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ef - a tale of memories

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In a high school setting, there are many people whose stories must be told: Hiro, an aspiring manga artist whose view of the world is "missing a certain color," according to himself; his childhood friend Kei, who is vying for his attention; Kyosuke, a photographer and cameraman who seeks to capture true emotion in his work; the ever-cheerful Miyako, who meets Hiro by chance and immediately becomes attached to him; the gentle Renji, unsure of his aspirations to become a novelist; and Kei's mysterious and quiet sister Chihiro, who seems to be a different person every day. As time passes and they interact with one another more, their paths increasingly intertwine as shades of regrettable pasts emerge.


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
ef - a tale of memories: Prologue OVA 2007 TBD
ef - a tale of melodies TV 2008 TBD
ef - a tale of melodies: Prologue DVD Special 2008 TBD
ef - a tale of memories: Recollections OVA 2008 Condensed Version

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two 2006 TBD
Name Role
Nobuhiro SUGIYAMA Character Design
Shin OONUMA Director
Tenmon Music

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Title Author Score Date
ef - a tale of memories FalseDawn 8/10 Apr 4, 2008

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ef - a tale of memories Bronia 8/10 Dec 24, 2012
ef - a tale of memories KillerZEK87 8/10 Oct 5, 2012
ef - a tale of memories FullmetalCowboy24 7/10 Jul 16, 2012
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Favourites silly 31 Jul 9, 2014
Lista TOP 30 anime :)) xNikcia 30 Jul 5, 2014
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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

After a series of unfortunate events, the young Hirose Takuma was rendered blind. In an attempt to reverse his condition Hirose moves in with his uncle in a rural village, and upon his arrival he quickly begins to make new friends. However, Hirose soon discovers that one of his classmates, Hayami Kohinata, is being harshly bullied by her peers for reasons that neither she nor anyone else wants to explain. Even the seemingly honest and gentle Hinata Kagura, who had been doing her best to be friendly and helpful to Hirose since his arrival, acts harshly towards Hayami. Once a mysterious girl bequeaths Hirose with a life-changing gift, he takes it upon himself to help save Kohinata from her loneliness while working to uncover the truth of the situation.

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Both H2O and Ef are based on H-Games but neither anime reflect this element.

Each anime follows the main male chacters as they develop and expand their relationships with the various female charaters.

One noticable difference is that in H2O, there is a sole male charcter having to choose between two of the girls whilst Ef shows the story of three boys and how they come to understand and, in two cases, love the female character they choose to stay with.

Both have an ending that you will not forget anytime soon.


Very few anime series cover the aspect of a relationship between one who has a medical problem and the person who saves them. These two anime however, cover this concept in a brilliant and different manner, yet somehow keeping the same ideas and raw emotions that make these series great. Extremely well made and both Ef and H20 are worthy to watch.


Both series are about love and their hardships. In addition, both are fairy-tale-like anime with lovable characters.The classic story (love between a highschool boy and girl) is realized very unique. If you like one, I'm sure you'll like the other too.


Questions aimed at you, the reader: when you watched one of these anime, did you feel like you wanted to tell the entire world about how intense the drama of the anime is? Did you think about it for days and days, pondering how something so powerful could ever be thought up by a human writer? Did you--don’t actually read and answer this question out loud, in case you have been doing so for the others--almost or did cry? Is this anime on your top 10 or at least very close? Is “drama” your kind of genre or perhaps interest you as something to watch?

If you answered “Yes,” “Sure,” or “Wow! It’s like this this recommendation knows who I am and where I live!” to any of those above questions, prepare to live through the past all over again. Although both anime are too short, every episode is used to its full potential, as all dramas should be. Experience the great genre that is…the “other” drama-filled anime you haven’t watched yet but will enjoy because of its level of drama.


H2O and tales of memories are both touching stories about the choices you make in life

there similair because both have a gohst who guides the chars with advices.

Both endings you will not forget

5 Centimeters per Second

5 Centimeters per Second
  • Movie (1 ep x 62 min)
  • 2007

Although today Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari live far apart due to a family move shortly after elementary school, they were once two shy young students brought together by their shared differences from their peers. It is because of this that the two built a bond of closeness between them that still survives through their continued correspondence, even over such a distance. Secretly they both fear the loss of this bond over time, and for this reason they arrange a meeting between just the two of them. The journeys both of them take in their minds and in their lives create an atmosphere of intense emotional upheaval, but also a sense of peace. It is a twist of fate and a series of decisions that put the two in place to carry what they choose of their pasts into the future they will create for themselves.

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The dramatic story and the wonderful art of Makoto Shinkai are in bouth animes. Even though in Ef he did only the backgrounds he still did a wonderfull job. The breathtaking views make bout animes very enjoyable. Even though the drama is wonderful made in bouth of them, the ending is not so dramatic for ef- a tale of memories. The characters suffer because of love and mature because of the same rason. The story is very good developed and the sad parts are so deep that it could make anybody cry.

The OST is something you won't miss after you watch them. I especualy love ef opening of ef- a tale of memories

I personaly love this 2 animes and I think that they are very similar: short but deep. They are stories that deserv to be rememberd.


Even though the shows might not directly share anything else except the elements of romance and drama, there’s still a strong connection between the two. 'Ef' and ‘5 centimeters per second’ both tell a story of their character’s relationships and the difficulties that arise, creating a bittersweet atmosphere full of love and loss.


Each of these contain a strong sense of romance and drama in it, which is the main connection between them on the surface, but, underneath, they both have a strong sense of loss and melancholy within the main characters that bring these works closer together.


The dramatic effects of 5 Centimeters per Second and Ef ~ Tale of Memories ~ make the captivating romantic stories come alive through the characters genuine problems and striving solutions in trying to get through them.  Situations around every turn change their lives forever but make what they have that much more valuable.  The relationships between the characters are exciting and suspenseful with characters trying to mature right before the viewers eyes. 



Koyomi Araragi is an aloof boy who holds a strange, supernatural secret which inadvertently leads him to others with similar stories. Gods, spirits and afflictions can be pesky things, taking important memories or causing unusual tendencies – a fact that Koyomi and others are unfortunately aware of. Using the help of an eccentric homeless man, Koyomi is able to help new friends he meets along the way with their own paranormal conundrums…

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Watching Bakemonogatari definitely reminded me a lot of ef (both seasons) and the obvious reason would be because they're both animated by SHAFT! The artwork, and the animation are both very similar in terms of creativity and how they choose to showcase the story. 

As for the actual plot... Bake is more supernatural than ef is, although ef does have hints of supernatural happenings (which is explained later on).  They both have cute romance (more so in ef) and great character development =)  I definitely recommend one after the other because they're both very different stories that dominate their genres and showcase SHAFT's studio very well. 


Of course I like both series because there originality. Both the series have the same style of letting the viewers experience the story. They are letting flash other –not relevant- views through conversations. And that part actually really interesting I think. Because with that view, the producers want you to experience some kind of feeling. In Ef they mostly let you see objects or some kind of scene. In Bakemonogatari they flash a word, sentence or a whole text through. I think this is done to give the watchers some kind of feeling because pretty much of the spoken parts aren’t carrying any emotions. So they actually don’t want to give the watchers the emotions the characters are carrying but want you to create your own feeling in some kind of style the give within these flashes. I think that is the reason why I love both of the series. Of course this also counts for the second season of Ef. I really recommend the other one if liked one of them because they are full of Creativity.


This may seem like an odd rec, but each of these series had extremely unique animation styles, often doing things that I have never been seen done in other anime. Also, each series has some romances (moreso Ef) and a bit of supernatural happenings (definitely a lot more in Bake).


While Ef tends of focus more on the romance with only a little supernatural and Bakemonogatari is the opposite with some romance but a lot more supernatural in it.  Both series have a rather unique artstyle which I guess should be expected since they are both done by Shaft but they both are enjoyable to watch.  So if you enjoyed one then you might want to check out the other. 

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Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story

Summer break is now over; the second semester has started for Tomoya, Nagisa and the others, and little has changed. Since Tomoya's relationship with his father is still troubled, he continues to live with Nagisa and her family, even if it means getting roped into organizing a baseball team for the family bakery. Life at school continues as normal with Sunohara as carefree as ever; however, when his sister Mei voices her concerns about him, the series of events that follow place a strain on Sunohara and Tomoya’s friendship. Whether it's saving a person from themselves or passing on a message from the past, one thing’s for sure: no matter how tough things get, good friends will always be there to help out.


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both have a great story full of emotions and romance... funny and sad in the same time... both have a great animation and both are full of cute girls xP


Both series got very strong drama stories, and although the story in ~ef~ might be a little more stylistic oriented while in CLANNAD it feels more down to earth, they still got that magical realism feel may appeal to many people.


Both of these beautiful anime deal with a lot of drama. You can't help but feel bad for the characters and wish for their happy endings. Both show has a beautiful design different from the other but creating a similar dramatic feel. Though these stories are very unique both of them instill a warmness within you along with the sadness.


The drama of Clannad and Ef both hit so hard that the series are awesome to watch, the animation, I think clannad was better than Ef, since Ef had two storylines of which one I did not care for very much. Both stories introduce heavy love problems for the men, though they continue supporting and eventually findtrue love.



Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn't take his studies, future, or anything else seriously. One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa. She explains to him the source of her loneliness: she had missed a lot of the previous school year and thus is repeating her third year; everybody that she knew has already graduated, and she is lonely. Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club. As his relationship with Nagisa grows, Tomoya begins to open up to various other people around the school as well...

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In both series we meet a boy, who, for some reason, like to skip school. Furthermore, there is also a girl with deep emotional problem who needs help and probably will find it. These anime are not just about simple, joyful high school life, but they tell the story of problems and sorrows of those involved as well as their little times of happiness.


That's really good love story. EF - a tale of memories & Clannad will make you cry ;] Also history is the same. Boy and girl, on a start just friends, then big love. And oh... a lot of girls around main character !


These series each have a similar background, a slight harem feel (although it is stronger in Clannad), and something that keeps a main character from being with the women he wants to (or at least making it more difficult). Finally, a female in each helps a male character start to chose his path in life.

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