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Eight Clouds Rising

Alt titles: Yakumo Tatsu

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2.156 out of 5 from 143 votes
Rank #4,556


Kuraki has taken his grandfather’s ancient sword to the Shinnagi festival for an ancient cleansing ritual, and finds himself inexplicably drawn to a beautiful shrine maiden. As night falls, the priestess is revealed to be Nanachi, the son of the guesthouse Kuraki is staying in. The bond between the two is strengthened as they discover they share the ability to see spirits and use the ancient Japanese magic of Izumo. However, on the night of Nanachi’s initiation as a shaman, Kuraki accidentally sees a ritual sacrifice that is an attempt to break the curse of Susanoo, and becomes the target of the newly instituted and blood-thirsty leader...


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Name Role
Yuko KUSUMOTO Character Design
Tomomi MOCHIZUKI Director
Hajime MIZOGUCHI Music
Natsumi ITSUKI Original Manga Creator
Yuji NUNOKAWA Producer
Shigeru WATANABE Producer
Tatsuo OZAWA Producer

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Tab watched Eight Clouds Rising at 2 of 2 episodes
Singan watched Eight Clouds Rising at 2 of 2 episodes
AnimeRulez4ever won't watch Eight Clouds Rising
WhiteDemonLPS removed the Eight Clouds Rising anime from their anime list
kafannia watched Eight Clouds Rising at 2 of 2 episodes

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With what could have been a normal slice-of-life type show, both Tsukihime and Eight Clouds revel in darkness, leading the viewer by the hand and along a very dark path. Filled with blood and gore, action is not the most important part of either show. Taking their time with slowly unfolding back story and building up the characters, the shows will appeal to viewers who like something to think about - as well as seeing plenty of troubled teens with a sudden urge for blood.