both Elfen Lied and GANTZ, the characters have very different personalities and the story intertwines and links all of the characters to each other. Both have a sci fi feeling to them as well and will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you liked one, you will love the other.


Both are known as some of the most extreme animations made, whether you agree with that or not, it is without dispute that they are not for the light of heart. GANTZ's ecchi is somewhat unneeded and it moves at a much slower pace, while being nowhere near as moving as Elfen Lied. On the other hand, Elfen Lied has excessive nudity, but it isn't always out of placeisn't nor is it as sexual as GANTZ. Lastly Elfen Lied's topics tend to be more prone to be disturbing. In the end, if you liked either one, you may then like the other.


If you like extreme limb ripping, decapitations, and violent anime with lots of naked chicks, GANTZ and Elfen Lied are for you! I personally like Elfen Lied more because of its better story line and character development. Although Gantz starts out very unique and interesting it is not finished the way it was intended to; there is a manga that takes a different course that is longer than the series.


GANTZ and Elfen Lied are very similar in terms of action and gore. That being said, these two series are psychological mind trips that question the characters' moral and ethical beliefs. You'll see as each and ever character slowly passes that thin line of sanity and enters this world of violence and death. Though the plots may be different, you're bound to feel a strange sense of satisfaction as both series do a great job in portraying questionable amounts of unattached limbs and exploding heads.


Both Elfen Lied and GANTZ have enough blood and guts to make any horror fan happy. If you are into blood & gore or like horror anime these series should be on your must watch list.


While Elfen Lied and GANTZ are most obviously similar to each other in their liberal use of gore and the rather dark, brutal atmospheres that result, they are also very similar on an emotional level. Both contain powerful, opposite themes of isolation, suffering and loss and companionship and love. In all these aspects, both are shows of extremes, so if you enjoyed one it is highly likely that you will enjoy the other.


Both Elfen Lied and Gantz are somewhat rare anime because they show people dying in the most horrible of ways. It wouldn't be wrong to think of both as survival games.


Both Elfen Lied and GANTZ provide the fast-paced action that we crave without holding back even one drop of blood, all while following our lead protagonist (who seems to never fully grasp the situation until it is too late). I recommend one if you enjoyed the other.


Elfen Lied and Gantz revolve around shock value and how it can be turned into a narrative devise. Both push the envelope in terms of graphic violence and excessive gore with plenty of nudity to boot. EL has peaceful interludes that keep it from becoming utterly without hope while Gantz hardly ever slackens its pace of bloody action. These series manage to horrify and move the viewer, in EL the cute character design makes the massacres all the more poignant while Gantz's mostly realistic design adds an air of verisimilitude to the insanity.


You'll find a lot of recommending this anime as a good Anime to watch if you like them bloody and violent.Both cover similar themes, and both contain a lot of violence, sexual undertones, blood and scenes of a sexual nature ;)


These two animes are alike in their echii factor that plays into each and there dark stylings. In all of my anime watching GANTZ and Elfen Lied are at the top of the gore fest chart. They are filled with it along with a sexually tension that is tooken seriously in GANTZ and somewhat Chobits style in Elfen Lied. They have very dark themes and end rather sad. A fan of dark anime and gore who is mature should would definetely enjoy both animes.


It's already been said many times over that both of these Anime are EXTREMELY gory and, therefore, are similar. But, both have very clean-cut animation (personally I can't stand anything that's poor-quality or too "cartoonish") and a sense of mystery/impending doom that lasts through the whole series. Basically, the feeling of excitement and suspense I got out of watching both Anime were about the same. Both are A+.


One thing is for sure, Elfen Lied and GANTZ are similar in that both are shockingly brutal. Not much is left to your imagination, the violence is up close and personal. Add a little mystery to the mix, and the feeling of horror, and you got yourself a recipe that really works, both for Elfen Lied and GANTZ.


They're both heavy on the gore and drama factor.If you loved one for the gore or drama,you'll feel the same way about the other.


Both Gantz and Elfen Lied combine gritty, viceral gore with the story of a boy and his libido. The violence in both anime is off the wall, containing such things as animal cruelty, and the nudity is just as gratuitous. A strong stomach is needed if you're to venture into these anime. If you've already seen one, than you'd probably enjoy the other.


So, you've just watched Elfen Lied or GANTZ, and your sad now that the blood has stopped dripping. Want more? If you miss the gore and dismemberment then watching GANTZ/Elfen Lied should be your fix. Storylines are different though, where in Elfen Lied the protagonist is killing not only out of psychotic behavior, but for her freedom. In GANTZ the reasons for destruction is just a game, the prize? ... life


Both shows contain a lot of violance and blood. People die there in a lot of diffrent ways that makes watching a bit more interesting. However if this was all to it then it wouldn’t be a good show would it? Characters seen in these anime are interesting, you get to watch the other side of human nature, typical anime shows tend to show the good side of humans. But thsese anime concentrate on the bad side so much that sometimes you have enough and you want to turn it off. That’s what makes them so good and that’s why they are worth watching. Both Gantz and Elfen Lied.


Elfen Lied and GANTZ both have a lot of gore and violence so if you liked one you are bound to like the other for that reason. I also thought that both series had good soundtracks. The type of music used in each was very different but the music really added to the mood of the anime.


Gantz and Elfen Lied have a lot of blood and I mean a lot of blood and yet they both have romantic parts. They also are surrounded in confusion in Gantz they don't know why they were chosen and in Elfen Lied the main characters cant remember anything.


Gantz and Elfen Lied contains exremly graphic violence. If you like anime with adult themes, you might like both of these. There's a lot of gore and nudity in both series, but in my opinion Gantz is somehow darker and more mysterious than Elfen Lied.


if you like extreme violents, gore, boobshots and lots of shocking moments...then both GANTZ and Elfen Lied are what you need. They both share a few factors, the allmost "no real end" plot, the very shocking ways people die and the very beautiful animations.

but mostly how unpredictable both story's are, you'll be very surprised in every episode about how things are turning out and sometimes you hardly belive whats happening.


Both shows have ecchi, violence, gore, and nudity. Not to mention a LOT of blood. The stories are good but don't really end. If you liked one you will like the other.


Gore, perverted scenes and humilation. These are the points they are identical. The stories are completely different. While Elfen Lied let's you think about humanly researches, Gantz makes you go WTF?! Just watch and you'll see!


Both series feature a lot of nudity, over-the-top gore, and a lot of swearing. Though Elfen Lied has a better story, GANTZ is a lot more fun to watch since it's just fight after fight with a kind of weak story backing it up. Overall, I recommend watching both of these series at least once, cause they're both awesome.


Gantz and Elfen are based on very different concepts but they both contain a lot of blood mixed with slightly out of place humour. When mixed together make uncomfortable but interesting viewing.


These two are both excellent series. Both Gantz and Elfen Lied have similair levels of violence and gore. The story line for both of them progress in a similair fashion and will leave you guessing all the way up to the end.


GANTZ and Elfen Lied are both masters at shock value in every way. There's really nothing else to say... watch one, then watch the other, and you'll know what I mean. Elfen Lied is definitely a little more annoying as far as the stupid clueless Chobits-type girl factor, but still, it's just as shocking.


Both shows are hyper gory and feature fanservice to the point that they are borderline soft-core porn.

They both have rather interesting stories and the character development really makes you associate with the characters. Another thing they share is a love for making you connect with the characters and then putting them through sadistic situations like constant death, attempted rape, suicide and child molestation on a regular basis.


If you like that impending doom like, gory, horror filled anime then elfen lied is the 1 for you, filled with bone chilling experiences gauranteed gorier than gantz  elfen lied is ditto to gantz in those ways, storywise completely different but if you liked that kind of feel watch it has a pretty good story of its own.


Both Gantz and Elfen Lied contain elments of horror, mystery, and romance. Elfen Lied, while still dark, is considerably more light hearted than Gantz. Their's a love triangle in both animes which always guarantees drama, but with horror and gore topped onto all of it, it makes both animes unforgettable.


If you liked Elfen Lied for its abnormal amount of blood then I bet you will like this also! It got blood, guts, body parts flying everywhere!

Load your weapon, suit up, load and lock and then listen a rock and roll from radio and start blazing!


The reason is pretty much simple! Blood, hanging limbs, big boobs, dark at times non existing plot! However underneath a point of view and a message about deep matters as existance and life!

Still lots of blood, crazy action, you're not getting bored! If you are looking for those, trust me, you'll find them in both Elfen Lied AND Gantz!


To say that GANTZ and Elfen Lied had massive similarities would be highly wrong and inaccurate.  Actually, the sole reason as to why you would enjoy watching the other series, is because of the gore.  Both anime, produce some incredibly, horrific deaths and although most people can or will be put of by the sight of blood, these series seem to take it in their stride.


Elfen Lied and Gantz. Two series packed with melodrama, nudity but most of all extreme violence that suddenly fills the screen with blood in huge amounts. Furthermore, both shows seem satisifed with just featuring as much shock-value as possible; characterization is never a very high priority, and while both storylines are very dark they are also pretty simplistic.


GANTZ and Elfen Lied are very similar because they're both gory and Ecchi, but they're also pretty intresting to watch because they have a rather difficult plot ... 


Both Elfen Lied and Gantz are known for being some of the bloodiest anime out there, they both are exeedingly violent from minute one and cover a lot of taboo subjects.

They both mess with the viewers mind and are very psychologically dsturbing also.


If you are into animes that are bloody, action packed and make you wonder what will happen next these animes are for you. Both have uniques stories which will keep you interested beyond the ending.


Hot chicks... check

Adult themes...check

All rediculous bloody gore... double check

The story lines of these two animes are fairly unique which I would consider a plus.  Quite different endings too.  The people in GANTZ I'd say are dramatically more flawed as people which I thought was salt on my fries.


If you like animes with lots of violence and lots of gory scenes, then both these animes are for you.

Be warned there are nude scenes and cute serial killers!



In times of olde, humans live in constant fear of demons known as yoma. These vicious creatures can take the appearance and memories of humans they have devoured, thus blending into society as they freely feast on human flesh. The key to stopping the yoma lies with the tolerated yet feared Claymores - women who are half-demon, half-human, and fully fated to become the demons that they hunt. Meanwhile, in a village, the young Raki has been banished; his only crime was losing his family to the yoma. Raki is drawn to a Claymore named Clare, and together their journey begins. While Clare fights the yoma plaguing the land, can Raki help her in her struggle to retain her humanity?

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Both series are extremely dark and gory, and are centered around an organization (run by men) that sends female characters to do their evil bidding. Clare, like Elfen Lied's Lucy, share the same kind of independent streak that leads to trouble. If you enjoy the kind of series that isn't afraid to make its protagonist suffer, and especially enjoy a strong female lead character, you'll like Claymore, too.


Both Elfen Lied and Claymore share the same strong storytelling, and are mixed with action scenes that make you want to turn away; but you know if you do, you'll miss something great!


Although both Elfen Lied and Claymore take place in very different settings I think if you like one, you might like the other as well. Both anime have a significant amount of gore (used in different ways however), but the central theme that I think might appeal to people is the strong central characters: both are strong, cold women who have suffered a lot, and wield a lot of power.

Both anime also have similar themes about righteousness, suffering, justice and injustice.


Both Claymore and Elfen Lied are bloody and mature, with highly emotional content based upon the pressures of growing up in a harsh environment, and the effect of that childhood upon the characters' minds. The heroines are complex characters, and the fights are violent but beautifully drawn.


Claymore can be considered a darker version of Elfen Lied; they don't share a lot of similarities, but they do have several of the same basic concepts. You nearly become the main character because of how well their feelings come across. There's also a lot of gore and violence in both.

Elfen Lied has quite a bit of fanservice, so watch it if you need something a bit more lighthearted. Claymore stays true to its dark and gloomy style, so watch it if you want to be kept on your toes with story that toys with your emotions.


Elfen Lied and Claymore are similar. Both have a lot of blood and great action scenes. Their plots are not as similar, but they are still both two great series that you should watch.


In both series there is a group of humans with abnormal abilities.Furthermore, from in both series a person of that group develops a relationship with a normal human and that affects their lives from that point on.Finally,they both share terror and fighting elements as well as emotionally charged moments throughout the course of the story.


Each main character in Elfen Lied and Claymore are the strong type female role, fighting to deal with the suffering and pain of their pasts which are very sordid. The effects of their childhood experiences create the story that is now being told and strives to explain why they take the actions they do. The character’s back story reveals a great deal about the character portrayed in the series.


Both series has graphic violence, with girls killing, spraying blood and multiple deaths at scenes.

Both also has a fine romantic viewpoint.


These two anime are similar, because they both are about mutation of humans struggling to fit in. Both give you that sad twinge when you're watching it.


Killer girls created by corporations with horrible pasts that has made them into the killing machines they are today. Claymore's animation is more dark and sinister where Elfen Lied is more colourful yet still gives you that sinister feeling. If you liked one check out the other.


Both of those anime are strong on gore. Heck you can see cuted/ripped off limbs in almost every episode. So if you into gore, those two shows should satisfy you, but if your not into such stuff, stay away from them.


Both series have a very strong female with deadly powers as the lead role.  However, Elfen Lied contains some humor while Claymore remains fairly serious.  With the mix of gore and a compelling storyline, if you watch one of these anime, you must watch the other!


Both of these anime are extremely dark, contain a very large amount of violence/gore, are focused around a lot of "not-quite-human" beings, and have several extremely deranged characters.


both Claymore and Elfen Lied feature alot of bloody violent, gory scenes, both of them are heavy on emotional content and both animes feature main female protagonists possessing supernatural abilities and make use of them in different circumstances, also both animes feature main protagonists with a past covered in sorrow and painful memories. Though the action takes place in different settings in what i mentioned above this two are quite alike so if you like one of this shows be sure to check the other one as well.


These two anime take place in different settings with different atmospheres, but they have a dark tone to them. Violence and blood are rampant in both. They also focus on the pasts and powers of female characters that are struggling with who they are.


Both Elfen Lied and Claymore have some pretty powerful women who take orders from an organization and are given numbers instead of names for the most part. Both anime are very interesting tales of what it means to be human, and both involve a lot of blood and gore. 


Elfen Lied and Claymore are both violent, dark stories where young women get amazing powers at a terrible cost. With strong female leads, weak male sidekicks, solid action, and a dash of gore, these really are a good match.


Both anime have a gruesome and sad story line, and neither lack in depth of characters or plot


Both series are extremely dark and gory, and are centered around an organization (run by men) that sends female characters to do their evil bidding. Clare, like Elfen Lied's Lucy, share the same kind of independent streak that leads to trouble. If you enjoy the kind of series that isn't afraid to make its protagonist suffer, and especially enjoy a strong female lead character, you'll like Claymore, too.

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Having failed to earn admission to a university, Hideki Motosuwa has moved to the big city, determined to study his hardest for next year's exams. However, an unusual distraction presents itself one unsuspecting day in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl that has been discarded in the trash. In a world where an increasing number of people turn to these 'persocoms' for company, the bonds and limits of human relationships are tested as flesh manages to fall in love with the machine itself...

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If you're not so crazy about the violence factor of Elfen Lied, but you loved the Nyu storyline and budding romance between the simple, abandoned girl and the bumbling Kouta, you'll certainly find Chobits appealing. Substitute an amnesiac mutant for an amnesiac robot, get rid of Lucy and the government conspiracy, and you'll have Chobits, a light romance series about a guy who finds a robot who can only say "Chi," is completely helpless, yet loves him unconditionally (sound familiar?). Elfen Lied is Chobits' bipolar, psychotic cousin.


Both series are about a cute, naive girl with a secret who falls into the care of a kind guy. Elfen Lied is a much darker version of this tale, whereas Chobits is light-hearted.


The main heroine characters, Chii in Chobits and ‘Nyuu' or Lucy from Elfen Lied, are very similar to each other and act the same way when they first appear. I thought that the story lines were very similar to each other too, except Elfen Lied has a great deal of gore in it whereas Chobits focuses more on the ‘cute' aspect of the characters.


Both Chobits and Elfen Lied have to do with love and girls who are not human. While Elfen Lied is more violent and Chobits is funnier, both have the same feeling of loneliness surrounding the two girls.


If you took the blood and gore and violence out of Elfen Lied, then you would get Chobits. Lucy and Chii have a hard time understanding their surroundings regardless of how hard they try.


If you can enjoy anime without blood spraying everywhere and you liked part of elfen lied in which boy "finds" a girl who is unusual and she can say only one thing and it becoume her name;] ?So you will like Chobits!.


From out of nowhere, two seemingly harmless and innocent young women fall into the lives of our two protagonists - Kohta and Hideki, two young men with plenty on their mind already. With no concept of everyday life, or even of manners and normal behavior, expect plenty of opportunities for funny moments and compromising situations as Chii and Nyuu have to be taught everything from scratch, and also show a liking for running around completely naked, but fail to understand why people have a problem with that.

Yet these two young ladies also have another side to their story and plainly they have another function in life. The lives they have begun to make for themselves now will be directly threatened and haunted by their old lives, as their true identities and abilities are revealed to all over time. Will Kota and Hideki still want to be their friends when they learn the truth?


The sense of humor concerning the antics of a naive girl who has a darker side is a pervasive theme throughout both Chobits and Elfen Lied. Although where Chobits is usually a light hearted comedy, Elfen Lied is a darker, more violent exploration of what it means to be human.


Chobits has a bit of a less death centered plot then Elfen, but still has to do with loving someone that isn't human.


Take out the violence, guns and death. And you have Chobits. Nyu and Chi are so similar it isn't even funny, both can only say one word in the beginning, both completely innocent and both have "nice" guys find them. Also, both have 2 girls fall for them (but can only choose one).

All in all, I liked Cobits better, less violence and nudity. A  funnier and friendlier Anime you could say. So if you've just watched Elfen Lied and gone "hmm, nice romance/relationship happening, but kinda overdosed on violence and nudity" have a look at Chobits :)


This is because the two stories start have many surprising similarities.  Hideki (Chobits) finds Chi in the dumpster, naked....well almost. Same in Elfen Lied, Nyuu/Lucy is found naked on the beach.  Nyuu is named Nyuu because it is the only thing she can say, "Nyuu" as Chi can only say "Chi".  Both have a past that they cannot remember...for the time being.  As this being only the way the characters in the two animes are introduced, the stories themselves have too much in common.  Lucy on one hand has a history/future of killing while Chi is rather quite innocent.  Elfen Lied has gore while Chobits is about love.  But both are pretty good and one connects to the other through the that characters a introduced....

Oh and...Chi has those persicom ear thingies.  Lucy/Nyuu has Horns.


It is similar because 'Chi' lost her memory and went to Hedeki and 'Nyu' lost her memory and went to Kouta, plus the two girls are naked a lot.


The main character Nyu and Chi is kinda alike, both is cute and naive exept that Nyu turns in to a killing machine sometimes. Overall both shows are great.


A little of an odd reccomendation, I know, but if you liked chobits, and don't mind blood, then Elfen lied is a good way to go, as it has the memory - wiped long haired girl, who is very cute, and can only say one word.

If you like elfen lied, abd dont mind cuteness and pervyness, then chobits you should go! The same reasons as above, a girl, or persocom loses her memory, and has to be taught, and she too, has her own cute little catchphrase, as the only word she can say.

Also, both female lead characters have strange ears in some way.



So essentially... these are the exact same show... In Chobits, we have a robotish lifeform with a split personality that can only say "Chi!" (Initially). She was found out of the blue one day, and taken in by a bumbling boy who freaks out in nerve-wracking panic whenever he sees something he shouldn't. In Elfen Lied, we have a robotish lifeform with a split personality that can only say "Nyu!" (Initially). She was found by a bumbling boy who freaks out in nerve-wracking panic whenever he sees something he shouldn't.It of course differentiates as Chobits is a romance adventure, and Elfen lied is a horror thriller.


Take out the bloody parts of Elfen Lied and replace them with A.I.s, and you have chobits. Amnesia-laden leading ladies and the men who care for them.


To simply put it, Chobits does not have gore or anything like that such as elfen lied, but if your someone who liked the nyu storyline it feels alot like that.


In both anime, a clueless girl is found by a boy. The boy names the girl the only word she is able to say. The big difference between "Chobits" and "Elfen Lied" is the fact that "Elfen Lied" is much bloodier and more explicit. It also is a deeper, more heartbreaking anime than "Chobits."


You would like Elfen Lied as well as Chobits because they both have a boy teaching a girl who can only say one word.

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Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Middle school student Ganta Igarashi witnessed the slaughter of his entire class by the mysterious 'Red Man', and as the only survivor, he was labeled a mass murderer and sentenced to death. Now an inmate at the privately-owned prison and ‘amusement park' known as Deadman Wonderland, Ganta must try to survive in a place where inmates are the main attraction in brutal gladiator-style games. At the same time, he must attempt to uncover the truth behind the ‘Red Man', his mysterious childhood friend Shiro, and why he was the only survivor that bloody day.

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DEADMAN WONDERLAND and Elfen Lied have numerous similiarities which make them ideal if you like one, yet still seem so different.

First, neither hold back on the gore and violence, if you against body parts been ripped haphazardly by innocent character stay well away. Both series feature a 'gifted' breed of human in Elfen Lied it's the Diclonius and in DEADMAN WONDERLAND it's the Branches of Sin. Both lead male character believe they know their past, but find that important parts have been forgotten.

Finally, they are both about trying to find something in a world where there is nothing but death, blood and destruction.


EL and DW are fairly similar in terms of execution, theres a lot of violence, sick characters and disturbing scenes, both stories are constantly trying to shock the viewer, and sometimes this feels a bit too unrealistic in my opinion. There's also sci-fi supernatural abillities on both shows mixed with a bit of ecchi. From my opinion DW is much more exciting in terms of plot, fighting scenes and characters overall.


Bloody and cruel scenes, people with mysterious powers experimented upon and treated cruelly, theme of a mysterious childhood friend of whom main character has lost memories.

These would be similarities between the animes. If you enjoyed Elfen Lied you will probably enjoy Deadman Wonderland and the other way around.


Both Elfen Lied and Deadman Wonderland are gory bloody stories that focus on the uglier parts of human nature. Neither show's story is particularly strong but they both have strong visual styles that are interesting to watch.


Lots of people dying: Check. Lots of blood: Check. Gruesome events: Check. Magic and supernatural abilities of sorts: Check. The only real difference is that DMW is focuessed on one particular place(prison, which is huuuge btw) and Elfen lied goes all over Japan. If you liked one, check out the other.


Both deadman wonderland and Elfen Lied are incredibly similar upon watching, They both feature excessive ammounts of gore but still have enough storyline to make it entertaining. I reccomend you watch them both if you have not already.


Extremely similar character/story development... as in "Dear God these are extremely similar" or "Dejav... no wait, it was teh other anime!"... Now seriously, the main difference is that in DW the main male has powers, in EL he doesn't... and DW has no lolicon. Both animes will end and you'll feel the urgent need to go read the manga (But in the good way, not the Damn-it!-These-guys-only made-the-anime-to-make-me-read-the-manga way). Gore gallore in both. Humanity sucks in both. Psychological conflict in both. I-know-something-the-main-character-doesn't-and-its-gonna-be-OMGWTFRELEASETHEKRAKEN-when-he-finds-out in both. etc...


The two of these share the tragedy of losing hope, and love in the series. There are conspiracies and also their dark pasts are included. Although in deadman wonderland, it is darker and more sinister compared to elfen lied. 


Both stories are very well writen and have moments of intence horror enforced by blood and gore

both have a cute relationship between a confused main male character and the main female character


In Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied there are humans who have gained a certain power that can be used to kill. With this ability comes a lot of bloodshed, so if you're into gore, you will love them. Another similarity is the girl that seems innocent at first, but actually has a dark side. The main character has a history in which his beloved ones have been killed. What they don't know is that the girl with them played a big role in that event.


Both of the animes feature a large amount of swearing and gore. Though the storylines are obviously different, they share a similarity in covering the lives of two individuals being stuck in all-around bad life situations. 


These anime have plenty of similarities. The top is a main character with a childish personality but the ability to kick enough ass to save her wimptastic male friend. There are also side-stories about repressed memories, secret societies, and some twisted experimentation. A lot of the main cast have supernatural abilities and are not hesitant to use them on anyone who stands against them. Both of these animes are also heavy on the bloodshed. 


Both of Yandere heroines, as in both Lucy and Shiro have killed people close to the protagonist. Both the heroines also have split personalities, making the similar in almost every way.


Both Elfen Lied and Deadman Wonderland focus on a male lead who at first is not entirely sure what he's getting in to. They both have a female friend who's not entirely sane, but there is more to them than meets the eye.

Both anime feature quite a bit of gore, ripped off limbs and a lot of blood.


both of them are about people considered freaks for their abilities killing each other. Lots of gore and adult material and both great shows.


Both anime exonerate a certain macabre style and deal with mean characters who are unsure of their pasts and/or suffer amnesia of one sort or another.


Both of them are full of blood. That's it. And also, both have unexpectedly original storylines, which will keep you entertained till the end. Elfen Lied and Deadman Wonderland have very good graphics and drawing, this is what connects them. If you like one, you'll probably won't be disappointed by watching the other.


These two animes share many similarities you feel like you have watched history repeat itself, only in a different environments. They are both extremely graphical and gory, and revolves around one murdeous being that emerges from being caged up their whole life.


After seeing Eflen Lied, i was searching something similar and I found Deadman Wonderland.

Indeed, you can find blood, action, fights and beautiful relationship in both of em'.

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