Eden of The East Movie II: Paradise Lost

Alt title: Higashi no Eden - Movie II: Paradise Lost

Movie (1 ep x 92 min)
4.189 of 5 from 7,024 votes
Rank #489

After proclaiming himself to be the illegitimate son of Prime Minister Iinuma, Akira is in hot water with not only the other Selecaos, but also Chiguse, the Prime Minister’s wife. With several Selecaos now out of the game and the identity of Mr. Outside still unknown, Akira, Saki and the members of Eden of the East must continue their quest to get to the bottom of things and build a better future for Japan.

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noname0302's avatar by noname0302 on Apr 21, 2015
Score 6.5/10

Round and round it goes and it doesnt stop. Thats how my head feels right now. Criptic and chaotic is one thing for artistic value, but they didnt just go overboard this time, they torched the ship too.  While the series has a fast pace(mostly) and it is somewhat confusing, in the 2 sequel movies, the confusion reaches ridiculous hights. We barely have any idea what is happening and to be honest, I dont... read more

DemiV's avatar by DemiV on Jan 11, 2014
Score 5/10

As a Higashi no Eden fan, I believe fans deserve a much better ending from writer Kenji Kamiyama. Paradise Lost went against the entire suspenseful plot of the Eden franchise in general. The mystery of the game is inexplicable. There’s no romance between the two main characters. It disappointingly concludes the Higashi no Eden series with illogical conclusions, no clarifications, and even more questions... read more

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