KiraRin's avatar By KiraRin on Jul 19, 2009


First of all if you hate boobs, walk away. If you don’t like momentous mammary glands, you really should stop reading now – Eiken is to “fun bags” what Lelouch was to the rebellion; an essential part of the mayhem, and not afraid to exploit it to get their way.

When Densuke Mifune arrives at the exclusive Zashono Academy, the tone is set as the reserved young schmuck bumps into the comely Chiharu. Minor contact is turned into a laughable grope-fest, with the innocent boy falling and finding his hands kneading the ample bosom trapped beneath him. Things get worse, as he is inaugurated into this mysterious group – the purpose of which is never explained – and Mifune finds himself surrounded by a group of mismatched beauties looking for some titular fun. The show continues in this vein – using every possible opportunity to place the hapless member of the Eiken club into some extremely compromising and innuendo fuelled moments, usually at the expense of his top heavy associates.

The true allure of the show shines through as the annual “big summer event” places the team into swimsuits and encourages a highly suggestive competition. A first round bungee jump sees the unfortunately proportioned Komoe plummeting to earth – her cranium sized breasts undulating with the downward force and panties exposed to the world. Just as you think things can’t get much worse, the words “yogurt slide” appears on screen. The insinuation contained within this bizarre challenge will have even the most hardened ecchi fan double-taking with disbelief; an innocent waterslide becomes a blatant allusion towards a messy sex session, but the show does this without nudity or even showing a nipple.

Although the premise of Eiken is pure ecchi anime filth, the execution is performed in such a way that the viewers mind will act out much more than what happens onscreen. The simple act of eating a banana is glorified in style - girls in swimwear climbing over each other to be the first to consume every delicious inch of the phallic fruit, and to win adoration from their peers. Scenes of sexual parody continue unashamedly, and although lacking any real depth, the show will leave a strangely satisfying feeling for those who understand that this is nothing but a satirical look at perversion.


The most eye-catching aspect of Eiken is, of course, the astronomical breasticles. You can almost hear the twisted glee of the artists’ as their creations struggle to remain upright. With sexual fantasy taking precedent over visual quality, the show suffers from moments of poorly drawn characters and unimpressive scenery.


With a suggestive whimper and a moan, the voice actors for the Eiken girls were well selected. From the domineering, deep voiced Kirika, to the soft and shy tones of Chiharu; each of the diverse group has a solid seiyuu with a talent for vocal seduction.

The whimsical J-pop opening track is both catchy and fitting to the show, accompanied by the entire cast gyrating around harmoniously with the funky beats. As the lively tunes continue through the show, the only soundtrack letdown is the ending; sounding more appropriate to a 70's soft-core porn movie, it feels like a buzz-kill to the quick witted anime.


Although a criteria for ecchi is usually a harem consisting of impossibly curvaceous and mindless women, Eiken refuses to fully comply. The busty female protagonist, Chiharu, is shy and girly but also highly intelligent – scoring the highest on the esteemed entrance exam. Her real downfall is a fragile nature; wanting a male to protect her, she causes jealousy amongst her admirers by falling into the arms of whoever happens to be nearest at the time. Surprisingly, this is not done in a sexual way, with Chiharu knowing what she wants and walking away from the situation if she isn’t comfortable.

Mifune is typical of the inexperienced sap surrounded by a plethora of perky schoolgirls. With eyes only for Chiharu, he coyly tries to avoid any compromising situation, apologising sincerely for the accidental fondling sessions he frequently finds himself in. Pushing the group into trouble is the monumental Kirika. Wearing dental floss masquerading as a swim suit, the orally fixated vixen provides much of the comedy with her overbearing nature and obsession with food. The varied cast is over-the-top and stereotyped to the extreme, something that may not appeal to many viewers, but there is no doubt that each personality holds a certain charm.


Eiken is crude. Eiken is perverted. But most of all, Eiken is fun. The extreme dose of ecchi will not appeal to everyone – the frequent groans of disbelief that I dared to enjoy this show tell me that – but see through the silicone enhanced exterior and you will enjoy satire aimed at the most hardcore fanservice fans.

7/10 story
4/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
galacticdude7's avatar By galacticdude7 on Apr 21, 2010


There was a storyline? really? The storyline of Eiken is hard to follow or even be aware of due to it being interfered with the constant fanservice. I find the problem with most ecchi animes is that they focus too much on making sexual jokes and situations, and they forget about the story. Sure, they ecchi moments are nice, but without a story to put them in context, It becomes a "lets see how many panty shots we can fit into 30 minutes" contest. That is the problem with Eiken, it has a decent story, but it is drowned out by the constant fanservice. I think that if the fanservice and ecchi moments where intergrated into the story to make it make sense for it to happen, I would have enjoyed Eiken. But the main downfall with most ecchi animes is that the story almost always becomes secondary to the fanservice and ecchi moments, and the story becomes the slave of these moments, instead of the other way around.


My major complaint about Eiken's art is that proportions are extremely out of wack. I don't mind it when the female character's boobs are a tad too large for them, but Eiken just makes a mockery of it. They are just way too big. If they where real girls they would always be falling over forward and would require a good chiropracter at the age of 15. Plus I also think that it is a bit excessive to give a 6th grade girl boobs that are probably F sized. That is just plain wrong.


Most of the characters I did not have major complaints with. Two characters in particular I did not like where Yuriko and Kirika, who are both complete and total whores. They have no depth what so ever, and all they do is try to arouse poor Densuke. I would not mind them so much if they had more to them than trying to get their boobs as much contact with Densuke as possible. That is another major problem with most ecchi anime, which is that the characters are shallow and the female ones tend to be whores.


Even though Eiken is a two episode OVA series, I would not waste my hour of time watching it, and neither should any of you. Do not watch Eiken. It is terrible and not worth the time it takes to watch it.

3/10 story
2.5/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
james4888's avatar By james4888 on Oct 6, 2010

Lets face it this anime was made to sell fanservice and it does it very well i only wish it was longer.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
Thrawn's avatar By Thrawn on Jan 23, 2011

If the greatness of an anime depended on boobs, then this obviously would be the best of everything. At least until the record-breaking OVA Eiken 2: Boobs, Breasts and Bazoongas at the Beach. But since there are other "factors" that determine greatness, it ruins the chance of a more perverted and borderline nudity-riddled sequel and Eiken's shot at world domination.

That world would be so much better. By setting the bar so high, all anime wouldn't require you to think for you to enjoy them. And by setting your mindset low, you would get the maximum enjoyment for your time. By that, I mean the proper setting to get past all the grabbing, the squeezing, the unbelievably suggestive... banana scenes, the jiggling... the lack of physics, the actual use of physics at times (In a very, very creepy way)... the yogurt slide... the list goes on.

There's also a story, I think it was about... some kind of... Ok! There's this guy, wimpy and sissy, the usual lucky bastard. He is forced to join a club where most of the women are unbelievably endowed. And the club joins some competition. Perverted fun ensues. Your millage will vary. That's basically the jist of it. Quite frankly, I'm quite impressed with myself for remembering that much. Unsurprisingly, the story is peanuts compared to the perversion.

I tried it once and could barely get past 5 minutes. Back then, I questioned it too much. Gave it too much thought. When I recently watched it, I turned my brain off and sent it out. You look past the story, all the illogical aspects and don't question everything and go with the flow of everything, you might enjoy it.

For everything else, I can say; jiggle physics, size, the unbelievably suggestive scenes... erm... the sound... eh. It worked, I guess. Characters; one's a pettanko, there's the other cast on the opposite side of the spectrum, something... it's a harem anime and after looking at the screenshots, I'm wondering why I'm spending so much time on this part. Don't expect anything deep or a tragic background of sorts.

Honestly, I enjoyed it. It's simple perverted fun. Illogical and brainless, yes, but without loading up on anything but ecchi and boobs, it focuses on what it does best. And if it's worth something, I'm sure it's very faithful to the manga.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
randomredneck's avatar By randomredneck on Feb 22, 2011

Hey fellow anime viewers. Tired of quality shows, with good characters, enjoyable stories, and depth to them? Want a show that takes gainaxing to a whole new level, has a story so thin it could have an eating disorder, and wanna see if its possible to actually lose I.Q. points watching a show? Then have i got a show for you. This is Eiken. Typical high school loser Mifune Densuke is...well a typical high school loser, just going about his day. Then he gropes by mistake, his crush Chiharu. Then Eiken club leader Misano sweeps in on a giant robot, and takes him away to join the Eiken club. Enjoy that? That's about the last bit of sense this show makes. Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way quick. Tits. If you like them, this show has them. From a totally flat chested girl who looks like she should still be in grade school, to...well the only apt description of some of the other members is "Holy hell, how do they stand up?" Again, this isn't a show that aims for a story. There is some thing about a school competition, a student coming back from America...that's it really. Whatever poor souls who agreed to voice this thing, put in about as much effort as your typical dub of a b-rated hentai. The animation? Well its alright...if you like bigger than your head tits bouncing like a rubber ball on a trampoline in an earthquake, cause that seems to be where the majority of the animation budget went. Looking for character depth? Well again, you should probably look elsewhere. The only characters who get some semblance of development are Densuke and Chiharu. And even then, they both play out the typical shy guy, popular girl crush combo. Now, i would feel bad without telling you this. There is a banana eating contest during the idiotic school competition, an eel gets in the teachers swimsuit bottom, Misano is constantly eating phallic food, and, the coup de grace, the yogurt slide. Yes. A. Yogurt. Slide. A cheap excuse to splash Chiharu with white goo, and still keep this from being a hentai. I'd go into the finale, which involves a chocolate slide on a banana slide, but i feel myself getting dumber as i write this review. I'll wrap it up. If you like anime's that make you question your faith in humanity, try Eiken. Like good anime? Watch something else. Thank you.

Yours truly,


2/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall