Durarara!! Episode 3 - Rampant Evil

Masaomi is out on the town, fervently trying to pick up girls. Confused, bewildered, Mikado goes along for the ride. Out recruiting for the Russian sushi restaurant where he works is Simon Brezhnev. Also out is Heiwajima Shizuo and Tom Tanaka, out to collect on a debt they're owed. Yagiri Seiji is feverishly searching for someone and Sonohara Anri is walking around looking for her friend who hasn't attended a day of school since opening ceremonies. All sorts of stories intermingle in Ikebekuro as rumors of the Dollars spread. Mikado runs into his classmate, Anri, who is about to get into a fight. Thinking he'll rescue her, he calls out to her. But then, the info broker, Orihara Izaya, who he has been warned to steer clear of, appears.

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