Eden of The East Movie I: The King of Eden

Alt title: Higashi no Eden - Movie I: The King of Eden

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Mar 20, 2012

As I stated in my Eden of the East review, I enjoyed the premise, but didn't really enjoy the plot progression. While a lot of the series went nowhere and seemed to just stand in one spot with nothing happening, The King of Eden takes that formula and ramps it up two-fold.

The series ended with a bang and then cut off. So, I figured the film would pick up where the series left off, but instead it picks up six months later and introduces an idea totally new to the series, Takizawa is an amnesiac. Wow, so because the series kind of wrapped up with Takizawa learning everything about his past, I guess we need to start fresh again? And it's just as compelling as it sounds. The movie follows Saki as she tries to find Taki, and Taki doesn't know Saki, and they run away from police, and there's some missiles...And that's it. In eighty minutes, exactly jack-shit happens. We're introduced to one new character, a villain who is not a villain, more like a stalker with villainous intent. He's taken down so easily and it's not fun whatsoever.

And that's about all I can say about the film since there is nothing to it. It bridges the gap between the series and the second movie but doesn't come into a life of it's own. It doesn't even seem to need to be existing. There's so much that could happen, that doesn't. The first hour and eight minutes or so are just pointless and seem to be bringing the series back to the beginning rather than moving it forward. The last few minutes are good, but then, as with the series, the movie cuts off and that's that. After absolutely nothing has happened, the movie ends when things start to happen. It's kind of annoying. And the problem is that the things that are happening don't really make much sense. Why is everyone transporting missiles with their number atop it? What are these character's intentions and what are their plans going to actually accomplish? Because the series never gets in the heads of the bad guys and tells us in-depth what their plans are, we are just made to assume that they are doing something bad. There are a few explanations, but nothing is really, really fleshed out. While everyone was sitting around doing nothing, maybe the bad guys could have been focused on.

And that's the problem with the series as a whole. A cool premise that is rotted by the terrible pacing and terrible focus on things that don't really matter all that much. It's kind of boring really. The characters of the series aren't all that exciting, so you don't stick around for them. The plot is plain boring, but maybe you stick around in the vague hope something will happen? Sure the animation is good and the sound is good, but that doesn't keep you watching.

King of Eden is nothing. It's just there. There's no real reason it exists but to cash in on the Eden of the East franchise. It progresses the plot a tiny bit, but otherwise remains stagnant and the few new things and new developments feel trite.

I can only hope that Paradise Lost will be a good ending to the series and make up for this failure of a movie.

A 6/10

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6/10 overall