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ef - a tale of melodies

ef - a tale of melodies main image more screenshots
4.228 out of 5 from 5,482 votes
Rank #341

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Username Status Eps Rating
1FT Dropped     not rated
21Inuyasha21 Dropped     not rated
2222222a22 Dropped 5   3 star rating
abrva Dropped 1   2.5 star rating
Ace024 Dropped 4   not rated
AEJM Dropped     not rated
Aellis Dropped 1   0.5 star rating
Aeterna Dropped 2   not rated
Ahmad498 Dropped 5   2.5 star rating
Aiwethryne Dropped     not rated
AkioTsukamoto Dropped 2   not rated
AkuSokuZan Dropped 3   3 star rating
Alveus Dropped 4   not rated
ameliam Dropped 3   1 star rating
AmnesiA Dropped 1   not rated
anime00007 Dropped     not rated
AnimeExorcist Dropped     not rated
AnimeFreakZoR Dropped     not rated
animeplanet Dropped     not rated
anisukidayo Dropped     not rated
Aranel Dropped     not rated
Arexoli Dropped 2   not rated
ArissaLynn Dropped     not rated
Asensis Dropped 2   not rated
Asmageddon Dropped 6   2.5 star rating
Atlantis29 Dropped 3   0.5 star rating
AxelSpade Dropped 1   not rated
azrielvon Dropped     not rated
Baebaeclc Dropped 2   not rated
bbobjs Dropped 1   not rated
bbqlord Dropped 4   not rated
BerzerkX Dropped     not rated
Bessie Dropped 3   3 star rating
blackflame100 Dropped     not rated
BlackFrenchy Dropped 10   2 star rating
BLACKPRIMEAPE Dropped     not rated
blueperception Dropped     2.5 star rating
bobalobalo1 Dropped 4   3 star rating
brad0804 Dropped 3   not rated
brokentribe Dropped     not rated
Camocatclaw4774 Dropped     0.5 star rating
CaymChase Dropped 1   1 star rating
CbIHOK Dropped 5   not rated
cc2k Dropped     not rated
Chacky Dropped 3   5 star rating
ChaosZero Dropped 1   not rated
chibi1987 Dropped 8   not rated
ChibiYaoiOtaku Dropped 6   not rated
Chikaru Dropped 3   1 star rating
Chimebear Dropped 5   not rated